Meet the Success Case: Oven Custom Pizza + Nerdweb

Oven Pizza is one of the fastest growing franchises in Brazil. No wonder, your proposal is a real temptation: “you invent, we do”. How to resist? You can choose the size, the pasta, the sauces, the cheeses, the meats and side dishes.

In just 2 minutes, your pizza is baked and it will be ready to face the most demanding customer: your taste buds. There are almost infinite combinations that people can create and that’s why the franchise worked so well. With 7 stores in operation and 8 in the process of opening in malls in Curitiba, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Campinas, Londrina, Blumenau and Balneário Camboriú, the chain is currently expanding to conquer the country.

Do you know how Oven got here?

But how did Oven grow so much? In addition to good management and a quality product, which were vital ingredients in this customized pizza franchise, we also list the openness and vision that the chain’s owners had to adopt digital marketing strategies.

It was with this one challenge in mind that they approached Nerdweb in April 2015, starting a beautiful success story.

Digital marketing was vital for the franchise to multiply

Back in the beginning of 2015, Oven Pizza had 2 stores and around 8,000 followers on social networks, but it still didn’t do online media with an agency. After conducting four-handed planning to create digital actions aimed at impacting stores, Oven Pizza achieved three memorable milestones based on online advertising:

  • In the beginning there were no “Pizzas from the Morning”. Only the customized and classic pizza menu. Studying the public, we carried out the first promotion with chocolate pizza for only R$9.90. It was so successful that it sold more chocolate pizza in one day than in the entire month.
  • Based on the case of chocolate pizza, the same promotion was created with salted pizza at R$9.90, which validated the Pizza of the Day format that exists until today, bringing a promotional flavor to each day of the week. It came into effect with the opening of the third store, at Shopping Palladium, in Curitiba.
  • On World Pizza Day, we created a double pizza action and advertised heavily on social networks. The result? The queue of people spent 2 hours waiting.

In addition, we created new identities, bringing some of this DNA to the website, fences, and other materials for the points of sales, assuming that Oven has a unique atmosphere in a young and contemporary environment.

According to Rafael Soares, CEO of Oven, “Nerdweb has a great work ethic and is highly qualified when the theme is technology. The company provided exceptional marketing services for our business. The agency’s vision managed to position our brand one level higher. I recommend working with Nerdweb!”.

It was an ordinary day, until… 

In 2016, Nerdweb also started working with Points of Sale (POS), creating all the printed material and planning actions with influencers and celebrities. In October of last year, to celebrate the arrival of Oven Pizza in Campinas, at Parque Dom Pedro shopping mall, we held an action with the winner of the 3rd season of the television program Masterchef, by Band.

The concept of action was created from the idea of ​​a VIP presence: we announce Léo’s presence via the internet. However, there was something unexpected: he would not only be present at the opening but would also act as a surprise employee, temporarily working on the pizza assembly line.

Several people took the opportunity to take pictures and line up to buy the pizzas he created. Transformed into a brand ambassador, after a month, Oven Pizza sold a gourmet pizza signed by the chef, called Zucchini, which remained on the menu for 3 months.

Both the pizza and the image associated with Léo Young’s brand were exposed at the POS as well as in online and offline media.

Oven’s Top Numbers

  • Qualified fan growth increased by 400%
  • More than 1 million pizzas sold
  • While competitors lost between 30 and 40% of their sales to the political and economic crisis, Oven maintained its continuous growth
  • More than 1 million unique people impacted
  • More out of 7 million ads displayed so far

Oven hit the impressive 1 million pizzas sold mark

The Recipe for Success

Oven’s marketing and media success can be summed up as the union of strategy + targeting + using the right channels.

While most of the franchised competitors in shopping malls were shaken by the severe crisis that was plaguing Brazil, the customized pizza chain used the digital environment to interact with a generation of customers that is impacted by internet content .

The capture of qualified leads via Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and email marketing was and remains indispensable not only for consumers, but also for attracting attention of new franchisees who know and are interested in the business model.

What did Nerdweb do?

  • Strategic Campaign Planning
  • Offline Action Planning and Execution
  • Creating Concepts and Visual Identity for Campaigns
  • Creating an Institutional Site
  • Creating a Hotsite
  • Creating Videos for POS
  • Creation of Graphic Material for POS
  • Creation and triggering of e-mail marketing
  • Social Network Management
  • Facebook Ads Advertising Management
  • Google Adwords Advertising Management

Want to be our next case study Of success? Come talk to us, we have complete solutions in digital marketing in the pillars of website creation, social media management and content production for online and print media!

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