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Instagram promotion strategy: how to develop it

The Instagram promotion strategy is that element of the program for working with the social network, which you cannot do without. Only if you think over in advance all parts of the plan and the sequence of actions for its implementation, you can count on the result.

If you do not take into account the available resources, do not determine the target audience, do not choose the promotion methods in advance, all the work on promoting your account can go down the drain. And this is already a waste of money and time and, quite possibly, a war lost to competitors for the attention of potential customers.

3 things of successful Instagram promotion

Nowadays, Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks with the most active users. 57% of this audience are ordinary people. The remaining 43% are businessmen and companies promoting their brands, goods and services. What strategy for promoting on Instagram should a start-up business choose so as not to get lost in the shadow of large corporations like PepsiCo or Adidas? If you look at it, then everything is not as scary as it might seem. To launch a successful promotion on this social network, you must fulfill the following three conditions:

  • decide on the goal you are striving for;

  • identify the means that will lead to the achievement of the goal;

  • prepare a clear strategy.

The above applies to both promoting a simple user page and a business company that is being promoted on Instagram.

What is an Instagram profile promotion strategy for? Strategic planning is the ground from which your project will grow. If the development path has not been thought out, then there is a very high probability that the promotion will turn off somewhere or stay in one place. This is tantamount to death for any project. A competent strategy should describe in detail all processes for achieving the intended goals at any stage of the formation and development of a business. It is very important to think over each move – this will give you protection from competitors and possible troubles that appear on the way.

3 вещи успешного продвижения в Инстаграм

The strategy of promotion on Instagram and other social networks makes it possible for the visibility of actions. In addition, it allows you to answer the questions: “What to offer users?”, “How to act to develop successfully?”, “What are competitors doing?”, “How to attract the target audience?”.

Let’s compare with the strategy that almost all of us used – the list of purchases that we plan to buy in the store. In such lists, we see the main and secondary goals, the budgeted budget, the likelihood of buying a product for a stock. Such a strategy helps to save money by avoiding spending on the purchase of unnecessary or unnecessary products. The principle of promotion on Instagram is approximately the same.

3 types of Instagram business promotion strategies

The promotion strategy is divided into 3 types: work with reach, work with the community and material, hybrid work.

  1. Working with audience reach

    The primary objective of this strategy is the need for the greatest possible coverage of users. They need to be told about the benefits of working with your company, directed in the direction you require.

    In simple words, a “tasty” offer + targeted traffic = profit. If you are offering not something unique, but a simple product, then you should not be sophisticated. Stick to a similar strategy.

    Let’s say you have a burger shop. The simplest solution would be to organize an advertising campaign with ongoing promotions. For example, when ordering a branded burger, a cola as a gift. Or discounts after 17 hours. The campaign is being launched on nearby offices and shopping malls.

  2. Working with the community

    Community management is about creating a full-fledged community around your brand. It is necessary to be in a mode of constant dialogue with the audience, to cope with possible conflict situations, to push users to communicate with each other. The purpose of this management is to increase loyalty to your company.

    This strategy for promoting on Instagram will be relevant if you produce complex and / or expensive products, and the client does not make a decision to purchase immediately. Or if you are bringing something new and unique to the market. In this case, you need to make a presentation of the product, telling what problem of users it will help to cope with (what is it for, why is it better than similar ones). This will be the right decision, because many people may not even think about the problem.

    When promoting complex expensive services, including business-to-business, the main task is to show the target audience that you are an expert in this area. This must be confirmed by real results – cases. That is, show the consumer what he will get from you in cooperation. In this case, the success of the business completely depends on the content.

  3. Hybrid strategy

    This type is generic. It includes work with traffic, with material and the community. It is worth considering that a hybrid strategy will require increased costs.

    For example, you are the owner of a hairdresser. In addition to advertising campaigns for “warm” users (haircuts regularly), you can use content marketing. Tell potential clients about the types of hair care – not just a haircut, but procedures that will help to make the hair healthy and shiny.

