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Instagram influencer marketing: launch a campaign, find influencers

Instagram influencer marketing is a new page in the history of this unique social network. But how “new” is it? Everyone is familiar with such a concept as “word of mouth” – the transmission of useful information by word of mouth with a high degree of trust. So, Influencer Marketing, in fact, is a new embodiment of the good old tradition, its processing for the needs of modern society and the technical capabilities of the Internet.

At the moment, promotion on Instagram without using influencer marketing tools is almost impossible. Bloggers, influencers, opinion leaders are those who promote your products and services by influencing their audience and engaging subscribers in your advertising posts. This is influencer marketing. Read more about this phenomenon and how to work with it in our article.

How Instagram influencer marketing works

Instagram influencer marketing is becoming a topic of discussion today due to its powerful potential. More than 400 million people are registered in this social network, at the moment the site has become the most attractive for business development, regardless of its scale and location.

Instagram algorithms are constantly changing, at the moment, posts are displayed in users’ feeds depending not on the time they were posted, as before, but on the degree of user interest. Therefore, Influencer Marketing is now especially useful and effective.

Принцип работы маркетинга влияния в Instagram

How Instagram influencer marketing works

Influencer marketing is usually done through collaborations with popular influencers who are considered opinion leaders. These people are listened to, their choice often affects subscribers.

The stake is placed on people’s trust in a particular character. The scheme in this case is simple: the audience perceives his recommendations not as direct advertising, but as advice from a friend who shares useful information from the bottom of his heart, disinterestedly.

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Mikhail Khristosenko

Leading expert on social networks in Russia. Graduate of the Presidential Management Training Program with training and internship in Germany.

Михаил Христосенко

Personal branding is what they say about you when you are not in the room. ” This is what Amazon creator Jeff Bezos said about his personal brand. There are other definitions, but this gets to the point 100%.

You can be super cool, but if no one knows about you, you are no different from a fledgling newbie. But running around with your “I” and your own expertise is also not an option. No empty words and bloated ego.

Once upon a time, after the collapse of my first business, I did not understand where to move on. But in the end he chose the path of creating and strengthening his personal brand. Although then this term was not yet so popular.

  • Now I have a big team and millions of launches with me.

  • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

  • I choose the clients I work with myself.

  • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

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3 Popular Instagram Influencer Marketing Formats

  1. Stories

    The Stories format made it possible to create advertising content that looks quite organic and looks like a personal recommendation of a person. Unlike traditional advertising, well-made stories do not cause irritation and are more loyal to subscribers.

    In addition, there is an extremely useful function of instantaneous transition to the advertiser’s site directly from stories using a swipe, which does not require a person to make efforts to independently search for the product mentioned in the advertisement.

  2. Sponsored Post

    A sponsored post is usually open source advertising. Its disadvantage is that there is no opportunity to place a link to the advertiser’s website. However, you can use other techniques: hashtags, promotional codes, links to the company’s Instagram account.

  3. Live

    On the air, you can make a presentation of the product, and it will look quite natural, without advertising “polish”. There are several most effective ways to conduct promotions.

    • Broadcast dedicated to the product (review, answers to questions about it).

    • A story about the product during its use. Allows you to visually demonstrate the capabilities and useful properties of the product.

    • General broadcast that mentions the product.

    It is useful to inform that the company offers some unique conditions for the purchase of goods for the audience for a certain time period, this will add some exclusivity to the moment.

Creating an Instagram influencer marketing campaign

Instagram influencer marketing has the following goals :

  • increasing brand and product awareness;

  • increase in sales;

  • attracting new audience;

  • increase customer loyalty.

According to a study by eMarketer, 88% of marketing professionals find collaborating with popular bloggers to be very effective in promoting a product and increasing brand awareness. It is important for your audience to hear good reviews about a product or service, especially from someone you trust.

When creating a promotion strategy, it is necessary to define goals, methods of assessing work results, criteria for its success. The following metrics can be used :

  • The influencer is given a promo code, which he communicates to his subscribers. How often the code is used will demonstrate how effective the campaign is.

  • Placement of referral links. Here you can estimate the number of clicks and conversion.

  • Engagement tracking for posts or stories (you can view analytics from an influencer).

  • The number of new subscribers.

  • The number of new customers or purchases, including an analysis of the sales volume of a specific product, if it was advertised.

Find the right Instagram influencer

Of course, the most difficult thing in organizing an advertising campaign is finding a person who is ideal for promoting a product. Considering the cost of advertising contracts, choosing the wrong influencer can lead to serious financial losses.

In every business segment, there are people who are able to influence the audience. In sporting goods – some, in fashion – others, etc. That is, first you need to understand what kind of influence is required and in which market segment. You should target a specific niche.

E. Keller, B. Fay and J. Berry proposed the following classification of opinion leaders :

  • activists (people who have a significant impact on the audience, are involved in the political agenda, are involved in philanthropy, involved in social projects);

  • coherent sources of influence (people with a huge following);

  • authorities (well-known people who are trusted);

  • diversified people with interests in various fields and able to act as experts in them;

  • trendsetters (people who create trends).

