Анализ эффективности взаимопиара

Mutual PR on Instagram: what happens and how to organize

Mutual PR on Instagram , as the name suggests, is an agreement between bloggers to advertise each other’s services or goods. At the same time, it is not necessary that such advertising will only be in the SFS format – mentions for mentions, other variants of mutual advertising are quite possible.

More important is the issue of choosing a partner for such an advertising event to be successful. In our article we will talk about what to look for when evaluating a blogger for mutual PR, how to organize this process and what mistakes you need to avoid.

The essence of mutual PR on Instagram

Mutual PR on Instagram is a free method of promoting an account, so it is available to absolutely everyone. Its essence lies in the fact that bloggers, by advertising each other, get some part of the partner’s audience. Of course, for this to happen, the companion must have a similar blog topic (and hence the target audience) and approximately the same number of subscribers. In addition, the terms of mutual PR should be beneficial for both participants in the process.

Instagram does not provide an opportunity to repost other people’s records as it happens, for example, on VKontakte or on Twitter. However, there are other opportunities for mutual PR in this social network. Let’s say you can post a publication with a recommendation in text format. With the advent of stories, mutual advertising has become easier: bloggers began to repost other people’s publications and stories in them, mark the names of accounts.

Суть взаимного пиара в Инстаграм The essence of mutual PR on Instagram

Mutual PR, of course, cannot be considered one of the main promotion channels, since it is rather difficult to predict the result of actions, and the method itself sometimes has low efficiency. Usually, the flow of audience to an account is not too high. Mutual PR is free, however, so it can be seen as a nice bonus to the efforts made to grow your audience. Therefore, at the moment, bloggers do not abandon this method and are actively using it.

You shouldn’t bet on VP, but it is quite possible to include it in your PR campaign, with an integrated approach it can give a good result.

6 types of mutual PR on Instagram

Mutual PR on Instagram is carried out in different ways, and you can combine several of them. Participants in the process should choose the format in advance by analyzing the target audience of each, account features, budget, if necessary.

  1. Posts and / or Stories

    Bloggers post information about mutual PR partners in their posts or stories. This can be a story with a recommendation of a person, reposts of his publications or stories, a link to an account. The point is to interest your own subscribers with the profile of another blogger. It is quite possible to simultaneously use all the possibilities available on Instagram: publications, stories, and reposts. Mutual PR can be lengthy, this is done for the sake of greater audience involvement.

  2. Marathons

    To run a marathon, as a rule, you need to assemble a team of bloggers with approximately the same target audience. However, you can do it yourself if a lot of live active people are subscribed to your account.

    Usually marathons are limited in time and have a specific theme. They can be several master classes, held live or recorded. As a rule, they are led by experts in their field, and the participants are given tasks based on the results of each broadcast. Marathons often end with a selection of winners, but there must be a prize pool for this. I also have marathons without giving out gifts.

    Thanks to such events, both organizers and participants grow subscribers, engagement increases, and sales grow.

  3. Guest Blogging & Live / IGTV

    Specialists from related fields for mutual PR can :

    • write posts specifically for the partner’s blog;

    • conduct joint live broadcasts;

    • record collaborative videos for posting to IGTV.

  4. SFS

    Shout out for shout out is a mention for a mention. This method is often used in connection with some event: a holiday, the organizer’s birthday, a significant date, etc.

    It looks like this. The blogger publishes a post with the hashtag “sfs” and explains the terms of participation. Often they include a subscription, a repost of a publication in a story, a comment under a post. As a result, the organizer chooses the winner among all the participants and tells about them on his page.

    In fact, those who want to become famous in the account of their favorite blogger have little chance of winning, although, on the other hand, labor costs are low. But the organizer himself can be a significant winner.


    Mutual PR on Instagram can be carried out using reposts of partners’ publications, which are done using special third-party applications. Thanks to this method, you can tell about someone else’s account or demonstrate audience loyalty by reposting a positive customer review.

  6. Natural PR

    It means that people, of their own free will and without any additional conditions, share each other’s publications. This is especially popular among small bloggers, small businesses that are guided by the idea of ​​mutual support.

Criteria for choosing a partner for mutual PR

The main criterion for choosing a partner for mutual PR is a similar target audience. Of course, before you start promoting your own blog, you need to find out in detail what its target audience is. Without understanding this point, it is impossible to develop a profile, no matter how high-quality content it is filled with. A blogger must understand who he is working for and take into account the interests of his subscribers.

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At the same time, it is necessary to find partners who, despite a similar target audience, will not be direct competitors. This is an important moment for those who organize mutual PR on Instagram. Examples: a yoga school shouldn’t be promoting another yoga school, but a store that sells sportswear and mats is quite; a beautician can talk about a cosmetic brand, but not about a beautician colleague, etc. These are representatives of related spheres, whom mutual PR will not harm, but will help.

There are cases when the PR of competitors is allowed: partners should be geographically distant from each other. The same yoga studio may advertise another studio located on the other side of a big city.

In order for mutual PR on Instagram to be effective, it is important to do advertising sincerely, sharing really useful information.

You need to start your search for partners by analyzing the interests of your target audience. Everything can be taken into account here: hobbies, places to stay, favorite apps, books, movies, etc. After that, you need to search for profiles that touch on these topics.

Where to search :

  1. On Instagram itself.

    • Having understood the direction in which bloggers suitable for partnership should work, it is necessary to determine how to effectively find them. You can, for example, use relevant hashtags, geotags, etc.

