Instagram publishes new guides on how to maximize the reach of Instagram Shopping

Want to pump up your holiday sales  using Instagram Shopping? Your time has come, retailer!

Recently, the social network launched a new feature for those who already have a digital version of the store on Instagram and want to reach more customers on the platform: a new set of guides  that helps to strategically configure the feature to make followers know your business.

The information was released by Social Media Toda and we’ve summarized the highlights of these contents that Instagram has released especially to encourage Instagram stores to increase their reach during the shopping season.

The aim of the new guides is to teach entrepreneurs who use a commercial account to explore the features of Instagram Shopping to make the most of all the advantages of using a commercial profile on Instagram with a focus on attracting new customers, relationships and conversion.

You don’t want to be left out of this, do you? We’ve summarized everything you need to know about the new Instagram store guides. Keep reading and learn more!

What changes in Instagram Shopping guides?

Instagram has launched a website called ‘ The Season for Shops ’ which works as a kind of tutorial that aims to help with setting up the new guides. Essentially, the material brings tips to configure the store on Instagram using the following features:

  • Marking products in feed posts and Instagram stories;
  • Creation of collections in Instagram stores;
  • Configuration of shopping ads;
  • Instagram Shopping custom audience targeting from Facebook Ads Manager;
  • Tips for adding purchase tags to posts, stories and live streams;
  • Tips for product descriptions.

That’s a lot of information, right?

Instagram also thought about this issue  when putting together the new guides, so the step-by-step instructions for each guide are separated by colors and graphic elements to make the process more intuitive when it comes to getting your hands dirty.

Top Instagram Shopping Guides

Where to start setting up the store on Instagram? Which guide is most important to my business? If you also have these doubts, we’ve summarized some examples of the main Instagram Shopping guides to make it easier for you to organize your settings. Check it out!

Using tags

Marking products on Instagram Shopping is to make life easier for your customer who, with one touch, knows the value of the product and with just one click can shorten the purchase path and go straight to your business website.

In summary: in the guide how to use tags in the shopping season , you have a real step-by-step guide on how to tag the products registered in the Instagram Shopping catalog in the following post formats:

This feature is very useful to sell on Instagram Shopping by stories and feed. It’s worth testing the different formats of the platform to engage your audience.

Extra tip: One of the advantages of using Instagram business profile is access to metrics. In this format, you can see how many people saw your product, clicked on the site, sent the content via direct, and shared the post with others.

Audience Targeting for Ads

What are the ingredients to reach the right people on Instagram Shopping and sell what they’re looking for when they need it? Every person who decides to create a store on Instagram should think about it!

In seasons, knowing the persona of your business and creating segmented sales strategies to reach ideal consumers is critical to sales success. That’s why one of the new guides is about creating buy ads for targeted audiences.

Creating custom collections

Many retailers take advantage of the seasons to launch new collections. In summer, stores specializing in swimwear and bikinis tend to do this a lot and did you know that you can separate products on Instagram Shopping by collection?

One of the new webshop setup guides is about this. To create collections, it is important that the products are in the product catalog in the Facebook manager.

To promote your collection in an attractive way, try naming the collections according to your persona goals. For example: bikinis perfect to enjoy the summer, Christmas gifts for children, looks to rock the new year, among others.

I like it. How do I start using Instagram Shopping?

If you like the news and want to set up your store on Instagram, it’s important to understand a few things:

  • What is Instagram Shopping and how it works ;
  • How to create or transform your account into a business profile (if you use your personal account);
  • How to create and configure a product catalog on Instagram.

All right? Very well! It’s time to think about your sales strategies for the season. It seems that consumers will prioritize online shopping during Christmas 2020 and New Years.

According to a survey by Rakuten Advertising, internet shopping will be adopted by 86% of Brazilian Internet users who have this habit.

It is worth remembering that according to Instagram itself, 85% of people prefer to shop digitally. In other words, setting up your Instagram store in a strategic and attractive way for the end of the year is very important. After all, who is not seen, is not remembered, do you agree?

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users worldwide and 80% of this base is used to following brands to find out about new products and promotions.

Therefore, configuring the Instagram webshop tabs is a very important step for your business to have visibility in this network, which in the view of most digital marketing specialists is a powerful sales tool.

In conclusion: there are many reasons to use Instagram Business, and we hope this article  on how to use guides to extend your store’s reach on Instagram will be helpful in inspiring you to take advantage of the advantages the platform offers for sales.


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