LinkedIn creates new ad targeting options with Matched Audiences

If you’re already using LinkedIn to generate leads, be aware of the new feature that the corporate social network recently introduced. This is Matched Audiences, a new LinkedIn solution to perform segmentations similar to what exists on Facebook, Google, Twitter and other platforms.

Basically, Matched Audiences enables marketers and entrepreneurs to create ad targeting based on visited websites or even a previously registered email address list. The famous retargeting.

How Matched Audiences Works

Although it’s very similar to what you’re used to on other social networks, Matched Audiences has some nuances coming from the nature of its service. For example, it considers both the primary and secondary addresses of people’s profiles, since people register professional and personal email in the corporate network.

Also, as LinkedIn networking is more focused on business, this becomes a beautiful tool for the sale of corporate products and services (B2B market). Combining emails with location, age, gender, title and more, you can create up to 3 types of targeting. They are:

  1. Account Targeting: when your goal is to reach people based on the company they work for.
  2. Contact Targeting: when your goal is to reach people based on an email list you have and then import into the tool.
  3. Website Retargeting: when your goal is to reach people who have already visited certain pages on your site.

Pilot program results

Before starting to make the tool available to all advertisers on the platform, LinkedIn conducted a pilot program with several pre-selected companies to test the efficiency of the new tool and adapt in case of problems. In all, more than 370 participated with 2,000 active campaigns on the social network.

Here are the results pointed out by LinkedIn:

  • Account Targeting: 4.7% reduction in cost per lead and 32% average increase in conversion rates.
  • Contact Targeting: 37% average increase in click-through rates .
  • Website Retargeting: 14% reduction in cost per lead and 30% increase in click-through rate.


LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences is being made available to all LinkedIn advertisers throughout this week. Also, if you want to learn all the possibilities, we recommend reading the Matched Audiences implementation manual (in English).

If you are interested in creating an ad of this type, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Enter Campaign Manager
  2. In the top menu, right corner, you will find the Tools menu. Mouse over it to find the option “Site Segments” (Matched Audiences translation)
  3. Click on Site Segments to create a retarget audience or even upload an email base

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Source: LinkedIn

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