Instagram Live Rooms: Panels, Talk Shows & Q & As with Instagram Live

Live Rooms - Instagram Live

With Live Rooms, Instagram Live receives a powerful update, which shows how the successful feature can be used significantly expanded again.

The use of Instagram Live has increased significantly due to the corona pandemic. Live streams are one of the most successful formats on Instagram, despite the reduced number of options. From now on, however, these options will be much more diverse. Why? With Live Rooms, up to four people (Instagram accounts) can now discuss and exchange ideas with one another in a single Instagram livestream.

Live Rooms expand the options for private streams with friends, but of course also in a professional context for Brands and companies. So far it was possible to add another person to a stream with Instagram Live, but if you wanted to integrate several people in one stream, you had to change the participants one after the other.

More options and new formats thanks Instagram Live Rooms

With four possible Instagram accounts, there are still other possibilities. For example, panels can now be carried out with four people via Instagram Live. This can be used, for example, as a helpful extension for regular formats, or as a supplement to other online events.

Live Rooms - Instagram Accounts einladen

Live Rooms have the same options as other Instagram Live Videos. So the stream can be saved afterwards and shared as IGTV. This is an important function, especially in combination with serial formats.

Instagram Live Rooms Broadcaster

A decisive advantage of Instagram Live is still in front of the visibility in the stories area. The notifications and the first position are very valuable for visibility. Due to the higher number of possible participants: Inside, the reach will increase again.

Live rooms meet influencer marketing

Also the combination with influencers: Inside and creators become live rooms supported. For example, companies can use Instagram Live Rooms with Influencer: Inside and exchange information about current collaborations or products. Once in your own company account or via the creator accounts. The branded content tool from Instagram is also supported and we could see some exciting approaches in the future.

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