How to triple income with your personal brand on social media

Mikhail Khristosenko

Leading expert on social networks in Russia. Graduate of the Presidential Management Training Program with training and internship in Germany.

Михаил Христосенко

Personal branding is what they say about you when you are not in the room. ” This is what Amazon creator Jeff Bezos said about his personal brand. There are other definitions, but this gets to the point 100%.

You can be super cool, but if no one knows about you, you are no different from a fledgling newbie. But running around with your “I” and your own expertise is also not an option. No empty words and bloated ego.

Once upon a time, after the collapse of my first business, I did not understand where to move on. But in the end he chose the path of creating and strengthening his personal brand. Although then this term was not yet so popular.

  • Now I have a big team and millions of launches with me.

  • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

  • I choose the clients I work with myself.

  • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

My team and I have compiled a list of the TOP 7 promotion services that will help rock your personal brand. You can download it for free!

4 stages of developing a brand promotion strategy on Instagram

How to draw up an Instagram promotion strategy and why is it, in fact, needed? This is a kind of plan for your activities, based on the awareness of the exclusivity of the brand, its place in the market, the actions of the target audience and the marketing channel with which you will have to work.

  1. Setting goals

    The goals of promoting your business on a social network must necessarily correspond to the general promotion strategy. If you want to increase the degree of brand recognition, then on Instagram, focus on increasing awareness, work to increase the reach of your target audience.

    To find the correct formulation of goals for yourself and SMM specialists, organize a conditional check of what is available at the moment, as well as what stage you are in now. It is important to decide on a specific result (what you want and in what time frame you want to achieve it). We must not forget about the levels of goals: business task, marketing task, communication task. Let’s dwell on each of them.

    The business problem is about finance and profit. Specificity and numbers are important here: an increase in the average check by 10% until the end of the quarter, an increase in conversion to sales from 5 to 7%, an improvement in user loyalty, etc.

    Marketing tasks come from business tasks – the required action of the target audience. You need to be clear about how you want people to react.

    Based on these tasks, a communication task is formulated (on which work in the social network will be built) – what do you want to change in the perception of the brand and related attributes and characteristics.

    Let’s take an example. Suppose you own a women’s clothing and accessories store, and one of your goals is to increase awareness. Our main goal is to make a profit, so a business task can be as follows: increase revenue by 15% in 3 months. Now we need to outline what we want from our customers: increase the number of purchases of handbags. Now we form a communication goal (what potential buyers should think about your business): to show that in the store customers will buy the most trendy products at affordable prices. The final stage (communication task) is our strategy.

  2. Studying Rivals

    An important step in a successful strategy for free promotion on Instagram is the analysis of business competitors. Keep in mind that there are not only direct competitors in the market, but also indirect ones, as well as those who are fighting for the attention of the same audience. Be sure to study them in detail so that your communication task will work extremely effectively.

    3 типа стратегии продвижения бизнеса в Инстаграм

    Let’s say you own a candy store. Your task is to isolate yourself from competing establishments and create for yourself the image of the best seller of cakes, sweets and other sweets. But in pursuit of such a goal, you will need to “fight” not so much with other stores of this kind, but with those who are promoting through information about tasty and healthy food. If your target audience is actively taught that cakes are bad, and you are not doing anything about it, then you will not become an authority for your customers. They will opt for those who announced that they are selling products baked without adding harmful foods to the shape.

    It would be optimal to conduct two types of analysis at once – quantitative and qualitative. When doing quantitative analysis, try to identify business competitors:

    • the number of their followers on the social network;

    • how often they update content;

    • average number of “hearts” and comments per post;

    • engagement rate (ER), that is, the ratio of all actions for one taken post (“hearts” + comments + save) to the number of users who saw this post (coverage).

