Инди Гогохия: «Инстаграм: хочу likes и followers»

Promotion books on Instagram: what to read in 2021

Books on Instagram Promotion are an invaluable collection of knowledge of many eminent authors and successful practitioners. Here you can find tips for beginners: about registering your own page, setting up a blog; recommendations for those who are in the subject; useful life hacks, interesting cases and a lot of other super-important and necessary information.

In our material you will find the most complete selection of books on Instagram promotion. It’s conveniently divided into subcategories so you won’t get lost in this digital library. Happy reading!

Instagram is the fastest growing social network. Special attention is paid here to sales.

Many products and services are advertised and sold – both their own and others’. But success is achieved only by a few. Many books are written by these sellers to make a profit on the social network. We present a selection of the most useful books on Instagram promotion. You will gain invaluable knowledge by reading them!

  • “Everything you wanted to know about promoting Instagram posts, but were afraid to ask. Extract on targeted advertising on Instagram from the practitioner “, Ivan Lebedenko

    In this book, which will be very helpful for beginners, you will learn about launching your first Instagram ad campaign. The publication will help you delve into this process in more detail and understand it.

  • Instagram: promoting from A to Z, Ingate

    This book was written by the employees of the famous advertising agency, who created a whole series of editions “Ask Ingate”. The introduction introduces readers to Instagram itself and its benefits for brands. The next part is devoted to content, strategy, additional features of the social network and step-by-step maintenance of your account. It also describes various ways to promote.

    The publication has a very attractive design – it has a lot of color illustrations with design options for posts and entire accounts.

  • “How to make money on Instagram”, Daria Manelova

    The book tells how to make your page successful, where customers are searched for and located on Instagram, how to start earning money in the first month and what features of the social network need to be studied for this, describes the typical mistakes that can be made at each stage. All data is as current as possible, it is presented in a clear and concise manner.

    «Как зарабатывать в Instagram», Дарья Манелова
    “How to make money on Instagram”, Daria Manelova

    The publication contains many specific examples, instructions and checklists. The illustrations, selected by the author, reinforce important material in the reader’s memory.

  • “Confessions of an Instagram person. All the secrets of promoting and making money on Instagram in 2 years of work “, Andrey Mizev

    This publication is a detailed, understandable, structured description of how to promote your Instagram account. The creation and design of the first page until the moment when the number of its subscribers reaches 1000 people is presented to the attention of the readers. The author reveals secrets, talks about practical techniques and gives recommendations. The content of the book is structured from simple to complex, and therefore both beginners and experienced specialists in the field of account promotion will appreciate it.

  • “Selling Instagram”, Evgeny Khodchenkov

    This book is valuable in that it was published exclusively in electronic form, and you can purchase it absolutely free. The author of the book is a social media marketer. The publication provides step-by-step instructions for the design, registration and positioning of the page. The writer talks about what needs to be done in order for the account to have the first thousand readers, to keep these people and take the blog to a new level. The book describes the appeal of posts and the ability to make them sellable.

  • “How to promote your blog on Instagram. Life hacks, trends, life “, Aliona Hilt

    This book on Instagram promotion was written by the famous blogger @aliona_hilt, and, according to her, the publication is a confession. She claims that she does not consider herself a guru, but only shares her story of working with the social network (how she changed the subject of posts, increased the number of subscribers) and lists the tools used.

    The author in a simple and accessible manner talks about what he understands – hashtags, advertising campaign settings, post design and other subtleties of interaction with the audience on Instagram.

  • “Instagram. Earn money jokingly “, Sergey Shteps

    A lot of new things from the world of social networks are revealed to the readers of this book, and answers to these questions are offered: “Where does Instagram start?”, “How is personal content located?”, “How are vines removed?” ? “,” How are scripts written and videos are edited? “,” How to deal with haters? “.

  • “How to promote Instagram”, Alexey Larchenko

    The book presents a large checklist for beginner bloggers on Instagram. It offers a description of the main sections of working content: photos, posts, mass following, massliking, tips on the topic and account name, a list of hashtags and other important points that will definitely come in handy in the work of a page on a social network.

  • “# insta style. How to collect millions of likes on Instagram “, Aimee Song

    The author reveals the secrets of attracting millions of subscribers, filling the page with eye-catching content and beautiful photos.

  • “The Instagram robbery. Minimum budget, maximum profit “, Alexander Sokolovsky

    The author of the book is an experienced content marketer and founder of the main service working on the automation of Instagram. The publication is dedicated to tools for promoting business accounts and personal brands, strategic recommendations and technological innovations. All materials presented in the book are real examples of businesses with millions of dollars in earnings.

    «Ограбление Instagram. Минимум бюджета, максимум прибыли», Александр Соколовский

    “The Instagram robbery. Minimum budget, maximum profit “, Alexander Sokolovsky
  • “I’m a brand on Instagram and beyond. Time well spent “, Olga Berek

    This book contains tips for navigating your tools, planning your time and spending every minute efficiently. The author talks about all his experience of creating his own account and building a personal brand.

  • “Instagram Conquest Diary”, Julia Gladkova

    This is a publication with a huge number of copyright advice, applied in practice, describes personal stories about the positive and negative aspects of blogging, and frankly talks about the work of the blogosphere. The author has posted on the pages of his book several dozen personal photographs and amazing stories about life. The edition will allow you to see all the aesthetics of the writer’s account.

