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Pros and cons of Instagram for business and personal blog

The pros and cons of Instagram are more or less obvious, neither the developers of the social network, nor its users, make a secret of this. Another thing is that both the advantages and disadvantages of the social network manifest themselves in different ways, it all depends on the purpose of creating an account.

For example, for doing business, an undoubted advantage is ample opportunities for advertising and brand promotion, which is not always perceived in a positive way by ordinary users. You will learn more about the reasons for creating or not creating an Instagram account from our material.

Description of Instagram users – who they are

The social network Instagram has won the recognition of millions of Internet users from all over the world. We all love to create photos by translating happy episodes of our lives into pixels. The capabilities of the application allow you to quickly process photos in the editor and instantly send them to your friends. For many, a personal blog on Instagram has turned from a pleasant hobby into an income-generating business.

A personal blog is a space where the author, at his own discretion, publishes photos and videos, providing the materials with comments. The page is intended for self-expression, promotion of your ideas, exchange of opinions. There are 3 types of blogs in total :

  • Standard . By registering online, all users receive the same set of tools

  • Branded . Companies create accounts on this site to promote their brand and products. By creating a commercial profile, companies get all the pros and cons of a business account on Instagram

  • Personal . In fact, it is a variation of the standard Instagram account. To activate, additional configuration is required in the sections of the application.

The third type of blogs is the most attractive in terms of promoting its resource. Instagram algorithms identify high-quality authoring content and offer them to users with similar interests.

Users who add regular posts to their accounts are called bloggers. Some people make blogging their main profession and source of income. The production of content that is interesting to a large audience attracts advertisers. Anyone can become a blogger by learning the pros and cons of running an author account on Instagram.

Pros and cons of Instagram for all users of the social network

For many years, Instagram has been in the top of the rating of world social networks. Like every industry leader, this platform has ardent supporters and active detractors. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Instagram – the arguments of supporters and opponents.

Pros :

  • Instagram is a monopoly in the field of blogging, based on posting photo and video content .

  • This network has the most complete set of tools to promote your business . If you develop your commercial account systematically and competently, then the businessman will definitely feel the growth of the client base.

  • With a few exceptions, all celebrities have got official pages on the platform . If you do not have an Instagram profile, then you, one might say, do not exist in the global network space.

    Плюсы Инстаграма
    Instagram Pros
  • Using the Explore tab, you can quickly find the content the user needs . The service, based on the current profile activity, offers current trends, as well as other users with similar interests.

  • Stories is an exclusive development of the social network, which has become the hallmark of Instagram. The format of 15 – second videos is productive both in promoting relevant products and in maintaining regular interest among subscribers to the author’s account. The rest of social networks are trying to adapt this format to their products, but all these copies are a pale shadow of the famous prototype.

  • Instagram is growing extensively and intensively . Extensive growth implies an increase in the number of network users. Although Instagram has overtaken its competitors in terms of the number of active profiles, the social network has not yet reached its ceiling and continues to gain momentum. Intensive growth means the introduction of new services, tabs and functions by developers.

How to triple income with your personal brand on social media

Mikhail Khristosenko

Leading expert on social networks in Russia. Graduate of the Presidential Management Training Program with training and internship in Germany.

Михаил Христосенко

Personal branding is what they say about you when you are not in the room. ” This is what Amazon creator Jeff Bezos said about his personal brand. There are other definitions, but this gets to the point 100%.

You can be super cool, but if no one knows about you, you are no different from a fledgling newbie. But running around with your “I” and your own expertise is also not an option. No empty words and bloated ego.

Once upon a time, after the collapse of my first business, I did not understand where to move on. But in the end he chose the path of creating and strengthening his personal brand. Although then this term was not yet so popular.

  • Now I have a big team and millions of launches with me.

  • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

  • I choose the clients I work with myself.

  • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

My team and I have compiled a list of the TOP 7 promotion services that will help rock your personal brand. You can download it for free!

Cons :

  • This social network is not intended for long reads and voluminous texts . Consequently, Instagram is not very convenient for such material-intensive areas as politics, science, and current news. The minimalism of Instagram posts is more suitable for bloggers and businessmen.

