Instagram contests checklist

Hello everyone! Have you decided to run a social media contest to attract and engage your followers? What fellows you are! This is a big step towards success. It remains to do everything competently and beautifully so that the management, the customer and the client are satisfied.

Have you already decided what kind of competition will be? You can make a “Repost prize”, you can – “Tag a friend”, “Last comment”, “First correct answer” or “Creative competition”. Whichever mechanic you choose, our robust checklist will help you.

  1. Determine the goal

    Why do you need this competition? Do you want to increase the engagement of your subscribers? Do you want an influx of new ones? Maybe you need to draw attention to a new service or product? Determine the goal and dance from it.

  2. Choosing a site for the competition

    Which social network is the most popular among your subscribers and target audience? We will run there!

    It is possible to organize a competition on all social networks at once, but it will be more difficult to collect results, and the mechanics of the competition may look very cumbersome in the text. Love yourself, take care of your nerves and time of the participants. Looking ahead, a small GL Group study revealed that the majority of participants want their own winner for each social network.

  3. Writing the rules of the competition.

    This is an insanely important point. Write down the rules. See if everything is clear the first time? Shorten the text: try to use only simple sentences, without complex phrases.

    Should the account be open or closed? Can you mark all your friends or just a couple? Is it possible to leave 500 comments? When will the result be announced? What’s the prize? Where will the winner be announced? Etc. Think in advance about possible misunderstandings and briefly describe the conditions.

  4. Visual accompaniment of the competition.

    Most likely, you will promote the post with the competition, right?

    Therefore, when you think over the design – remember that the image should catch attention in the feed and most importantly – meet the requirements for an advertising post. Write the word “Contest” or “Raffle” on the image and, preferably, also indicate the main prize.

    The text should not occupy more than 50% of the image, remember this? Also, adapt image for all advertising sites where you will be promoting the competition.

    Write down the recommended dimensions for each site and go straight down the list to put “done”.

  5. Prize fund

    Let’s be honest, people are lazy. To get subscribers to lift a finger, we must offer something that they are very interested in or really need. 5% discount on ice cream for 200 rubles somehow does not fit into the wish-list, agree.

    Also, if you are giving something grand and only one person will receive it, do not forget to encourage the rest of the participants with some some exclusive (perhaps small) offer. The chances that they will not run straight to competitors after the rally will increase.

  6. Check the software you need

    Think about the best way to collect data? What is the best way to check them? Where is it safer to choose a winner? How and where will the winner be announced?
    Check the performance of randomizers, Excel tables … Nothing should let you down on day X.
    If you are interested in how we organized the collection of data and determination of the winner, ask on social networks – we will definitely tell you.

  7. Reinforce agreements.

    You should have a list of people who are in charge of the gift after the winner has been identified. Check them out: who contacts the winner after winning, who delivers the gift, who photographs the receipt, etc.

    It is better to write down all the contacts at once, and quickly call, fix all the details.

  8. Make a publication plan.

    And, of course, you must have a clear plan for when and where you publish the announcement of the draw. So that during the competition the participants do not forget about it and tell their friends.

Let’s summarize and save GL’s checklist?

  1. Purpose
  2. Site (s)
  3. Terms and Conditions
  4. Grand Prize
  5. Consolation Prize
  6. Main image for the competition
  7. Images / Animations for Ads
  8. Data collection software
  9. Data analysis software
  10. Winner Identification Program
  11. Competition site
  12. Will deliver a gift (write a responsible person)
  13. Contact the winner (write the person in charge)
  14. Will take a picture of the winner with the prize (write responsible)
  15. Plan for publishing competition announcements

Write your questions and suggestions about the contests in our social networks. We’d love to hear from you!

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