Instagram Professional Dashboard: central point of contact for companies & creators

Instagram Professional Dashboard
Instagram Professional Dashboard

With the Instagram Professional Dashboard, Instagram is improving its internal Statistics tool and companies receive further information and tips on how to improve their own Instagram content and further training in the Professional Dashboard.

Instagram Professional Dashboard Functions

In the dashboard, various information is displayed in a central Place merged. If you study your own Instagram activities and statistics intensively, you will probably not discover a lot of new information, but you will definitely be able to access it more quickly.

The dashboard is divided into three areas.

Instagram performance (account statistics)

In the performance area you can find statistics on your own account performance. In the overview, Instagram shows the statistics on the range. From here, all other Instagram statistics can be called up.

Unfortunately, Instagram has not extended the period of statistics and numbers are available for a maximum of 30 days. If you want to dive deeper into your statistics, you should continue to rely on external tools.

Grow your Business (information on Instagram ads and functions)

Instagram Professional Dashboard Unternehmensansicht
Instagram Professional Dashboard company view

Grow your business is essentially a greatly reduced business manager Variant. Instagram shows a link to adverts, branded content, predefined responses for Instagram Direct and Instagram Shopping.

Stay Informed (information, instructions and tips)

As the name suggests, under “Stay informed” you will find further information on available Instagram functions. See this area as a link to the Instagram blog and various official Instagram tutorials.

Different Instagram professional dashboards for creators

The content displayed differs depending on the type of account. Creators can easily see different content than companies, which is welcome.

If companies see information on Instagram shopping, for example, creators receive instructions on how to set up IGTV ads.

Instagram Professional Dashboard for Creators

Have on the new dashboard access to all company profiles and creator accounts. It is currently in the rollout and is to be gradually expanded with further functions and information.

The dashboard serves as an overview. No more and no less. We look forward to every improvement in the official Instagram tools, but the dashboard is still a long way from the functionality of a Facebook Business Manager. In the long term, a meaningful link between the various tools would be desirable. Even if Instagram is a mobile only network, the tools should also be usable on the desktop. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the new dashboard.

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