  • IGTV will not be able to squeeze out the giant of the video hosting industry – Youtube .

  • Mass Following is one of the unsightly aspects of Instagram. Many accounts, using special software, will subscribe to your profile, but will not be active. They rely only on mutual subscription, they are not interested in the quality of your publications.

  • Along with the abundance of the author’s product, there is a huge amount of non-unique content on the social network . When starting an Instagram account, be prepared for the fact that your intellectual property can be simply stolen. Plagiarism thrives on the platform because only the copyright holder can file a complaint about content theft.

  • For users who prefer to work from stationary computers, Instagram is as inconvenient as possible . The absence of a sane desktop alternative significantly complicates the functionality. You have to create materials in the editor and then transfer them to your phone or install bulky applications.

Is Instagram worth the time spent on it?

This question has no clear answer. The effect of high expectations plays a cruel joke with many novice users. Many newbies expect from Instagram unprecedented audience growth at the start and exponential increase in sales. It should be understood that Instagram is not a magical artifact, but an effective set of functions for promoting unique content.

The Pros of Instagram for Business: 15 Reasons to Create an Account

There are a number of statistical indicators that prove the positive impact of Instagram on business :

  • If for ordinary social networks the audience engagement rate does not exceed a tenth of a percent, then on Instagram it reaches 4%;

  • Over 60% of users have business profiles in their subscriptions;

  • The majority of users (about 70%) post about brands that are registered in this social network;

  • Only a third of brands use Instagram as a marketing tool. This social network is an unparalleled field of opportunities.

From general words, let’s move on to specific tasks that Instagram helps to effectively solve.

Reason # 1: Increasing brand awareness

There are several criteria for assessing the growth of brand popularity among users. First of all, the number of subscribers on the official business account of the company. As well as approving posts on third-party blogs, user reactions to the brand, use of the brand name through hashtags.

Reason # 2: Establish yourself as an expert

The blog author, having the necessary competence in some area, can write reviews on products, advise subscribers, and give effective advice. Thus, among the audience, he develops a reputation as an expert. And people show increased loyalty to expert opinion even when choosing a commercial offer.

Reason # 3: Gathering information

Instagram services make it possible to collect and analyze a large array of useful data. This concerns, first of all, information about the channel’s own audience. You need to know such statistical indicators as gender and age structure and geography of subscribers. This knowledge will be useful for assessing the effectiveness of your own activities and finding out the needs and demands of the target audience.

Сбор информации
Collecting Information

Reason # 4: Redirect traffic from Instagram on your own resources

With the help of external links posted on the blog, you can redirect the audience accumulated by the social network to the company’s website.

Reason # 5: Driving sales growth

Instagram should not be confused with a boutique showcase, glossy brochure of goods and services, or even an online store. This social network was created not for sales, but for communication of users. But competently using the tools offered by Instagram, you can significantly increase your brand awareness and, as a result, increase sales figures.

Instagram has direct mechanisms for promoting goods. This wonderful photo editor allows you to publish high-quality product photos. With the help of thematic posts, you can acquaint followers with promotions, discounts. Your subscribers will be quickly introduced to a unique selling proposition designed specifically for them.

Don’t expect an instant wow effect in sales from online promotion. Brand promotion on Instagram is more of a job for the future. The “warmed-up” audience is more willing to vote with the ruble for well-known brands.

Reason # 6: Saving the customer base

Creation of an extensive and stable client base is the key to the stable development of any business. Having a solid base allows the company to plan projects with confidence.

It is much more effective to maintain interaction with the customer base than to spend energy, time and resources on the constant search for new customers. Instagram provides actionable forms of keeping in touch with its customers. With the help of web tools, you can guide the buyer from the moment they access the business profile to the direct deal. Old customers do not get lost anywhere, they follow updates and fresh offers.

Reason # 7: Maintain direct connection with the audience

In the arsenal of the platform there are such effective means of interactive interaction with the audience as live broadcasts. These options are especially well suited for business coaches, coaches, people of creative professions. During the stream, the author has the opportunity to directly contact subscribers: communicate in question-answer mode, distribute consultations. Such promotions bring the blogger and the audience closer together.

