найти шаблоны для инстагарм в едином стиле

Instagram in one style templates and examples

This is a thematic material that is dedicated to the topic – Instagram in the same style. The topic is revealed for our Instagram subscribers who would like to know a little more about Instagram in the same style. And also see ideas and examples of styles that are specially created by designers and help to simplify the problem of choosing a single style for your account. The material will be small, due to the fact that the site, about which, we will tell you, contains more than 650 pages, with elements of a variety of thematic areas for Instagram. Including ready-made templates, photos, examples for maintaining an account in a single style.

In order to plunge into the world of Instagram in one style, more precisely, templates and examples, we need to go to a huge portal of English-speaking origin. Again, this is just one of the options and examples where you can get ideas, buy templates and use them. Leading your Instagram in the same style. We will consider several pages, since it is simply unrealistic to transfer 650 pages here and describe each of them.

инстаграм в одном стиле


Instagram in one style

creativemarket is a creative marketplace, one of the titles in the title of this website is true. A huge portal with templates for websites, fonts for work in photo editors, and so on. We are interested in Instagram, so you can register right away or just look at examples. To do this, enter the word instagram in the search box, in the English layout. After that, you will be presented with a page with all references in the description, designers and their works, which are posted on the site.

What you can find for Instagram in the same style

On the first page for the search query instagram, waiting for you;

Instagram templates for contests, discounts, promotions. These are incredible examples of how to post for online stores, cafes, restaurants and any commercial instagram account.

Instagram fashion and everything connected with it, the next package is called fashion pack. These are 40 unique templates in three colors and scales. And there is a lot more, sometimes you can’t even get out of there, your eyes run up from the diversity.

Let’s see the third sentence, this is instant hipster . It is immediately clear in principle that this is a set of filters for photos that will be in the same hipster style. For photographers and selfie lovers, super, offer.

You can endlessly add a description of each package, it’s almost infinite, from thousands of designers who sell their work relatively inexpensively. From 10 to 20 bucks, that’s less than a thousand rubles, even cheaper than a month of mass following.

найти шаблоны для инстагарм в едином стиле

Who is it for

For design studio accounts in instagram, typography, atelier, dry cleaning. Restaurants and their accounts on instagram, cafe, bar. Fitness clubs, gyms, sports schools, individual teachers with their own pages on Instagram. As well as dance schools, tourism, hospitality, celebrations, children’s animators on Instagram.

Any commercial accounts on instagram, from rental services, car service, sale of clothes, jewelry, to DIY jewelry, shoes, sports shoes, classic. Categories of all representatives on Instagram who have the opportunity to present their products, stories, videos in the format of visual content.

Free Package Bonus

On the site, you will find in the top menu, a tab of free products per week. These are 6 very different packages that the developers put out for free for download. There you can find fonts, business cards in psd format, templates for websites, including themes for instagram. In any case, it’s all free, for those who are registered every week a letter comes with 6 very different offers. Which you can download and use to register your account.

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