LinkedIn Redesign: New design for the leading B2B network

LinkedIn will publish a redesign and update the desktop view for over five years. The new LinkedIn design is more modern, tidier and is based on the developments of the leading B2B network in recent years.

More than 706 million people use LinkedIn and LinkedIn has clearly become a leader in the DACH region as well B2B network developed.

LinkedIn did not wait quite as long with its redesign as Facebook. Nevertheless, the previous desktop view no longer really looks up-to-date. The new LinkedIn design will change that and focus even more on exchange and community elements.

The redesign is in the rollout and will be available to all LinkedIn users in the coming months.

As you can see, the changes are more of a visual and less functional nature. More round elements, buttons and a warmer shade should make LinkedIn even more pleasant to use. Is that so crucial? The reason for this is that individual people should be in the foreground when using it and not LinkedIn itself.

LinkedIn speaks of a friendlier appearance. That is important, but the content and your own network are still decisive for the feeling of using it. Posts and discussion culture mainly determine the feeling and the design is a supporting component.

The “white space” so often criticized on Facebook is strengthened with the LinkedIn redesign. At the same time, the use of unnecessary icons is reduced, which strengthens the focus on the content and discussions.

The new color scheme for the redesign focuses on legibility and, as is now the case with almost all websites and apps, LinkedIn will also get a dark mode.

Also the LinkedIn app with redesign

The display of the comments is improved and this again contributes to the point of readability. The same applies to the view of surveys, which are now displayed in a much more modern way in the LinkedIn feed.

Furthermore, the icons in the app navigation change. In terms of content, everything stays the same.

LinkedIn Redesign der mobile App mit LinkedIn Stories

The biggest update for the mobile app are LinkedIn Stories. The story function of LinkedIn will be published in the USA and Canada and the global rollout will follow gradually. LinkedIn Stories are displayed directly at the top of the app like on Instagram and thus attract a lot of attention at the start.

The official announcement of the Linked Design can be found in the LinkedIn Blog. saboxplugin-wrap “itemtype =” // “itemscope =” “itemprop =” author “>

blogger in charge at Futurebiz, speaker, author and senior digital & social media consultant at the agency BRANDPUNKT . Jan Firsching advises brands and companies on the development of digital and social media strategies. To Futurebiz Consulting

Blogger in charge at Futurebiz. Speaker, author and senior digital & social media consultant at the BRANDPUNKT agency. Jan Firsching advises brands and companies on the development and implementation of digital and social media strategies.

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