Pinterest Idea Pins: Share multiple vertical videos & images in story format

With Pinterest Idea Pins, companies receive a new video format with which, for example, recipes or tutorials can be published more interactively on Pinterest. Or story pins become idea pins.


Story pins become Pinterest idea pins

The Idea Pins approach is based on story pins. It is therefore a further development of the vertical content format, which shows its strengths especially in vertical short videos.

The idea pins are placed on different Places on Pinterest, which also increases visibility. Idea Pins are also part of the search or search results. Furthermore, Idea Pins have an additional area in the Pinterest feed and, as you know it from Instagram Stories, are also displayed in the profiles.

Idea Pins offer many possibilities. Firstly, when it comes to the presentation of content in vertical content. The big advantage of Pinterest in general is that content generates reach, interactions and traffic over long periods of time. These advantages can also be found with Idea Pins.

The following options are available

  • Publish up to 20 pages of consecutive content slides
  • Voiceover – Recordings
  • Music selection from Epidemic Sound
  • Ghost mode tools – perfect for before and after pictures!
  • linked detail pages for instructions or ingredients
  • Interactive functions such as marking other Pinterest accounts and stickers
  • Saving drafts, planning and publishing several Idea Pins
  • Export options for sharing outside of Pinterest
  • Topic tagging and a revised publishing function

What is unfortunately no longer possible are links to the individual elements. At the beginning of the test phase of story pins, links were possible. The links have been replaced by the so-called detail pages for a while.

For example, further information and explanations can be displayed on the detail pages. However, without external links. With this format, Pinterest wants users to be more closely tied to their own platform. That’s understandable, but the option to link your own content has always been one of Pinterest’s great strengths. But who knows, maybe the function will come back.

Pinterest Idea Pins Statistics

Idea Pins also have their own statistics. In the statistics you will find information on the generated impressions, on clicks and how often the Idea Pin was saved.

In addition, Pinterest shows in the Idea Pin statistics how many profile visits were generated and how many new followers ultimately result.

As you know from other content on Pinterest, you can also analyze which content has the most comments and received reactions. The number of users is also always interesting: for example, those who have tried out a recipe themselves.

Idea Pins are now available to all Creator and Business Accounts on Pinterest.

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