    During your qualitative analysis, take a look at the following characteristics:

    • to the theme and creative concept of the group;

    • to the types of materials (the ratio of entertainment, selling and educational information);

    • to the design of publications;

    • to the engagement mechanism: contests, challenges, interaction with bloggers and media personalities.

    All this information is required so that you understand what you should take to successfully start in your niche and not become a duplicate of the existing page of competitors.

  3. Target audience search

    For successful promotion, you need to understand well who your target audience is. How to achieve this?

    Step 1 : Segmentation and description: who they are, what is important to them, what they are fond of, what problems they have. For example: Kirill, 29 years old. Programmer in a large corporation. Single. He prefers to spend time at home at the computer or with friends in the sports bar. Nearsighted, wears glasses at home, in public – contact lenses. Prefers brands: Apple, Toyota.

    Step 2: Drawing up an avatar of a customer – a person who sympathizes with your brand (typical customer). This is not only a detailed portrait of a certain person, but also an understanding of his motives and difficulties. By doing this, you will form a personalized communication. For example: Olga, 32 years old. Divorced, has two sons 2 and 6 years old. Works in the public sector, currently on maternity leave. Once a year he goes to sea with his children and his parents. Car: Kia Picanto III red. Allergy to wool, no animals. Likes to grow plants. Due to vision problems, he uses only glasses (lenses do not fit). She likes to have multiple glasses with different frames.

    Having “drawn” detailed portraits of your customers, you can create relevant material for all segments. You can easily form an individual Instagram promotion strategy using templates developed for each group.

    It is permissible to add any additional information and details that you consider useful to the portraits of clients. So you will not only break your target audience into segments, but also isolate yourself from competitors.

  4. Content plan creation

    A content plan is required to organize work on a social network. Having worked it once, you will not feel the torment of despair from the lack of topics, formats and preparation timeframes in the future. If you have an interesting idea, then, thanks to the content plan, you will not forget that you wanted to bring it to life.

    Most often, community publications are of two types: planned and ad-hoc. The first includes posts about products or services, discounts, promotional events, the concept and history of the company. The second is informing about upcoming events, posts dedicated to customers and their feedback about the company, information about the holidays.

    Based on experience, situational material is more favored by subscribers. Since publishing it at a high level is not so easy, it is necessary to deal with the distribution of content by type in the right proportions (for example, 60 and 40%). We advise you to devote more time to the preliminary preparation of the material. It has long been no secret that the best impromptu is planned in advance.

    What’s the best way to maintain a content plan? The easiest way is to use Excel spreadsheets. In this program, you can write down dates, topics of posts, time of posting, write down hashtags, attach graphic content and direct text of the publication.

    There are many mobile applications as well. They will make it possible to visually see how the material will look in the tape. It is also easy to save a group of hashtags, add a posting schedule, etc.

    Составление аватара клиента

    If several of your employees (designer, photographer, copywriter, editor, etc.) are promoting on your Instagram profile, it will be very convenient to keep a plan in Google Sheets. This service allows many people to simultaneously work on one document at once and immediately track all edits online.

    Another important issue is the frequency of posting. In fact, there is no correct answer on the best posting frequency, but at the very beginning of the promotion of the profile, the publication of 1-2 posts every day will be optimal.

    Monitor the behavior of your subscribers. Using the statistics tools, you can see when they are most active. Based on this, try to post at different times. You can also distinguish periods when users are more likely to scroll through social media feeds: morning hours when they go to work, lunch break, evening rest. Don’t try to publish at the same time. Experiment and track when posts get the most views.

    It is important that the content plan is not rigid and fixed. It is imperative to make changes and additions there. Edit the content plan if there are new informational reasons, some relevant information appears or the target audience has questions for you.

    After implementing an Instagram promotion strategy according to the points worked out by you and your team, you need to assess how viable it is. Before creating an account, you should be able to see the starting point and the goal you want to arrive at. Based on this, you need to understand what specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) you need to track. This is very important for successful promotion.

