Брендированный шрифт

New tricks on Instagram: for personal and corporate promotion

New features on Instagram appear regularly, and it is not always possible to keep track of all the innovations in this social network. In addition to the emergence of new ones, old tools also change and gain new opportunities. All this allows you to promote your account in various ways.

Moreover, there are chips only for business and those that concern everyone, but can be used in promotion. In our article we will tell you about these life hacks and secrets and analyze the Instagram trends that are expected in 2021.

High-quality content is a guarantee of effective advertising promotion of your account, so we recommend using interesting, simple chips that will set you apart from bloggers and commercial brands, as well as help to successfully “grow” your blog.

  • Control the intensity of the effects

    This is an interesting life hack for those who prefer naturalness and avoid using various effects:

    • Select any photo, upload it and click on the filter you like.

    • Click on the effect icon again – the editing options will become available to you.

    • Using a special element (slider), set the desired intensity of the applied filter.

    • Click the Finish button and publish your new content.

  • Upload video sequences without audio

    Have you noticed how an unbearable hum in the background can ruin a very beautiful aesthetic video? To avoid such dissonance and to focus the audience’s attention on the video scene itself, we recommend that you completely exclude the sound sequence. To resolve this issue, click on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen, select a video, click the “Next” button and adjust the volume using the dedicated icon. This will help you mute or completely mute the sound.

    Выкладывайте видеоряд без звукового сопровождения

    Upload footage without audio
  • Improve the readability of the text and make it more comprehensible to the audience

    If you have an unrelenting passion for Longreads, then this tip is for you – it will help make your texts more readable and user-friendly.

    Checklist for implementing a life hack :

    • edit your photo / image, click the Next button to go to the signature screen;

    • type or add a ready-made text caption;

    • to access the transliteration of the string, click “123” on the keyboard of your device;

    • Form the necessary paragraphs and signatures using the Enter key.

  • Save Lazy Recordings to Draft

    Surely you have noticed the following picture for yourself sometimes: you chose your favorite photo, edited the brightness and color of the image, selected the ideal effects, but are not yet ready to publish your masterpiece and show it to the public. In this case, we advise you to save the publication in draft, so that the efforts already made are not in vain. And later you can go back to the draft and upload it to your account whenever you want.

    Select a picture, adjust the necessary parameters (color, contrast, filters, etc.). Click “Next” and, if necessary, mark users, specify geolocation, add text or hashtags. Then click on the ”

  • Eliminating chaos, putting things in order among the filters

    The social network Instagram today offers users more than 40 filters. Most likely, you do not use all of them on your blog. Therefore, we recommend that you prioritize your favorite and most frequently used effects, so as not to constantly search for them in a heap of unnecessary junk.

    To do this, simply pinch the desired filter with your finger, hold it and drag it to a convenient place (or delete it if you do not use this effect).

  • Stay up to date – activate notifications about new publications

    Are you subscribed to your favorite blogger and are always looking forward to his new posts? In this case, we advise you to select the “Enable post notifications” item in the settings menu in order to track the release of new content in time and not lose it among the large number of posts in the feed.

    By the way, this feature allows you to track competitors’ accounts and monitor comments on their blog so that if possible, pull customers to your side.

  • Use the post preview function

    Did you know that when viewing any profile, you can use the “preview” mode by clicking on the publication and holding it for a long time? This is a very handy feature that allows you to see the post thumbnail and not open it completely!

  • Hide unwanted marks on pictures from prying eyes

    Surely you have come across situations when your friends or colleagues “put a pig on it”, marking you in photos, where you turned out not in very good quality and do not like yourself. We are sure that in most such cases, you will certainly want to hide this fact from your subscribers!

    Скрывайте от чужих глаз нежелательные отметки на снимках

    Hide unwanted marks on images from prying eyes

    To do this, follow these steps :

    • open the “Photos with me” section;

    • select the photo you want to hide;

    • press the “Unmark” key (note that if you just move the slider, the picture will not be displayed in the “Photos with me” section, but the tag will still remain).

  • Publish as part of a large puzzle

    If subscribers are interested in your account, then they will certainly watch you not only in the feed, but also in the profile itself! Recently, a new feature has appeared on Instagram – the so-called technique of large-scale pictures or installation. To do this, a sufficiently large image is taken, which is cut into several small parts, and when published in an account, they are assembled into a puzzle.

  • Expanding the palette of shades

    Instagram offers users a fairly voluminous color palette. However, if you are positioning a brand, then it is very important to pay attention not only to posts, but also to stories – to visualize them in the same style of the company and make them easily recognizable against the background of others. To do this, you need to choose a full palette of colors for your elements that are not displayed in the main Stories block.

