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Instagram rules: how to be useful to subscribers

Instagram rules are not a set of laws, restrictions and prohibitions. Rather, these are tips and tricks to help promote your account, taking into account the interests of subscribers. After all, if you decide to promote yourself as a brand, or start a business account on social networks, the page ceases to be personal and turns into a public one. This means that the phrases “I’m an artist, I see it this way” or “my page, what I want, I do it” are losing their relevance.

The rules given in our material will help you to responsibly approach the promotion of your Instagram account, gather a loyal, interested audience around you and avoid many mistakes of novice instabloggers.

Basic rules for creating an account on Instagram

If you still don’t have an Instagram account, you need to take a few steps to create one :

  • Download the application to your phone . It’s free. You can also create a profile on the site using your computer.

  • Register in the app . To do this, you need to fill out the form that is offered when creating your account.

  • If you have a Facebook page, you can register on Instagram through it . After creating a profile, you will be able to follow all the friends registered in both networks.

  • During the installation process, the system will ask for access to photos and other media files on your device . You must provide it.

Базовые правила оформления аккаунта в Инстаграм
Basic rules for creating an Instagram account
  1. Blog Theme

    When choosing a topic for your account, go through other blogs and analyze what is popular. Subscribers can be attracted by stories from your life, unusual photos, content, which is something like a TV series.

    Many are interested in accounts dedicated to travel or life in other regions and countries, extreme tourism and similar content. It should be noted that in this case, subscribers can be from different parts of the world.

    Blogs that raise social and environmental issues are also popular. Content on the topic of fitness, proper nutrition, etc. is always in demand. No less interesting are the accounts, the owners of which give master classes or lessons of something familiar to them. First of all, we are talking about teaching foreign languages.

    If you decide to focus on the topic of fashion, beauty and style, then the main task is to fill your blog with media content that is relevant.

    You can dedicate your blog to pets, if you have them. Funny stories and photos are recommended to be diluted with funny or touching videos with pets.

    Another popular type of content is food blogs. Photos of the preparation of the dish, beautifully presented food and the set table attract many subscribers.

    Of course, the list of topics does not end there, you can create an attractive account for almost any, if you make an effort to create interesting content. It is recommended not to dwell on one narrow direction, but to choose several adjacent ones, then there will be much more views and subscribers.

  2. Profile visual design

    If you want your Instagram page to attract attention, you need to work on the visual component. With an interesting design, it will become your business card. The easiest way to tackle the look of your account is using the UNUM app, thanks to which the photos can be swapped, bringing the page to perfection.

    In the application, you need to choose a grid that will form the basis of your publications. Next, you need to determine what kind of photos will be on the page. Check the grid to see if they can be placed side by side.

    You can style your Instagram page in light or dark colors. Can be used in a vintage or tropical theme. The main thing is that it is designed in the same style. If you have chosen a color for decoration, always use it. To create a memorable page, you need to determine in which 2-3 shades the photo will be published.

    If you plan to use quotes or photo frames, then they should always be laid out on the same background. Do not get carried away with complex decisions – light colors and simple design are optimal. Beige shades are pleasant to most people, they are not annoying, they remind of warmth and comfort, so a blog that uses such a palette usually attracts subscribers better than others.

    Filters are required to use a specific color on the page. For greater ease of perception, it is recommended to make borders between the content.

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Михаил Христосенко

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You can be super cool, but if no one knows about you, you are no different from a fledgling newbie. But running around with your “I” and your own expertise is also not an option. No empty words and bloated ego.

Once upon a time, after the collapse of my first business, I did not understand where to move on. But in the end he chose the path of creating and strengthening his personal brand. Although then this term was not yet so popular.

  • Now I have a big team and millions of launches with me.

  • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

  • I choose the clients I work with myself.

  • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

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11 Rules of Instagram Ethics

The development of the digital sphere is proceeding by leaps and bounds, so it is important to learn how to communicate on social networks in a way that adheres to online etiquette. There are a few rules to keep in mind when building relationships on your Instagram page.

