Pivot to Audio: Facebook introduces audio chats, podcast integration & soundbites

Facebook relies fully on a “pivot to audio” and wants people to consume audio content on Facebook and companies / creators to share audio content.

How long-term the success of Clubhouse is difficult to say. The fact is that the hype quickly subsided and interest fell noticeably. Nevertheless, Clubhouse has a great influence, especially on the ambitions of the leading social networks when it comes to social audio.

Facebook is not the first social network that will integrate audio content (or like Twitter already has), but It has never been seen to this extent in any other network.

With its “Pivot to Audio”, Facebook presented several integrations of audio content that go well beyond the functional scope of Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces .

Facebook Soundbites: short audio content for the news feed

Soundbites are not about live audio chats or minute-long audio content such as podcasts. It’s about short “snacks” that can be shared in the form of audio content in different places.


Im In the first step, Facebook is working together with Creatorn and testing the acceptance, but also the functionality of Soundbites. There is more to this than just voice messages. The audio content can also be edited with effects such as voice distorters and should not only be informative, but also entertaining.

Facebook Soundbites are a reminder Anchor, but are supplemented by various effects, which offers the audio content an even more diverse expression.

Podcast integration: listen to podcasts directly on Facebook

Facebook itself has various podcasts of its own and podcasts are shared on Facebook pages and in Facebook groups. As you know from other social networks, the podcasts are not played directly in Facebook. So you have to leave Facebook and this is exactly where the new podcast integration from Facebook comes in.


A partner for the integration is Spotify. Facebook has been working closely with Spotify for a long time and now it’s about integrating its own audio player with which podcasts (and music) can be played directly on Facebook.

But the integration is about more than a native audio player. Creators play an important role again, but Facebook will also provide various tools for companies that have their own podcast, for example to be able to distribute new episodes as effectively as possible.

In the future, it will certainly be the same The topic of audio ads will become more important, as Facebook is not only creating new formats with its “Pivot to Audio”. There are also new placements that can be monetized through ads.

Facebook Live with audio chat rooms

The first two features have nothing to do directly with the clubhouse. Facebook thinks the topic of social audio much bigger, but of course also covers the functionality of Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

Facebook Live will be expanded with audio chats and will be available for Facebook and Facebook Messenger. So we will have public and closed audio chat rooms.

1.8 billion people use Facebook groups and this is where Facebook is also launching its live audio chat feature.

Audio events can be announced and shared on. In the groups and on pages that use the function, there will be an overview of the upcoming audio chats. As you know from Facebook Live, the interaction with the content will be very easy and I just assume that it will be implemented better than with Clubhouse.


And what about Instagram?

There is also speculation about Instagram and social audio. There was no mention of Instagram in the announcement, but soundbites and live audio chats work very well with Instagram too. Here, however, Facebook and Instagram will (hopefully) carefully consider what this integration looks like. Instagram doesn’t really need another menu item and so it’s more about integration in stories or formats like IGTV. saboxplugin-wrap “itemtype =” // “itemscope =” “itemprop =” author “>

blogger in charge at Futurebiz, speaker, author and senior digital & social media consultant at the agency BRANDPUNKT . Jan Firsching advises brands and companies on the development of digital and social media strategies. To Futurebiz Consulting

Blogger in charge at Futurebiz. Speaker, author and senior digital & social media consultant at the BRANDPUNKT agency. Jan Firsching advises brands and companies on the development and implementation of digital and social media strategies.

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