Not just for B2C: How B2B companies benefit from influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been enjoying increasing popularity in the B2C area for some time. In B2B companies, however, influencer marketing continues to receive less attention, although there are more and more cases and examples of successful campaigns and processes.

In a study by TopRank Marketing, people from B2B companies were asked how they have benefited from their previous influencer marketing activities. The results thus also provide information on which goals the B2B companies are pursuing with influencers and also where the focus is.

More reach, mentions and leads through influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing

More than 60% of the respondents agree that their marketing results would improve if they would actively do influencer marketing in the B2B area. It is very noticeable that almost all respondents (96%) who do influencer marketing rate the approach as successful.
B2B companies are certain that influencers are helping to increase social reach (78%). At the same time, content is created that has a higher level of credibility and yet transports branded content (64%).

The increasing number of mentions of B2B companies in social networks and media (55%) is also supported by a majority of respondents Cited as an advantage.

84% of respondents say that influencer marketing can increase brand awareness, with 69% also believing that it improves lead generation and brand reputation (58%) .

Choosing the right B2B influencer

When choosing a suitable influencer, the respondents named a few important criteria that are decisive. 91% named the relevance of the audience as the most important characteristic. The professional competence is assumed by 79%. Many also choose the influencers for their values ​​that align with the brand (64%) and their ability to create positive posts (51%). Around a third rate audience size, charisma and professional qualifications as important.

Implement influencer marketing in the B2B area

The respondents stated that influencers are not only interested in content or Quotations work for a brand, but also 66% participate in events and act as brand ambassadors. A third are even active as a consultant for a brand or even take part in media interviews. 90% of influencers present the brand on social networks. In addition, content marketing (83%), public relations (56%) and SEO (50%) flow into influencer marketing.

As for the post format B2B marketers create with influencers, 83% use blog posts. The majority also work with recorded videos (67%), webinars (64%), interviews (59%) and also with podcasts (52%). If you look at the formats, then B2B influencer marketing is even more diverse than in the B2C area.

Especially due to the strong growth at LinkedIn, more and more B2B companies will see in the future that are taking on the topic .

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