  1. Personal and work are different things!

    If the number of your subscribers is more than a thousand, consider whether you should inform them all about the nuances of your personal life. And even if there are fewer of them – are they all your real acquaintances and is everyone really interested in your profile?

    In most cases, these are completely outsiders and not always friendly. Among them there are so-called trolls – probably everyone who actively communicates on social networks has heard about them, and perhaps came across them. They are toxic, unpleasant people who do not accept constructive communication.

    When you post moments of your personal or even intimate life on the network, you need to remember that someone is able to take advantage of this for selfish purposes. Therefore, if you need a page for business purposes, try not to mix private and public.

    A closed profile is created for close people. You can post anything there – photos of family members, friends, pets, information about your leisure time and other details of your life, but if you want to realize yourself as a pro, avoid such information in your public account. This is what all professionals and managers around the world do, and their example is worth following.

  2. Content must be relevant

    Even your loved ones shouldn’t know all the nuances of your life. And strangers can be even more annoyed by reports of what you ate for lunch or what you have in your makeup bag. If you abuse such posts, then you run the risk of unsubscribing from your account, especially if this is not the main topic of your page, declared immediately after its creation. Don’t want to lose your followers? Reduce the number of such publications. Or send them to Stories.

  3. Selfies are out of trend for a long time

    Selfies no longer look strange and even more unusual. Today, they only talk about the overstated need of the page owner for approval or huge self-importance. If you really want to post a photo of yourself, at least avoid inappropriate places like toilets, elevators and beds.

    Селфи давно не в тренде
    Selfies are out of trend for a long time
  4. There should be few stories about yourself

    Of course, your page is there for you to express your opinion or even keep something like a diary. But if you are too fixated on your own person, then it is unlikely that your followers will remain so. Endless monologues about yourself, your life and your worldview are not very appropriate even in a business or lifestyle account. You need to communicate with other people, participate in events of other accounts and offline events.

  5. Do not tag people if the photo with them is unsuccessful

    If an acquaintance in the photo turned out badly, you should not publish it on the page, unless, of course, your acquaintance has not allowed it to be done. Take the time to ask if you can post a photo with another person. And don’t post if he’s against it, show respect. If you really want to upload this particular photo, because you just turned out very well on it, just crop it.

  6. Golden Rule 4/1/4

    The principle is extremely simple. If you do not want to scare away subscribers with an excess of information about yourself, beloved, it is worth posting four for each publication with your photo or story about yourself – where a sphere or events that affect your interests, but have no direct relation to you, will be affected. This will give your followers variety and not get bored with your narcissism.

    Of course, you can set your own rules on your own page. But if you’ve created a public blog and want attention and follow-ups, heed this recommendation.

  7. Don’t get carried away with emojis and stuff

    Most of all followers are annoyed by the excess of any symbols – be it exclamation marks, emoticons or caps. No, you should not completely avoid them, they are very necessary so that the meaning of the content is clear to everyone. Emoji can tell readers when the author is joking or upset. But if you do not know the measures in the use of symbols, the text is difficult to perceive, it is annoying and seems too emotional and even silly.

  8. Work for your reputation

    Today it has become a normal practice to study the pages of a potential employee in social networks before hiring her. This way of getting to know the applicant better came from the West, and it cannot be called ineffective. If you want to be thought of as a professional, ethical and educated person without bad habits when studying your account, follow your publications. It was they who often destroyed the image and reputation of a seemingly impeccable employee.

    If you are confident in your page and you do not need to hide inappropriate photos and texts, share the link to it with your potential employers.

    Clean up your feed regularly. If its content seems questionable from any point of view, delete it without regret. Erase all your statements about former leaders, if they contain negative and disrespectful. Remove photos and comments that do not correspond to universal human morality. Do not close the page. Do not block Direct – the people you need can write to you.

  9. Match the purpose of the network

    Before creating an account on a social network, you need to understand which direction is more developed in it. Look at other profiles, analyze trends, popular topics, study what tone of messages is adopted here. As, for example, it is not customary to tell on Twitter that you have quarreled with your parents, so analytics or corporate rules are not appreciated on Instagram.