    To do this, open Stories, select the Brush tool and hold down the gradient palette – you will see the full range of all possible shades.

  • Harmonious colors

    If you need to choose the perfect text color to blend with any element, we recommend using a tool such as the eyedropper. After entering the text, click on the eyedropper and select the appropriate shade as the color for the posted photo or video.

  • Glow-radiance

    Another new Instagram feature is the incredible glow effect that is applied to text or emoji to really make them stand out and make them more immersive. To do this, go to Stories, select the “Type” tool and set the mode to “Neon”.

    If you add emoticons to your Stories, they will also be highlighted with gentle neon light.

  • Rainbow Effect

    In order for Stories not to be boring and monotonous, and the text on it becomes even more attractive, you can make the letters multi-colored. But this does not mean that you have to manually adjust the color of the letters. To do this, you need to pinch and hold any shade with one finger, and press and hold the blue text selection line with the other finger.

    Then pull both fingers evenly in opposite directions, and your text will be colored!

  • Boomerang

    If you want to edit video content using additional features, such as trimming, speeding up or slowing down, etc. – use the Boomerang feature in Stories.

  • Create copyright gifs and videos

    Another interesting feature is the formation of your own author’s gifs from a photo or video. True, for this you need to install the ImgPlay mobile application, with which you can create a slideshow or gif from any photo / video available on your device.

    After downloading the application, select the photo or video elements you need and click the “Make” button.

    After creating a gif, you can simply save it on your smartphone, immediately share it with someone in private correspondence, or even publish it on any social network.

  • Background fill

    Refined, moderately sophisticated color fill in the spirit of minimalism will look quite stylish and will help make your Stories stand out from others. To do this, you do not need to use the marker manually, you just need to take this tool on the panel and hold it for a few seconds with your finger.

    Note that the marker gives the most intense and dense color, while the chisel is slightly translucent.

    By the way, if you want to cheer up the audience a little and make it interactive, then the eraser tool is perfect for this purpose – it will help you show part of the image hidden under the fill. An interesting game for subscribers will turn out!

  • A selection of photos in your Stories

    Sometimes there is a need to upload several pictures to Stories at once. To do this, first of all, save the necessary photos to the selection of the gallery of your gadget.

    Next, you need to add all the necessary frames to your notes and from there copy them directly to Stories using the “Text” tool and the “Paste” button.

    Voila, your request has been completed!

    By the way, there is another way to add a photo or gif to Stories – for this you need the GBoard on-screen keyboard from Google. With it, you can not only insert GIFs, emojis or stickers into your Stories, but also search by photos or even add your own pictures.

    True, first you need to install the application and in the settings menu give it access to control. Then, when you are already directly using Instagram Stories, when you select the “Text” tool, you will see an icon with a “G” in the lower left corner. Clicking on it will open the necessary search for pictures and gifs, as well as allow access to many other functions (translator, contacts, Youtube, maps, etc.).

  • GBoard as a gif search tool

    When you find the items you are looking for by searching in GBoard, just click on the desired image – it will instantly be copied to the clipboard.

    You just need to select the “Text” tool in Stories and use the insert function. A couple of simple actions – and the desired picture is already in your Stories. This method will allow you to add an unlimited number of images.

  • Branded font

    Instagram Stories opens up wide access to the use of a wide variety of text fonts. But you must admit that your stories will look much more presentable if you use your own, author’s font, combined with the overall style of the brand.

    Брендированный шрифт
    Branded font

    Install the dedicated Over app on your device, then download the new font to your smartphone and add it.

    Now, with the Over application, you can create Stories not only with built-in, but also with branded fonts.

  • Solid background, or how to make a fill

    This is an interesting feature for creative people who want to diversify their Stories and move away from the usual publications.

    To do this, upload a photo or video to your Stories and select the “Marker” tool in the upper right corner. Press the desired color and hold your finger on the screen for about 1-3 seconds to create a fill for your Stories.

    You can also use the eraser and use chaotic movements to “wipe” the background – this will achieve the effect of a scratch card, when the picture seems to shine through the background.

  • Veiled hashtags

    The use of hashtags in Stories causes a lot of controversy. Someone thinks that they need to be used, while others are of the opinion that these are unnecessary details that only distract the reader’s attention. There is a great way out of this situation – you add a hashtag and simply hide it from view.

    To do this, you add the necessary hashtags, reduce their size to a minimum and hide them under the mask of gifs or stickers.