    The first metric provided by any platform for collecting statistics will be ER (engagement index) by publication and by day. This is an important indicator, but at the initial stage it will not give an objective assessment of what is happening. Therefore, look at the number of “hearts” clicked by subscribers, the activity in commenting on posts, clicks on links, the emergence of user material, the dynamics of growth in the number of subscribers.

    To increase sales, just pressing hearts is not enough. A successful Instagram promotion strategy should take into account the number of visits to the website from advertising publications, orders to direct, calls from the profile. It is best to evaluate statistical data for a monthly period: you will see the dynamics, the degree of development of the Instagram account, the traffic generated, the most popular publications or actions. In addition, at the very beginning, it will take some time to attract the first subscribers.

5 Instagram promotion strategies depending on the type of account and its goals

A social network account can be personal or commercial. The strategy for promoting on Instagram also depends on this. We will analyze examples of working strategies in this section.

  1. Promotion of your account for advertising

    The main goal is to collect a subscriber base that will interest future advertisers. It can be a city group, a flea market, an account of any topic. Before starting, you need to make an assessment of the target audience and potential advertisers.

    Standard promotion methods include:

    • using up-to-date hashtags;

    • the use of key words in the name and description of the account, as well as in the publications themselves;

    • bulk subscription to users you want to attract to the group;

    • geolocation markers;

    • selection of a winning time for posting (it will be found out in practice by the number of likes and comments on certain publications).

    Most important: Produce engaging, quality content that grabs the attention of your target audience.

    5 стратегий продвижения в Инстаграм в зависимости от типа аккаунта и его целей

    What should be the content? The subject matter of your publications may be different, but the post should always be illustrated with a photograph of excellent quality (preferably in light colors). An inscription is sometimes added to the picture, which goes in addition to the post. The texts of the publications themselves include a description, a call to action and hashtags for which you will be found on Instagram.

    Monetization is an important point of promotion. After a while, when the number of subscribers increases, advertisers will appear. Speed ​​up the process by using an Instagram ad exchange. This service allows you to find suitable advertising applications, execute them and receive payment. The cooler your account, the higher your earnings.

  2. Promotion of your own brand

    Identifying yourself as an expert and opinion leader is an effective way to increase the value of your goods and services. The key factors here are maintaining a clear positioning and consistently increased attention from the audience, provoked by your actions.

    To attract subscribers, the methods specified in the first paragraph of the section will do. Additionally, if you have start-up capital, then speed up the process by ordering advertising from accounts with similar topics.

    You can post content in the following direction:

    • Stories from life . Even if subscribers came to read about your professional activity, they will still be curious about what interesting things happen outside of working hours.

    • Case studies and customer reviews . This increases audience loyalty.

    • Demonstrating Expertise . Refuse other people’s quotes and photos – only your own work, your individual experience and high professionalism in your field.

    To make a profit on Instagram, you need to convince subscribers of the need and usefulness of your products and services. This is the so-called offer – a trade proposal that helps to solve the client’s problems. Light mentions of the offer should be traced in every post. It is very important to be different from the competition. For example, if you are a hairdresser, explain why you need to get your hair cut, and not from the master from the next doorway. But your words must correspond to reality – you really need to be better and provide quality services.

  3. Blogging

    Blogging has long ceased to be a simple hobby. Now it is a full-fledged profession. Instagram is a great platform to find your audience.

    How to attract subscribers? If you are already popular on another resource (YouTube, VKontakte, etc.), then Instagram will be a good addition. You just need to call your audience from a third-party site. If Instagram is the starting base for promotion, then use the methods described earlier – use advertising exchanges or hire an opinion leader who will advertise for you.

    In the subject of publications, you are not limited – talk about what you are a pro. But when you stop at something, stick to your chosen strategy. If you suddenly get tired of talking about computers and start writing about cooking, you will definitely lose a significant part of the audience interested in the original topic.