  • “How to independently promote your Instagram account”, Mikhail Smirnov

    The book tells readers about free and independent engagement of a live target audience on their Instagram account.

  • “The evolution of Instagram. SMMarketing on a hairpin “, Alexandra Doroshina

    The author tells how not to get lost in millions of social network accounts, and how to learn how to make money on what you love, while developing creatively.

  • Instagram for poets and writers, Oleg Efremov

    The author clearly gives information about the creation and maintenance of his account in this social network. Particular attention is paid to all the subtleties and functionality of Instagram, which are described very simply and clearly. The publication also contains a description of all known and effective methods of promoting an account.

  • “Instagram. The secret of ZT PRO’s success. From A to Z in advance “, Ekaterina Uvarova, Evgeny Yakimov

    This tutorial is a concentrated experience of the ZT PRO promotion service. At the beginning of the book, the advantages of Instagram for business are described, interesting legends are described, and several examples of the promotion of personal brands are given. The invited participants are well-known marketers who share their visions of promoting their Instagram accounts.

  • “Business on Instagram. From registration to first money “, Artem A. Senatorov

    The author of the publication is a well-known writer, TV journalist, SMM specialist, founder of the Literary Orgasm Society. The book tells about the best ways to make money on this social network. The author uses examples, practical recommendations, simple and understandable theory.

    The entire book consists of separate chapters in which readers are introduced to page preparation and creation, presence strategy, headings, post quality and a list of useful applications. The guide is suitable for novice promoters, business owners, and experienced SMM professionals.

  • “Instagram promotion: what 4 strategies a small business can use to increase sales”, Elena Vyatkina

    This audiobook, voiced by Taisia ​​Kudashkina, is not presented in print and is rarely digital. It outlines four ways to promote small businesses on Instagram and provides recommendations for personal growth. The author helps in the search for his vocation and his own realization, including in the social network.

  • Instagram for business: 40 hacks and ready-made solutions, Ingate

    This book was written by an advertising agency that details the use of social media to promote a business. The authors help with choosing the right goals, the type of account when registering it, using the full functionality of Instagram. Much attention is paid to the trust of subscribers, finding popular bloggers and setting up an advertising campaign. The electronic edition includes 36 chapters, which provide useful tips, examples and life hacks.

  • “Instagram admin. Earning Guide “, Dmitry Kudryashov, Evgeny Kozlov

    The most expensive training on remote work in history “Profession of Instagram administrator” takes its basis from this book. The authors turn all your ideas about this social network upside down. They introduce the reader to a completely new profession – the Instagram administrator, which will allow you to make money remotely. The authors from the first pages warn that this book does not have a magic “loot” button, but only a list of tools suitable for use.

    How to get the most out of your studies:

  • “The power of Instagram. An easy way to a million subscribers “, Petr Ploskov

    The author’s clients for promoting their own accounts at one time were Nastasya Samburskaya, Dmitry Malikov, Natalia Rudova, Maria Minogarova, Ida Galich, Olga Medynich, Nika Viper and many other media personalities with millions of subscribers. The book covers everything you need to know to be the next celebrity.

  • “Marketing on Instagram”, Margarita Akulich

    The tutorial reveals a number of aspects that are related to Instagram marketing. The book contains many recommendations and examples. The publication is useful to anyone in any way related to social media marketing, content marketing and mobile marketing.

  • “Maintaining an Instagram account. Design and advertising. Step-by-step instructions with illustrations “, Alexander Podkopaev

    The author describes the basics of creating and developing an Instagram account. A special place in the book is occupied by targeted advertising, which is a powerful tool for attracting customers. Also, attention is paid to a step-by-step plan for launching an advertising campaign and a list of services to increase its effectiveness.

  • “Instagram blogger: selfie, money, two posts”, Ruslan Zakharkin

    The book is a working tool that helps readers to make Instagram at least a source of additional income. The maximum task is to turn the account into the main profitable instrument.

  • Indy Gogokhia: “Instagram: I want likes and followers” ​​

    Indy Gogokhia, who wrote this book, is the founder of Genius.code, the first surfing communications agency, and vice president of the Transformator.Women. The publication provides practical advice for creating and promoting your brand on Instagram. This book provides answers to many popular questions: how to write a post that will be read to the very end; which photos are gaining a large number of likes and views; how to increase your reach every day.

    Инди Гогохия: «Инстаграм: хочу likes и followers»

    Indy Gogokhia: “Instagram: I want likes and followers” ​​

    More than 250 organizations and 300 specialists have studied this technology and have become experts in the field of promotion. You can only use this book and your phone to get started.

  • Gopius Cyril: “The power of persuasion. 101 Storytelling Tips “

    Small stories are the most memorable, influencing our feelings, inspiring and motivating. It is because of this that advertising is most often a complete storyline that forms a loyal attitude of buyers to the product itself.

    The author has given a list of simple guidelines that help to closely establish contact with subscribers. He teaches how to influence customer consciousness, promote your own ideas and stand out from competitors.

  • Today, this is the most complete list of publications that are dedicated to a dynamically developing social network. You can buy any of these Instagram promotion books from online or offline stores.

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