  10. Appreciate someone else’s time

    Any thought, even an ingenious one, is better to publish at the so-called decent time – not earlier than 9 o’clock (or even 10, if we are talking about weekends) and not later than 21. The fact is that not everyone turns off notifications at night. And even the brightest idea that woke up your subscriber at 3 a.m. may fail just because you interfered with your potential counterparty’s vacation.

    Цените чужое время
    Appreciate someone else’s time

    Want to put content in the middle of the night? Not worth it. Be patient, wait until morning. If you don’t have enough patience, you can put your thoughts into a draft and post them later.

  11. No need to cheat

    Virtual reality provides an excellent opportunity to be better than you really are. Instagram has an opportunity to embellish your life and gives you such opportunities. However, don’t do this.

    Yes, you can tell on your page what a wonderful specialist you are, describe your life as more successful, and your activity as extremely effective and in demand. And what? Your new employer will easily find out what kind of employee you are just by calling your previous company. And if it turns out that you deceived him, at least in small things, you are unlikely to get a new place.

Helping to build key skills in online professions Как мастеру хендмейд-изделий стабильно получать заказы из группы Вконтакте - стили
Как мастеру хендмейд-изделий стабильно получать заказы из группы Вконтакте - стили

Social Media Promotion Course

More details

A few simple Instagram rules for business

What attracts followers and makes them follow you? Only exciting and relevant content. If you created a business account, and your profile is a product with price tags, then your move may be effective, but you will not be able to gain a large number of subscribers.

Thoughtless “what I see is what I post” posts are out of trend for a long time. Each post should be thought over and prepared in advance. Immediately you need to decide which categories you will use, what type of content will be in them, draw up a plan for a certain period – such that it is convenient for you to control your actions. Headings are probably the hardest thing to pick, but there are universal ways to pick the right ones.

  • Product

    Here you will represent your products or services you provide. Description, examples, samples, USP – it should be published in this heading. In essence, this is an advertisement. It can be intrusive, so your job is to make it as interesting as possible.

    Think about style, presentation, be original and non-standard. Perhaps your product is quite mainstream and the competition is high, therefore, you need to grab attention with unusual and eye-catching content. Look for inspiration to create fun ads.

  • Useful

    Subscribers not only like to see a beautiful picture, but also to benefit from the time spent on your page. Post useful information – tips, recipes, life hacks.

    Do you have a beauty salon? Make some videos where your masters will show you simple hair care techniques at home or simple styling. Create a miniseries based on them – post each episode regularly, say, once a week. Subscribers will quickly get used to this format and will wait for the next video to be released.

    Any useful material attracts attention and helps to keep interest in your content. At the same time, you will emphasize your status as an expert in your field of activity.

  • Social proof

    This term hides reviews about you from customers, clients, contractors. The best ones are those where, in addition to enthusiastic words, a photo of a person with your product or after providing a service is posted. It has been noticed that people willingly post negative responses, but skimp on good ones. Therefore, to get started, start the promotion – for each review with a photo or video, its author will receive a discount on the next order.

Viral posts, how to get hundreds of reposts in social networks:

  • Command

    If you work as a team, make it clear to your subscribers that you are great guys with a good sense of humor. Surely in your life there is a place not only for workdays. Someone organizes corporate themed days in the style of popular films or games, someone makes a robot using improvised means during breaks, someone goes out of town for a picnic or skiing with their entire office …

    Make reports and post them on Instagram. Your customers will know who is selling them orders and services, and they will trust more in a fun, friendly and cool company. And trust begins with an acquaintance.

When we have decided on the headings, draw up a graph. It is convenient to use Excel for this. We select dates in the table, enter the names of the headings in them – make sure they alternate! – and decide on what topic the post we will write in each of them. Then it remains to follow the schedule.

It may be tempting to dilute the content with information that is not related to your topic, but is 100% of the interest of subscribers – funny videos, memes, quotes, etc. Do not give in! All such materials should be posted in special public pages, but they do not belong in the business account.

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