    Blogger’s account is monetized by advertising. You will find clients on the exchanges mentioned above. Or you just have to wait for them to appear on their own. Do not rush to place ads at the very beginning, when the number of subscribers is small. It won’t work out a lot anyway, but you will alienate a small audience.

  4. Commercial accounts

    Commercial accounts offer goods and services on behalf of a company. Another goal is to increase brand awareness and bring it closer to users.

    How to attract an audience? A popular company just needs to post links to an Instagram account on its own sites, in other social networks, or on the packaging of its products. A lesser known organization may act in a similar way, but keep hashtags in mind and emphasize the quality of the content they publish. To attract subscribers, hold contests, giveaways, provide discounts and certificates, and hold raffles for your products.

    What’s worth publishing? Any brand usually moves in a certain direction. For example, Nike prefers to share inspirational photos and videos. Lipton uploads juicy photos of its products – you want to subscribe to the company just for the sake of beautiful shots. Try to subtly test different options to find your own style.

    How does monetization work? Commercial profiles rarely publish ads unless they do business with some other large company. Thus, the main source of income comes from the sale of manufactured goods or services. The account must be profitable, so all actions must be directed precisely at this. Just beware of overly explicit sales.

    Переадресация трафика на сайт

  5. Redirecting traffic to the site

    One of the cases when creating an account on Instagram is the focus on attracting people from the social network to the official website of the company. It has its own promotion strategies. Mass methods work great on Instagram (mailings, likes, subscribing to other people’s accounts).

    With regard to content, it doesn’t make much sense to put a lot of effort into creating quality material. Very often, an account is simply not maintained, because only the very fact of its existence and attached links are required. The most convenient option is to develop a beautiful landing page on Instagram and add a small number of product photos.

    Usually, such an account is not monetized, since monetization is located on the site – each visitor’s action is paid according to the terms of the affiliate program.

    Decide which of the described strategies your profile follows, and conduct your work, taking into account the behavior of the target audience. At the same time, remember the key rules of promotion in this social network – calls to action, interactive with subscribers, various contests. This is all an essential part of a proper Instagram promotion strategy.

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More details

Materials for publishing on a social network

Instagram is a platform focused on posting visual content. This format is perceived by users much faster than other types of information.

If you strive to promote your business and increase brand awareness, then post a variety of content. Simple descriptions of services and photos of goods will not be enough. You can post on Instagram:

  • reviews of goods and services in video format, photographs;

  • snapshots of new products that you are just planning to launch on the market;

  • photos of the team, your store or office, production moments;

  • materials with customer reviews;

  • pictures and videos from ongoing advertising campaigns, current exhibitions;

  • links to useful resources and a showcase with product images.

Competent business promotion in social networks also involves posting information about current promotions and discounts.

Материалы для публикации в социальной сети

All this allows subscribers to understand that your company will provide them with unique offers that will not be available to anyone else. Such publications encourage people to periodically visit your profile, look at the added photos, read the accompanying text.

10 Tips to Promote Your Instagram Account

To successfully promote your account, it is important to use a variety of tactics. For the Instagram promotion strategy in 2021 to be successful, it will take a lot of effort. Competitors do not sleep and actively attract subscribers to themselves. You will need to competently combine both free and paid promotion methods. The latter include: targeted advertising, launching contests, etc.

  1. Connect a business account

    Having set as your goal a serious promotion on Instagram, first of all, connect a business account. Using a regular account, you will not be able to use many useful functions:

    • extended description;

    • communication buttons (phone, mail, directions);

    • specifying a category (a line where you need to select an area of ​​activity);

    • statistics (number of views, bookmarks, subscriptions and unsubscriptions in recent times);

    • the ability to run ads.

    To switch to a business account, click on the image of the three stripes in the upper right corner of the profile. Then in the “Settings” section select “Account”. Almost at the end of the list, you will see a bright blue line – “Switch to a professional account.” In some versions of the program, the line is located directly in the “Settings”.

