Let’s overload Facebook even more: Reels in the Facebook Stories area

How can Reels be integrated into Facebook so that they generate more visibility and interactions?

Wait a minute, Reels on Facebook? Facebook already tested the integration of Reels on Facebook a few months ago. Here the reels were integrated into the news feed and Facebook watch. Do you need that?

Not really.

Test: Reels have their own tab in the Facebook Stories area

Facebook is now working on another test, at Reels Facebook can be shared and viewed on Facebook. This time not in the feed, but the Facebook Stories area is on the collar. On the collar, because the area in which Facebook Stories (i.e. shared Instagram Stories) are displayed is again divided into three individual areas.

The test was discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi and the screenshot shows the new area. He was originally there for Facebook Stories. Since many people and pages also share their Instagram stories on Facebook, it has its justification, although of course almost no one produces exclusive stories for Facebook.

In the test, the area now has three tabs. One for stories, one for rooms (the clubhouse clone of Facebook) and one for reels.

Really Facebook? It is only an internal test and it will hopefully never go into the rollout in this form. If you think Instagram is overloaded (and that’s it), then Facebook easily goes one better. Facebook is so cluttered that there is simply no space. But instead of cleaning out once or optimizing the entire app, new formats and functions are integrated into existing ones.

Facebook is already totally overloaded

What do you do when you open Facebook? Are you scrolling through the news feed? Do you go directly to the group feed? Or do you watch stories? I really don’t think another tab in the Stories area is useful. On the contrary, Facebook is becoming even more overloaded with navigation within the app.

In the new area, reels can be consumed and also created. I almost assume that it will never be possible via the publisher and via the Creator Studio in three years.

Furthermore, the question arises whether Facebook really needs an area with additional content, which one come to much of Instagram and be cross-posted. This may have been helpful a few years ago, but now the number of users and the activity on Instagram are so high that in my opinion it is no longer necessary and also not effective.

What do you think about the Test? Do we need reels on Facebook and if so, where should they appear? For me the answer is Facebook Watch.

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