Remix for Instagram Reels. Or TikTok Duet for Instagram

In terms of functionality, Instagram Reels do not yet offer as many options as there are on TikTok. With Remix for Instagram Reels, Instagram is now copying one of the most popular features – TikTok’s duet function.

With Remix on Instagram Reels of other users: React inside

Remix for Instagram Reels is different the name and some options, but based on the same principle as TikTok Duets. If you see an Instagram reel, you can now react to the video with your own reel. A remix of the reel is created, so to speak.

The duet function on TikTok is one of the most popular and most used features on TikTok. With Stitch, TikTok has already developed the feature further and you can ask yourself when Instagram will turn Stitch into “Scratch for Reels”. 🙂

Even if it’s a copy, the remix feature is an improvement on Instagram Reels. Or reels are now more interactive and the exchange between users: Inside and creators are stimulated.

Furthermore, the remix function is also suitable for brands and companies. If you find an interesting reel with the right content, you can remix the reel and react to existing content instead of creating completely new content.

There are many possible uses. Remixes can also be used very well in influencer marketing campaigns in which several creators are involved. If it is then also combined with Instagram shopping, there are great opportunities for product staging. One creator tests the product in a reel and another shows her test in the form of a remix on the reel.

You can already see what it looks like at Lisa and Lena, for example.


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Create a remix of Instagram reels

  • Find Instagram reels that fit your company, your topics and products
  • Tap on the three dots and select remix.
  • The screen is now divided into the original reels and your new one – now start recording your remix. The new recording appears right next to the original reel.
  • As soon as the recording is finished, the volume of the original video and the recorded reel can be adjusted and a voiceover can also be recorded. To add a voiceover, tap the microphone icon.
  • Edit your reels as desired.
  • Post your remix!
  • Note: It is only possible to react with a remix for newly uploaded reels.

A remix from an Instagram reel can be provided with its own video cover and shared as a feed post.

Even if the remix feature is a copy and is not an innovative extension of Reels, the function should strengthen the format and lead to a new form of vertical video content on Instagram.

For the future, however, we really want new functions that are exclusive to Reels there. Only then does the format become unique and can be more clearly differentiated from TikTok.

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