    • Next, you need to search using them (for example, #yogakazan).

    • You can also use hashtags such as # mutual PR, # PR out, # PR, #sfs, #ifs.

  2. In specialized channels in Telegram (https://t.me/networkingDariaManelova, Instagram at 100, https://t.me/dnative_chat, https://t.me/inst_admins) .

  3. In special services. Epicstars provides the ability to search over 40,000 Instagram bloggers included in its database. And in the paid version of the LiveDune service, you can search for partners by specified parameters.

When selecting bloggers, it is best to prepare a table in advance, where all important information about them will be entered. It will help you structure your data and make your final choices more meaningful. Special services make it possible to make selections directly in them, without transferring information to the table.

How to choose really suitable profiles from the final list? It is necessary to pay attention not so much to the number of subscribers as to their quality. One blogger may have 100,000 people, most of whom are bots, while another has 80,000 live subscribers. Not only is it pointless to promote yourself to bots, but advertising of an inactive account can negatively affect the reputation of the person who makes it.

To understand how “alive” a profile is, you need to look at how posts are written, what is the ratio of the number of subscribers, likes and comments. It is also important how these comments look, whether they are similar to the message of real people. Monosyllabic messages like “class!” can be left using special wrapping services. It is often possible to observe a picture when bloggers, by agreement, constantly comment on each other’s posts, and there are not much other messages.

«Живой» инстаграм
Live Instagram

There are services, for example, Epicdetect, that analyze Instagram profiles. With their help, you can see the number of subscribers, the level of engagement and the geography of subscribers. Location is especially important to exclude bloggers, whose audience may be very far from the target. It so happens that a person is theoretically suitable for mutual PR, but there are many people from Turkey or Pakistan among his subscribers, which happened due to mistakes in building an audience through mass following.

When you find bloggers that match all your queries, you need to direct them with an offer of cooperation. After obtaining consent, it is necessary to carefully discuss all the nuances of the process.

  • PR format : post, marathon, guest post.

  • Placement of publication : feed, story, link in the profile (utm-tag will allow you to track the effectiveness of the action).

  • Post release date . It is not necessary to publish at the same time, it is better to take a break between them for several days.

  • The lifetime of a post in the account feed , the date it was deleted.

  • Match text and image for publication.

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Preparing posts for mutual PR

Publications – their format, content and quantity – must be discussed in advance. It can be a video, a carousel of photos in a feed, a single photo, a video, a poll in a story. You can promote a colleague by personally telling about him on video, or by posting text information. All this must be agreed upon before the publication of the publication, otherwise there may be misunderstandings and conflict due to the fact that someone was waiting for one thing and received another.

Psychological triggers in social networks:

Posts from any event attended by participants in mutual PR will look quite organic. You can mark people in the photo, tell in detail about them and the event, and also thank everyone for participating. Within the framework of cooperation, you can make not one post, but two or more (by agreement). Stories can be used to highlight the course of the event in detail, focusing on the EaP partners.

Participants should know in advance what and how each of them will do. At the same time, it is advisable not to post the same photos and texts, it looks too artificial and impersonal. Posts should be targeted at specific people – the blogger’s subscribers – and written in their unique manner.

Common PR mistakes

Beginning bloggers quite often use mutual PR on Instagram, since this method of building an audience seems easy to them and does not require much effort. However, as a result, the number of subscribers does not grow. What is the reason? As a rule, the main mistake is choosing the wrong partner. Let’s consider this moment in more detail.

  • The partner is a person who has collected a random audience in his account, which does not consider him as an expert in his field, the level of her loyalty and trust is quite low. Accordingly, people may not be particularly interested in the blogger’s opinion regarding other bloggers and his recommendations. In order for a person to be trusted and listened to, he must build and protect his reputation.

  • Working with direct competitors, as we have already said, can negatively affect the blogger. If a partner has some advantages, he may find himself in a better position and lure away the clients of another VP member.

  • Mass advertising from bloggers will look irregular. The essence of mutual PR is that it looks like a personal recommendation, so it should be done in doses.

  • The partner, for his part, posted a publication about the blogger without any comments, explanations, or expressions of his own opinion. Of course, this is viewed by its readers solely as an advertisement, and hardly anyone will be interested in following the link.

Analysis of the effectiveness of mutual PR

At the end of the mutual PR, it is necessary to analyze it. To do this, you need to collect statistics in your account and ask your partner for it. Important metrics are views, conversions, and subscriptions. It happens that there are a lot of views, but there are few clicks on the links. Perhaps the person who made the post missed something or does not know his audience well, so the publication did not respond to her. But if subscribers went to the advertised account, but did not subscribe, then the problem is in the account itself, it did not seem interesting to people.

It is useful to create a table in order to track the dynamics of conversions and understand what its level is optimal.

Анализ эффективности взаимопиара
Analysis of the effectiveness of mutual PR

It is not customary among bloggers to make claims if the numbers in the analytics are not what they expected. As a last resort, you can ask to post another story, but the partner is not obliged to do this. For this, analytics is needed – to look at the result, draw conclusions and act more competently next time.

After new people have signed up for your account, it is important to involve them in the world of your blog. This is done by greeting subscribers, telling about yourself, posting additional stories, polls, interactions, etc. You need to get people interested, because they can unsubscribe without finding useful content for themselves.

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