Как мастеру хендмейд-изделий стабильно получать заказы из группы Вконтакте - стили

Promotion of a photographer on Instagram: page design and correct content

Promotion of a photographer on Instagram is a practically necessary set of measures to find new clients and promote your own brand. Of course, word of mouth and traditional advertising will bear fruit, but the social network will give much more, as it is aimed at visual and high-quality photos.

For Instagram promotion to be successful, it is not enough to have high-quality photos in your portfolio. In our article we will tell you what a photographer needs to do to effectively promote and how to track the success of this event.

Preparing to promote the photographer on Instagram

The first step is to define a few points for yourself.

  • What is my genre? Product photography, holiday, family, fashion portraits or something else? To effectively influence your audience, it is best to choose one or two genres. Keep in mind that choosing a narrow niche can play into your hands: you will profitably stand out as a deep expert in your field.

  • What is my style? Whether it’s imaging, color or storytelling, something should visually unify the photos for profile visitors.

  • What niche do I want to occupy? This concept is connected both with the genre of works and with their positioning at the same time. Decide who you want to work with and in what medium to promote as a photographer: product photography for private business, reporting from fashion shows or maybe dog shows, a photographer for the family and its special moments, etc.

  • What is my target audience? Be your own marketer: compose the porter of the person you see as your customer. What age is he, gender, social status, what is his hobby? .. And write your proposal for this particular person. Then you will achieve the greatest response and effect from promotion on Instagram.

Подготовка к продвижению фотографа в Инстаграме

Preparing to promote a photographer on Instagram

Next, define what exactly you are promoting:

  • your services;

  • personal brand (and you already sell services through it);

  • personal brand for selling related products such as: workshops, in-line training, advertising for professional equipment, etc.

How to triple income with your personal brand on social media

Mikhail Khristosenko

Leading expert on social networks in Russia. Graduate of the Presidential Management Training Program with training and internship in Germany.

Михаил Христосенко

Personal branding is what they say about you when you are not in the room. ” This is what Amazon creator Jeff Bezos said about his personal brand. There are other definitions, but this gets to the point 100%.

You can be super cool, but if no one knows about you, you are no different from a fledgling newbie. But running around with your “I” and your own expertise is also not an option. No empty words and bloated ego.

Once upon a time, after the collapse of my first business, I did not understand where to move on. But in the end he chose the path of creating and strengthening his personal brand. Although then this term was not yet so popular.

  • Now I have a big team and millions of launches with me.

  • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

  • I choose the clients I work with myself.

  • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

My team and I have compiled a list of the TOP 7 promotion services that will help rock your personal brand. You can download it for free!

Share your personal and work Instagram profile as a photographer. Use the latter only for professional promotion. Do not forget to write in the header that you are looking for orders as a photographer. Add to the profile description everything that will help clients navigate: your location, where you work, the genres you are taking on. Be sure to leave contacts and links to additional resources, if any.

  • Your logo, self-portrait, or some characteristic artistic detail is suitable as an avatar.

  • Create profile navigation from the topical stories panel. Add sections that provide information about you, the filming process, prices for services, and customer reviews. This will remove the most frequently asked questions from your account visitors.

  • In your profile settings, enable the business account function. This will add ways of communication, expand monetization opportunities and access statistics.

    Оформление профиля для продвижения фотографа

    Customizing your profile to promote your photographer
  • Do not forget that your account must be open so that everyone can visit it.

Profile design to promote the photographer

To promote on Instagram, being a photographer is profitable: you have an abundance of beautiful and high-quality pictures for registering an account. It is important to consider how to use this content correctly to create a compelling news feed for your customers.

How can you achieve a visually solid and beautiful profile? Through color: you can choose photographs in the same range or with the same accent color. Too mismatched pictures look unprofitable together. Even if you are doing very different filming, you can try to choose the right one from a large amount of material.

There is another way. You can alternate between different types of images in a certain sequence: dark shots after light ones, close-ups after wide-angle shots.

Often the pictures are alternated one after another to make a checkerboard pattern, or two later so that similar ones appear under each other.

A fresh trend in the design of profiles promoted on Instagram is the use of the same frames or other background for images.

You can also group images into a series of shots – then several similar shots will appear side by side. Another option: a series of photos can be placed in one post, if you do not need several publications in one day.

Promotional content for the photographer on Instagram

With the help of an account, it is useful to create a trusting, humane relationship with a customer and present yourself as a specialist in your field. You don’t need to frame yourself too much, but also do not forget about the already tried, standard content options that you can always adapt for yourself.

  1. Interactive

    These are the posts in which you directly communicate with subscribers, involve them. Ask them about something close to the theme of the account, offer to make a choice, which, for example, will affect the design of the profile or the choice of the topic of publications. Try the format of the game with readers: guess riddles with the help of several consecutive photographs-clues, look for treasures in the area with the help of explanatory pictures, etc. Active actions of subscribers have a positive effect on promotion on Instagram.

  2. Detailed

    Ask for more detailed feedback. Give your professional advice, share a life hack and ask what other recommendations on the topic the subscribers themselves can offer. Write about an interesting case from your practice and find out if your readers were in such situations, how they got out of the situation, how they felt.

    Продвигающий контент для фотографа в Инстаграме

    Promotional Content for Instagram Photographer
  3. Backroom

    You can talk about the back side of filming, which customers usually do not see. Reveal your professional secrets. It’s good if you share some practical advice, for example:

    • what is better for indoor and outdoor clothing;

    • what kind of lighting will look better in the pictures;

    • basic principles of composition.