Поиск подходящего инфлюенсера в Instagram

Finding the Right Instagram Influencer

Today there are special exchanges that can help you find the right influencers. However, it can be conducted independently. There are a number of things to keep in mind.

  • Evaluate the audience of the influencer, the number of subscribers

    More is not always better. Sometimes a blogger with a relatively small number of subscribers is able to promote a product much more effectively than a millionaire.

    Rune influencers, given their earnings, are associated with wealth and even luxury by most people today, so it is not wise to advertise all products through them. Bloggers with an audience of 10 to 100 thousand people are often perceived more loyal, they are still not far from the people.

  • Search using subject tags

    Relevant Tags are still a useful tool for finding suitable bloggers targeting the market segment you need.

  • Analyze blogger pages carefully

    There are many characters on the network with a large number of subscribers, most of whom do not even remember who this blogger is and why they subscribed to him. Most likely, there are many bots among these people.

    If the owner of an account with an audience of 50,000 subscribes to 40,000 of them himself, this indicates that the page is either fake, or at least will not benefit the advertiser.

    Look at the comments on the posts, if any. “Live” subscribers leave normal detailed comments, few people write messages in the style of “cool”, “great page”, etc. The latter indicate cheating.

  • Measure engagement

    Often, audience engagement even on real pages is low. See what the ratio of likes to followers is. If 2-6% of people are active on the page, this is considered a normal engagement rate, and 10-20% is a good indicator.

    Pay attention to how the influencer interacts with the audience. A big plus of microbloggers is their activity in the comments, they communicate more with subscribers.

  • Analyze sponsored posts that the blogger has already done

    Evaluate the design, text organicness, compliance with the page theme, audience reaction to advertising. Negative feedback on promo posts from subscribers may indicate that it is better not to use this account to promote your product.

    You can look for influencers that are useful to you in the accounts of other brands – in posts with tags that indicate that the content was created by someone else.

    You need to be prepared for the fact that in the process of finding a blogger you will have to shovel a large number of pages. To facilitate the task, you can use special tools, for example, Whalar. It helps you sort influencers based on their blog topic, geographic location, audience engagement, etc.

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Instagram influencer marketing guidelines

Influencer marketing on Instagram must follow certain rules.

Rule 1: learn from someone else’s experience

Learn from other companies :

  • track the most effective advertising methods and techniques;

  • get inspiration from other people’s publications;

  • Pay attention to posts that generate audience engagement.

You need to start by analyzing your competitors. Special tools like Whalar Labs will help with this, which allows you to compare the performance of your Instagram account with several others.

It also makes sense to analyze the activities of companies that are not your direct competitors, but have a similar target audience or for some other reason may be useful in the context of advertising activities. Also, keep an eye on accounts that work in a segment adjacent to yours.

Читайте блог Instagram for Business

Read the Instagram for Business blog

Read the Instagram for Business blog. It sometimes publishes the results of marketing research, provides information on useful working tools in the field of product promotion.

Rule 2: Set specific goals, but don’t get involved

When giving a specific task, you should not tell the influencer exactly how to present the product. Influencer marketing on Instagram is built on the personality of the blogger and his creativity, which attracted a large audience to him.

When forming the TK, you can create a so-called mood board, which will become a guideline for a blogger when creating an advertising concept.

Viral posts, how to get hundreds of reposts in social networks:

Rule 3: write down the terms of cooperation

Having found the right person, it is important to clearly state under what conditions you will work together.

  • Time period . It is necessary to determine the deadlines and deadlines for each stage.

  • Result . Tell us what you want to get at the exit. For example, an ad post with specific content and multiple stories.

  • Payment . This can be a specific amount or barter (in whole or in part). It is important to stipulate that several services are paid for at once: content creation, rights to use and access to the audience.

  • Sponsored hashtag . In many countries, it is prohibited to post advertising posts without specifying that it is a promo. You should always use hashtags such as neutral #spon or #ad.

Final Tips for Working with Instagram Influencer Marketing

Even with a small budget, Instagram influencer marketing can be used – you just need to look for small bloggers with a loyal audience. Influence.co has information on the average cost per post of influencers based on the number of followers.

Interestingly, microbloggers often have much more audience engagement than their more popular counterparts: posts worth just $ 49 have the highest engagement rate – 9%.

Also, do not forget about the barter system of relationships. Aspiring influencers can happily participate in the promotions of your product in exchange for the product or service itself.

Instagram’s new Branded Content advanced statistics feature gives marketers access to analytics. For companies that often run advertising campaigns on this social network, this tool can be very useful for evaluating ROI.

Other cost effective tools can also be used :

  • enable notifications that a blogger has published a post;

  • request analytics data from him (suitable for business accounts);

  • independently monitor the level of audience engagement after posting or posting stories (with a certain frequency).

Of course, it is easier to promote a product with large advertising budgets, but this does not mean that it is impossible to carry out a promotional campaign without impressive costs. Influencer marketing on Instagram today provides a wide range of promotional opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

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