Pinterest Shopping: From the visual search to the visual shopping machine

Social commerce or social shopping have become an integral part of social networks. Also on Pinterest and so on, the number of Pinterest users: Inside who interacted with shopping content has increased by 200% in the last year. With new Pinterest shopping functions, the approach of the visual search and ideas engine is now to be linked even more intensively with Pinterest shopping.

Pinterest product pins become shopping lists

Product pins form the core of Pinterest shopping. From now on, product pins can be saved not only in boards, but also in your own shopping lists. This means that all interesting products are in one place, can be found more quickly and are no longer distributed over several boards.

In the lists, not only the product pins are displayed, the user: information on the price is also displayed inside and, for example, the availability.

Soon it should also be possible to receive a notification on Pinterest as soon as a product is currently available. This becomes interesting when a product has often been saved, how the retailers deal with it and possibly carry out special discount campaigns directly on Pinterest.

Discover Pinterest products using the search function and the smartphone camera

Pinterest shows its true strength in the search and this strength is now even better combined with Pinterest shopping.


You can also search for specific brands and refine the results with a price filter. Product pins will still be part of the standard search. You have now only received a separate area.

Shop with the Pinterest Lens


The Pinterest Lens has so much potential. Once to discover things from the real world on Pinterest and now also to find products from the offline world on Pinterest and buy them directly.

For this purpose, you simply have to take a photo with the Pinterest camera, for example from a sneaker, and Pinterest shows the right product pins for this. Instead of searching for a long time, Pinterest does the work and displays either the identical product or similar products.

Pinterest will also only display product Pins that are available at that moment.

By the way, Pinterest uses the visual search to show related products for all product pins. Pinterest takes you by the hand and the visual search engine becomes a shopping companion.

The combination of searching and scanning objects / products via the Pinterest lens is unique in this form and is used by not offered by any other social network with shopping functions. Pinterest’s job is to establish the Lens. When searching, this will work much easier, or the use of the Pinterest search has long been a core function.

Dealer and product reviews in the detailed view of Product Pins

If you have a product on Found one of the possible ways, Pinterest provides additional information in the detailed view of the product pins. This not only shows the price and availability, there are also star ratings for the retailer who offers the product.


So here you are a little closer to an online shopping structure than, for example, with Instagram shopping.

Conclusion : Pinterest inspires and encourages shopping

The inspiration and discovery of new topics and products remains the central use of Pinterest. This user behavior is now more closely linked to the purchase of products via Pinterest shopping. How important inspiration is on Pinterest and what effect it has on purchasing behavior leads to a higher shopping cart, according to Pinterest. Impulse purchases aren’t Pinterest shopping’s strong point. It is much more about a more conscious shopping experience, which should lead to an average shopping cart that is up to 30% higher.

Anyone who deals with social shopping will already have Pinterest on their radar. Now it is time to exhaust the new possibilities.

for the official announcement in the Pinterest Newsroom

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