Reason # 8: Building relationships with partners

In social networks, communication is built not only vertically (blogger – subscribers), but also horizontally (blogger-blogger). Account owners can find partners on Instagram, form collaborations with other bloggers, and exchange experiences.

Reason # 9: Generate new clients

In addition to creating attractive content, in order to ensure the flow of new subscribers, it is necessary to use the full range of possibilities of the promotion algorithm. Select the correct hashtags, indicate keywords in the profile description.

Генерировать новых клиентов
Generate new clients

Reason # 10: Allows you to get closer to the client

The problem with large companies is that consumers do not perceive market players as businesses with real people behind them. Instagram will help you build trust with your customers. Posts about the company’s employees, live broadcasts from production sites increase the level of customer confidence.

Reason # 11: Be in the forefront

Modern social networks are based on the speed of information transfer and responsiveness to socially significant news feeds. Riding the trends, you can always stay in the thick of things and instantly respond to consumer demands of the audience. It is necessary to follow the agenda, tie your shares to the red days of the calendar, significant dates, seasonal changes in demand. Such awareness of new trends will not only win new supporters, but will characterize you as an interesting, lively person.

Reason # 12: Conduct SEO optimization of your business account

In addition to Instagram’s own audience, a significant portion of traffic is directed to blogs from search queries. It is necessary to increase the percentage of direct visits to your resource. To do this, you need to bring your profile in line with the SEO requirements.

3 steps from a beginner to stable money in the profession of SMM manager:

Reason # 13: Warm up audience interest

As in real life, word of mouth is an effective way of communication between users in the online space.

It is important that your brand is talked about, argued about, re-posted, written down reviews and left mentions. To achieve such popularity, you need to create news feeds yourself. Launch challenges, arrange promotions and monitor the reaction of followers.

Reason # 14: Diversify ads

It’s not a shame to advertise your brand. On Instagram, you can choose the most acceptable form of paid product promotion for yourself and identify the pros and cons of advertising on Instagram

Reason # 15: Building business reputation

Instagram can help in attracting potential customers, but the owner of the business profile should be engaged in the formation of his own positive image in the eyes of the audience.

One of the important aspects of monitoring a firm’s reputation is working with negativity. The social network is an open platform, and each user can leave an impartial review. But negativity is not to be feared. Its presence indicates that they know you, they buy from you. And you have the resource to improve your product.

The reputation factor not only creates a customer-centric atmosphere, but also contributes to sales growth.

Helping to build key skills in online professions Как мастеру хендмейд-изделий стабильно получать заказы из группы Вконтакте - стили
Как мастеру хендмейд-изделий стабильно получать заказы из группы Вконтакте - стили

Social Media Promotion Course

More details

The main disadvantages of Instagram for business

  1. Anonymity of the profile

    When people shop offline, they establish personal contact with the seller. Leaving the store, they realize that at any time they can return – to hand over a purchase or make an exchange. The store is not going anywhere, the seller was remembered in person.

    Making a deal on the Internet is much more difficult psychologically. It is difficult to trust the application, especially if the person has not come across this brand. A real person is not visible behind the advertising posts of a business profile. Consequently, the business owner needs to make every effort to revitalize their anonymized account. Make it open, friendly and have a unique author’s face.

  2. Sales oriented

    Users start an Instagram account to share funny photos with friends and family, follow the life of celebrities, and just have fun. But not to look for a winter jacket. When they come across a business account, they scroll through the feed. Only an unusual presentation of the topic or the exclusivity of a product can attract their attention to a business account.

    A recommendation from a well-known blogger can also arouse interest, but not the fact that people will rush to checkout right away.

  3. Pay and Promote Your Business

    Social networks are designed in such a way that businesses are obliged to pay to promote their accounts. To beat the competition from personal blogs, sponsored posts need to appear more frequently and with a large number of users. Instagram, like other social networks, lives off advertisers.

    But companies don’t really have much to complain about. After all, Instagram provides a business with a unique technology for promoting goods to a potential buyer.

    On a reimbursable basis, the platform offers company accounts a universal set of tools. The only thing left for business is to competently manage the capabilities of Instagram and adapt them to their profile. Ultimately, the account owner will need to find their way to their audience and understand the pros and cons of a professional Instagram account.

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