  2. Find a relevant account name

    In addition to the username, Instagram allows you to choose a name that is different from the login. It changes when you edit your profile, but is right below your profile photo. You can write your first and last name in Cyrillic, indicate the name of the field, service or product. Instagram also allows you to specify a binding to the region. By name you will be quickly found in the search. That is, it is the easiest and absolutely free way to attract the target audience.

  3. Put a quality avatar

    Choose a striking picture for your account that tells about you. If you represent a business, a company logo would be appropriate. If you’re working on your own, use a portrait. The better the avatar reflects the essence of your work, the more chances that the account will be noticed in the search, feed or in a number of other comments under someone else’s post.

  4. Add hashtags to promote on Instagram

    Hashtags are needed to perform several tasks: to quickly search for a publication by hashtag; so that the post appears in the feed of people subscribed to this hashtag; to create collections with one hashtag; to promote your own brand.

    All hashtags are divided into high-, medium-, low-frequency, branded and unique. For promotion on Instagram, use the first three, since it is on them that you will be seen in the search and in the feed. You shouldn’t add more than 10 hashtags to your post. The maximum allowable number is 30. You need to put them after the text or in the comments. It is also appropriate to use hashtags in the text itself if they carry a semantic load.

  5. Use geolocation marks

    Thanks to them, you will increase the reach of your publications. With a geotagged post, it will automatically be included in the collection of publications with this tag. If your post is more popular than the rest in this place, then it will be in the top. If you have your own retail outlet (cafe, store, etc.), add your address to the profile and mark your point in each publication. This will help you make the location the most popular in the area.

  6. Conduct interactive activities

    To increase the hit of publications in the tops, it is necessary to increase the activity of subscribers. Interactive materials and game material will help with this. Ask the audience a riddle, ask them to spot the differences in a photo, or vote using an emoticon or number. Interactive posts like these bring in more comments than the average for the account.

  7. Advertise your Instagram account outside the Internet, as well as in other social networks or on your personal website

    Your friends and acquaintances can participate in promoting your account by subscribing to the page, putting likes and making reposts. Sync Instagram with your contact list to subscribe to these people. When they see the notification, they can visit you and subscribe in response.

  8. Use all kinds of content

    Are you aware that in 2021 Instagram’s capabilities are not limited to feed posts and stories? There are as many as 7 formats: regular publications, stories, IGTV, Reels, masks, Marketplace, travel guides. At the moment, Reels and Marketplace in Russia operate to a limited extent, but this should change, since the platform does not stand still and is constantly improving formats. Each subscriber has their own favorite kind of content. The less you fear diversity, the sooner your followers will grow.

  9. Run targeted ads

    Official advertising on Instagram will allow you to attract the most suitable and interested audience. You can make promotional publications and stories, or promote existing ones. Instagram tools allow you to choose people that suit you by age, gender, place of residence or interests. If you are going to run advertising through your Facebook account, you will get a wide range of different settings. With a simpler toolkit, it will be possible to launch ads through a business profile on Instagram.

  10. Arrange sweepstakes

    If you have collected 500 active subscribers, arrange a drawing among them. Display your product or service as a gift. Don’t be involved in drawing cash prizes or expensive iPhones – you will lure people who trade in prize money, and you will not add new loyal subscribers. In the description of the giveaway, tell us about the business or product. Giveaway publications have more reach, use this to advertise yourself. Competition conditions should not be difficult. The simplest thing is to subscribe, press the “heart”, leave a comment mentioning a friend. If in the conditions you ask for a repost, it will deprive you of a decent part of the likely participants.

After reading our article, you can roughly imagine how to draw up the right strategy for promoting your profile on Instagram. But don’t forget that these are basic skills. Plus, social media is changing and evolving incredibly quickly. New tools and formats are added. The number of Instagram users is increasing, which means that the competition is getting higher. To successfully develop in one of the most fashionable social networks, you will need to constantly learn new things and apply knowledge in practice.

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