Instagram is working on a vertical feed for Instagram Stories

Most feeds have one thing in common. We scroll vertically through the available content. Stories are an exception. Here we tap and swipe through the content. In the case of Instagram Stories, this may change in the future, because Instagram is working on a vertical feed for stories.

Vertical feed for Instagram stories is a prototype

A vertical feed for stories sounds on the one hand plausible, on the other hand one wonders how this affects the use of Instagram stories that has now been learned and how such a feed can be integrated into the app.

The Instagram feed is vertical. Then we have the feed for reels, which is also vertical. With Stories, Instagram would have a third area in which content is consumed vertically. This behavior has also been learned.

The feature was discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi and Instagram has also confirmed its work on a vertical stories feed to TechCrunch. However, Instagram is talking about a prototype that has not yet been tested in the app.


is the conversion of the Instagram feed navigation failed at the time

Incidentally, this is not Instagram’s first attempt to fundamentally change the navigation within the app. Perhaps you still remember that you could briefly “tap” through the Instagram feed and no longer have to scroll. So basically the opposite approach to the vertical feed for stories.

Failed test by Instagram from 2018

The reactions back then were devastating and the navigation was never implemented. This can of course also happen with a vertical stories feed, although this change is closer to user behavior than typing through feed posts.

Instagram is now very extensive and there are many different formats User: Not clear inside. We deal with reels, stories or IGTV, but the broad mass of users: inside not. Theoretically, it would also be conceivable that Instagram would introduce a vertical video feed, in which vertical videos from Stories, IGTV and Reels are combined. I would welcome this approach instead of converting the established stories area into a vertical feed.

It is also clear that such a change would have an enormous impact on the Instagram app. Many areas and functions would have to be adapted. Such as the reactions to stories or the swipe-up feature.

But as written, it is currently a prototype that can come, but does not have to.

What do you think about a vertical feed for Instagram Stories? Could this work?

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