More reach for IGTV thanks to Instagram ads


The possible uses for IGTV are becoming more and more diverse. By combining relevant IGTV videos and creative Instagram ads, the reach can be increased in a targeted manner. Be it for new episodes from IGTV series, IGTV shopping videos, or regular IGTV content.

Don’t let your IGTV videos go to waste

IGTV didn’t have the best start, but it has slowly and steadily developed into an important format for brands and companies as part of their own Instagram strategy. IGTV does have its own area within Instagram Explore, but a large part of the organic reach is generated via shares in the feed and as an Instagram story.

But you shouldn’t stop here, but instead target the reach of IGTV with Instagram ads Increase videos. However, what is still used relatively seldom are ads that link directly to IGTV videos.

This has been possible for some time and whoever IGTV- Produces content, it should also disseminate it to the relevant target group. The placement of the ads is simple. As soon as an IGTV video is uploaded to Instagram and published, the video has a URL.

IGTV link in the Instagram desktop Find view

You save the URL in the Facebook ad manager as the target. The URL of the IGTV video can be found in the desktop version of Instagram. Go to your Instagram account, click on the IGTV tab and select the video you want to promote.

IGTV browser URL Use videos for Instagram ads

Instagram ads for IGTV are video ads. You can create your own video for the advertisements, or simply use an excerpt from the IGTV video, which is often useful because the user: Inside this way, they get a direct impression of what to expect in the video.

Reach and video views are recommended as advertising goals, because that’s what the ads are about.

Through ads for IGTV returning viewers: Build inside

Regardless of whether you are in an IGTV series with tutorials , Interviews, or product presentations works, you can use ads for IGTV to increase the reach of your episodes in a targeted manner. If IGTV is also linked to Instagram shopping, exciting new target groups can be built.

You also strengthen already published episodes, since the name of the IGTV series is linked in the advertised video.

With stories and reels, we have moving image content that is great for quick and spontaneous consumption. IGTV goes deeper and offers completely different approaches in terms of information content and storytelling. The combination of IGTV with Instagram ads increases the reach and strengthens the visibility in your target groups. Use this possibility!

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