Instagram reels have a shopping function

Instagram reels will be expanded and will receive the well-known Instagram shopping functionalities.

The shopping icon can be used to display product information in Reels

With this, Reels quickly receive the second feature that focuses on the monetization of content. Instagram is currently testing the branded content tag for reels. With the addition of Instagram shopping, reels are lined up with other vertical video content such as stories and IGTV, which also have product integrations.

Instagram shopping: discover products within Instagram reels

Now it’s time So let’s continue with Instagram shopping for reels. As Adam Mosseri announced on Twitter, the shopping feature should be in the rollout and of course it will be about discovering new products that we love. 😉


It is certainly also a reaction to the improved link between Shopify and TikTok. The update for Reels doesn’t really come as a surprise, but the speed with which Instagram Reels is expanding can definitely be described as high.

As you can see in the screenshot, the product presentation is identical to all other areas that Shopping supported.

Product overview in Instagram Reels

There is also the option of several To mark products. If you already use Instagram Shopping, the link to Reels may also get additional motivation to deal with the new format.

The expanded possibilities for influencer cooperations are also exciting. Even if reels also offer many opportunities for companies, the format is primarily aimed at creators. The content of the creators feed the reels feed. Thus, of course, they are also part of influencer campaigns and long-term collaborations. The option to link products in addition to the branded content tag increases the range of possible applications again.

The connection to Reels means that shopping on Instagram is now integrated into all areas (with the exception of Instagram Direct). So the shopping offensive is continuing. Different formats automatically lead to different product presentations. We have IGTV for more detailed product information and product tests, then stories for, for example, time-limited sales promotions and reels for probably the most creative staging of products.

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