реклама у блогеров

Platforms for buying ads from bloggers

Buying advertisements from bloggers is sometimes similar to Russian roulette: “Will he post it on time? What will the parish be like? Does the blogger have a boost? ” We do not like excitement when it comes to money and we do not advise you to take risks.

How to protect yourself, invest money correctly, how to order and get the desired result from advertising from bloggers? Through dedicated platforms that connect advertisers (you) and bloggers. They act as an intermediary who monitors the fulfillment of all obligations and take a small commission.

Top services for buying ads from bloggers

Площадки для покупки рекламы у блогеров

storiesgain.com is a service for those who want to run ads on Instagram Stories. The scheme of work is simple: we create a creative in the constructor, select a blogger with a suitable target audience, statistics and advertising cost, the blogger receives an alert and uploads stories to his account. After posting, you can track statistics for each running story from bloggers. The site has an efficiency calculator for advertisers and bloggers.

Купить рекламу у блогеров

epicstars.com – works with opinion leaders from social networks: Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Telegram. The site has a convenient catalog with customizable blogger filtering + advertising efficiency calculator: enter any of 3 parameters (budget, reach, conversions) and the calculator shows you what placement options you have.


getblogger.ru – allows you to advertise with bloggers without commission. Using the platform, you can analyze blogger’s subscribers, find out the optimal price for advertising from a particular blogger.

What else: selection of publications by keyword, analysis of competitors’ advertisements, assessment of creative quality, selection of bloggers with overlapping audiences.

реклама у лидеров мнений

sociate.ru is a service for advertising in social networks: Instagram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki. A cool feature is an agent account: you can convert your profile to an agent account and work with your colleagues from one account.

реклама у блогеров

webartex.ru is an advertising system that works with YouTube, social networks and articles on websites. For agencies: you can specify your cost of placement. All contacts, correspondence and orders in one place – your personal account. There is no need to conclude an agreement with each blogger separately – only one with Webartex.
The service acts as a guarantor of the transaction – if anything, they will pick up another site for you or return the money.

easyprbot.com is a very cool platform (From the creators of the telegrams of the Instagram channel), where there are reviews from real advertisers. You can filter the list by price per subscriber, subject matter, ad format, and other parameters. At the moment, there is no automation and you will have to read the reviews yourself, select and write to the blogger you are interested in.

Tip: The price for 1000 views on Instagram Stories should be no more than 300 rubles. A good price for 1 subscriber is considered up to 10 rubles.

On average: from 1000 views in Stories, you get from 50 to 350 clicks to your profile, of which about 20% will become subscribers (10-70 people) – it all depends on your profile and quality blogger’s advertising.

Choosing a blogger for advertising is a crucial moment. It is better not to languish in long waits, but to entrust this to experienced people. We will help you find bloggers, invest money correctly and not worry about the results. Write to us in any of the social networks or call the phone number indicated on our website.

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