    Entertain your subscribers with a funny story from the life of a photographer.

  4. Thematic

    Based on your experience, come up with a list of ideas for an original shot. How interesting it is to photograph a holiday, photograph a first-grader, or what angle to choose for the effect of the model’s long legs – help amateur photographers with advice from a professional. You can immediately discuss what difficulties ordinary camera users face in certain types of shooting – provoke a discussion.

  5. Selling

    This type of content may appear in the profile no earlier than a loyal audience is formed, which will be ready to purchase something. Otherwise, you can scare away new visitors to the page and reverse the promotion of Instagram. You can also make money by advertising other accounts, for example, those that sell special equipment or training courses.

    Don’t get carried away too much. Remember, such ads should be no more than 30% of the total content. You sell your services first.

    Selling materials can be divided into two types:

    • Demo. That is, unpacks, posts with product descriptions and special promotions.

    • Social. Tell us what these things are good for and what are their nuances and features for your readers.

  6. Personal

    You can open the curtain of your personal life: tell about your family or your pet. Or you can just share your momentary thoughts and impressions. An always interesting excuse to add a note of intimacy with subscribers is the narration of any travel and adventure. Remind you that you are not only a self-promoting photographer, but also just the same as your audience, a person.

Ways to promote a photographer on Instagram

  • Targeted Ads

    With a little investment, you can speed up your profile promotion and achieve more reach. You can, of course, try to figure out the ad settings yourself, but you will waste some time and money on this from the first, not very effective attempts. Most often, it is easier to turn to professionals – specialists in targeted advertising. They will be able to tap into a well-defined advertising budget and leverage it.

    Способы продвижения фотографа в Инстаграме

    Ways to promote a photographer on Instagram
  • Participation or organization of Instagram marathons

    Prepare a series of live broadcasts on a specific topic – and open your marathon. Or participate in marathons of other accounts as an invited expert. For example, in our photo school Photostudy.me, we chose the second format: we brought together different specialists. It is also useful in that the main account of the marathon and the invited profile owners exchange an active, loyal audience.

  • Contests and sweepstakes

    You know your subscribers and can guess which gifts they might be most interested in. More often than not, if you are hosting a giveaway on your own profile, you will gain attention from a higher quality audience than if you join the initiative of large bloggers. Their audience is accustomed to this kind of promotions and receives them without much enthusiasm.

  • Mutual PR

    You can quite safely talk in your profile about accounts that represent related types of services. With whom, perhaps, you intersect in your real work. For example, if you are photographing dogs, you can recommend a grooming salon or a good handler. It is best to negotiate mutual PR with accounts approximately equal to you in terms of the number of subscribers and who are also interested in their promotion on Instagram. Try to do this not mindlessly in order to get subscribers from the side who really at least potentially could be interested in your services.

  • Integration with influencers

    If you manage to invite a really popular blogger or famous person to your photo session, make sure that he or she does not just mark you in their stories, but give a detailed review and, even better, directly invite their audience to subscribe to your account. Today this is needed, especially for photographers, for the integration to work for you.

    Интеграция с лидерами мнений

    Influencer Integration
  • Displaying your posts in the “recommended” section

    You will need really high-quality content and an active audience that likes, comments, participates in discussions. As a result of Instagram targeting, the system itself will promote your posts to the top and offer them to your potential target audience. If they like the post, readers go to the profile and can subscribe to stay tuned.

  • Massfollowing

    This is a very old and no longer very well-functioning way to promote on Instagram. It is preferable to use manual following, that is, subscribe those people who may be interested in your services. Here again we come back to the idea that you have to represent your client well. This will help to clearly explain to him exactly what you are offering and why he needs you as a photographer.

Helping to build key skills of online professions Как мастеру хендмейд-изделий стабильно получать заказы из группы Вконтакте - стили
Как мастеру хендмейд-изделий стабильно получать заказы из группы Вконтакте - стили

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More details

Analysis of the effectiveness of promotion on Instagram

For clarity, we suggest you create a table in which you will enter the main indicators:

  • growth of subscribers;

  • how many likes and comments you got;

  • how many requests for services;

  • how many publications were made and at what time;

  • number of clients;

  • how many clients have re-applied;

  • how many customers came from Instagram.

Profit is, of course, the most important indicator, but do not forget about others. Analyze all the data to understand which content ultimately brought you more requests, and which one provoked the activity of subscribers. So you can manage the effectiveness of promoting your profile on Instagram. And if you suddenly see some negative indicators, then you can quickly adjust your work, for example, postpone the publication of a post from morning to evening, when your audience is usually more active. Pay attention to statistics – it will bring a lot of value to your profile.

Final Recommendations for Effective Instagram Photo Promotion

Remember that the photographer’s subscribers on Instagram expect certain things from him, so special attention should be paid to these points:

  • Only the best photos should be included in the profile. Poor quality material will surely alienate the audience.

  • Try to stick to your niche. This is important for building a personal brand.

  • Take pictures only from a professional camera, no matter how well your phone takes pictures.

  • Processing – only manually, no ready-made filters. This is your critical skill that customers expect from you.

  • Catching signatures. Long artistic descriptions are unnecessary. A short, capacious comment is good, while leaving room for questions in the comments.

  • For the promotion of a photographer on Instagram, the number of subscribers is not so important as their quality. That is, those readers who are ready to use your services are important.

  • Don’t go overboard with selling content. It is better to post photos that you are really proud of and that you are pleased to show. It will strengthen your relationship with your audience.

We hope you find the tips in this article helpful. Success to photographers in promoting on Instagram!

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