Instagram promotion trends for 2019

MustHave 2019 when promoting on Instagram and other social networks

  • Strategy, understanding what you are doing and why
  • Collecting statistics and analyzing it to identify the most effective tools for yourself

So what awaits us. What trends are relevant in 2019 on Instagram

Reach will keep falling

And business and bloggers will continue to fight for the attention and activity of the audience. In this regard, it becomes especially important to give an honest answer to yourself – WHY does the user need to subscribe to your blog. What benefit and interest do you give him?

Reach Tools:

  • Targeted advertising. Micro targeting. Accounting for previous user interaction.
  • Use of the profile and the Personality behind it. So that users were waiting, so that it would be interesting for them to enter, check, participate.
  • Community and relationship building.
  • Stories – continue to develop as a tool for communication, engagement, attraction, “intelligence”, sales.

Personality. People buy from people

The growth in the importance of the person behind the proposed product will continue. People buy from people. They prefer to buy from people they “know” and trust.


Thoughtful naturalness. Naturalness, authenticity comes into fashion. But at the same time, the requirements for quality design are getting higher. Elegance, thoughtfulness, simplicity.

Video Content

In the feed, in stories, on air, on IGTV. Including as part of building a brand and trusting personal relationships with clients.


Along with video, the importance of texts is growing. More and more people are starting to read on Instagram.

Microblogging popularity grows

Many have already noticed that millionaire bloggers are often inflated with cheats, givami and small bloggers give more return, because They have a more trusting relationship with their followers.


Combining different businesses to jointly attract an audience, organize various events to attract and engage an audience. Both offline and online.


The use of different tools in the process of receiving an order from a client in order to be where it is convenient for the client. Website – if the client is introvert and does not want to communicate. Direct or wa and assistance with registration – if the client needs personal communication. CRM with purchase history, contacts, etc.

Knowing your target audience

Understanding the needs of different segments of your target audience. A clear understanding of our goals – what we want from the client. Based on the goals – clearly written scripts, the client’s path from the first acquaintance to the final goal. And one where you literally control every step. So that you direct the client to the goal, and he thinks that at every step he makes his own choice.

Online trading

Instagram has a claim to become a marketplace. Shopping tags speak in favor of this, making purchases in a separate tab. This is also supported by the fact that, unlike most other platforms, people go to Instagram just like that, themselves, every day. They do not need to be involved here additionally. And the seller’s task is only to find his audience, find points of contact with the audience and prepare offers that “cannot be refused.

Vertical swipe

Everything is not clear with him yet. On the one hand, it was implemented. Rolled out before the new year, but they say that by mistake. But only after a strong negative reaction from the broad masses. So maybe the truth was removed because of the harsh negativity. Or maybe it will be introduced later after testing on a small audience.

Vertical Content

Due to the development of Stories, live broadcasts and IGTV, it is likely that the profile feed will begin to be filled with vertical content. Starting with videos and moving on in favor of images too.

Although this is not very convenient, since Poorly “fits” with other social services. Networks and another minus that I see – it occupies the entire screen, hiding text content. And it is also important .. Plus, cropping such content to a square in the profile.
Ie. When using this format, you need to do it wisely. Outline the effective working area in a square format.


With them, Instagram is also stirring up something. Some users have updated statistics for the holidays. And there is a division of statistics by individual hashtags! Those. It will be possible to understand exactly which tags work and which do not. The fact that they work is unambiguous. You just need to choose the right ones for yourself. And subscribing to hashtags is an additional opportunity to engage your audience, like subscribing to newsletters.

The world is optimized for instagram

More and more people are paying attention to the photogenicity of the places they are going to visit. Attractiveness of the interior, originality, lighting for high-quality photographs. This, in turn, gives viral reach.

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