    Another option to hide hashtags is to write them in text format using a color that blends perfectly with the background of the image. But you need to understand that applying such a life hack will work only in those cases when you use plain pictures.

  • Video pop-ups

    Another cool feature is adding various elements to the video sequence (text, emoticons, gifs, stickers) that will appear in the right place at the right time. It’s a cool tool for capturing and retaining your audience’s attention and increasing subscriber engagement

    To do this, after uploading the video, simply add the necessary elements of your choice and color and place them in the required time frame!

  • Clickable link in profile header

    It is very important for business that the client can quickly and easily get to the main source of information about a product or service – of course, this is the official website of the company. Instagram has a useful feature that allows you to add a live link to your web page in your profile header description.

    A clickable website link is the key to successfully attracting additional targeted traffic and increasing your sales funnel.

    To add a link to your profile header, you need :

    • Open your account page and go to the “Edit Profile” section.

    • In the line of the site, specify the desired link, after which be sure to return to your profile and check the clickability of the added link.

  • Subscriber Engagement Monitoring

    Instagram offers users a useful built-in tool that allows them to get to know their target audience as deeply as possible – you can track who your followers follow and who like.

    The procedure is very simple :

    • Access the What’s New section of the mobile app using the heart icon at the bottom of the screen.

    • Start exploring the information in this section.

  • Adding additional accounts

    If you are developing a large business and selling various categories of goods, then an excellent solution for you would be to create several accounts to promote individual groups.

    You can easily add the required number of additional accounts and easily switch between them.

    Storytelling for SMM:

    To implement this venture you will need :

    • Go to settings.

    • Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the “Add account” button.

    • Enter your username and password to enter the second profile. A similar chain of actions must be done for subsequent accounts.

  • Find and use relevant hashtags

    A useful tool for promoting publications is hashtags. But this does not mean that you need to use all kinds of popular tags, you need to focus only on those that are directly related to your business.

    To find relevant hashtags for your posts, do the following :

    • Open the search page.

    • Enter a keyword that matches the subject and direction of your business.

    • In the search results in the “Similar” line, select relevant hashtags.

  • Instagram- business card

    Unique Instagram business card is a great solution for the business community! You can distribute it electronically on social networks or messengers, or print and distribute in paper form.

    To create a business card, you need :

    • Open the menu in the profile and go to the “Instagram business card” section.

    • Make the necessary settings for the business card: choose the appropriate style, add text.

    • In the upper right corner, find the airplane icon and share the developed business card, choosing the method of its distribution.

  • Instalanding

    Installer is a large image divided into 9 identical square pieces, each adapted to fit a standard Instagram post.

    Once you put all 9 photos in your feed, you will have a puzzle and a beautiful overall picture.

    To do Instalanding, use Adobe Photoshop or the ImageSplitter online service.

  • Mail Agent

    Currently, Instagram users are actively using this social network for communication. However, this process is complicated by the fact that in direct it is impossible to sort messages and select a dialogue with a specific interlocutor.

    According to experts, a unique algorithm for organizing messages will soon be developed, and in 2021 Instagram will be able to partially replace many popular instant messengers and mailboxes.

  • Desktop version of Instagram

    Many Instagram users are increasingly enjoying the trend of viewing the news feed and chatting with the desktop version of the application using a computer or laptop.

    Unfortunately, at the moment, the desktop version is not very convenient to use and does not repeat the full list of the mobile application’s capabilities. It is likely that this deficiency will be eliminated as early as 2021.

  • Facebook Mutual Integration

    According to the latest statistics, Facebook is experiencing a period of decline in user activity, so now on this social network you can increasingly see the most interesting Stories and publications from Instagram. It is assumed that in the future, the convergence of these media platforms and the introduction of IG-tools in FB will continue.

  • Promotion on Instagram – a necessary measure or a conscious need?

    As you know, Instagram is no longer a marketing promotion tool, but marketing itself. In 2021, unfortunately, the “distribution of pies” and free promotion will end, only target and native advertising will remain from bloggers, whom IG plans to take under strict financial control.

    According to estimates, by the end of 2020, more than 845.5 million people have become users of the Instagram social network. According to forecasts for 2023, 988 million are expected. Therefore, given the reach and scale of IG, it is safe to say that the presence of the company’s brand in this social network is not only a guarantee of effective promotion, but also a meaningful need that allows you to go beyond, increase audience of the product, increase the trust and loyalty of potential consumers.

  • We sincerely hope that these helpful tips and tricks will allow you to develop your Instagram account and gain a confident position in the large expanses of social media space.

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