Instagram chat: how to use it for business benefits

For the last couple of months, Instagram hasn’t let one day forget about itself: mass blocking for using massliking and deferred posting; “Disqualification” of shopping tags that sophisticated SMM specialists managed to connect by circumventing the rules; regular breakdowns around the world and the hype around refusal of likes … The social network is storming, marketers are nervous, but you can try to find solace in learning new functionality. This article will tell you about one of these freshly baked and, perhaps, still underestimated features – the chat sticker in the story.

How to create a chat on Instagram

First of all, decide on the goal that you want to achieve with the help of this tool – the choice of communication and its components will depend on this. Next, select a photo / video, click on the list with stickers at the top of the screen and tap the “CHAT” sticker.

Then enter a title that, depending on the purpose, can give a clear and understandable message why the user should join, or contain an element of intrigue and understatement. After that, edit the size of the sticker and select its color (there are 12 colors to choose from: black, white and color gradients).

Now all that remains is to share the story, as well as view and approve applications for joining the chat – only then will users be able to view its content.

Features of working with a chat sticker on Instagram

  • A chat can have a maximum of 32 people, including you as an administrator. As for me, limiting the number of possible chat participants is its main drawback. But fortunately, there is the next point.

  • You can create many chats for different purposes, target audience segments, offline events. Thus, one user can be a member of several or even all of the chats in your account.

  • Not only subscribers, but also passing users can apply to join the chat. So, given the limit on the number of participants, you will have to manually review applications and approve only those who are really interested in participating, and not just click on a new button for fun.

  • You can add members manually, not just approve submitted requests. To do this, open the chat settings, click on the “Add people” sign and select a user from the list. It may not seem very ethical that you do this without actually taking the initiative on the part of the person, but this approach is justified if you know for sure that he is interested in the topic of the chat and your invitation will not cause him any negative feelings.

  • Any member of the chat can invite other people to it (including those who are not subscribed to your profile). Therefore, if there is a shortage of up to 32 users, you can ask already approved participants to invite those who may be interested and useful to the chat and accept the received applications.

  • The chat name, which is initially entered by the administrator, can be changed by any of the approved participants. This can make it difficult to quickly find it among the many dialogs in Yandex.Direct, so it is better to immediately specify the “inviolability” of the original name in the welcome message and add the chat to the “Saved” one for quick access.

  • After the chat function is exhausted, it can be left open for further communication, mutual motivation (for example, for those who have completed a weight loss or stretching marathon) or closed. If you choose the latter option, none of the chat participants, including you as an administrator, will be able to share new messages.

How to use chat in Instagram Stories to benefit your business

Perhaps this is not the innovation that the business community of the social network has been waiting for (Instagram shopping, well, when? ..), but chat as a tool appropriately embedded in an SMM strategy can bring a lot of benefits. So, what opportunities does the use of chats in Stories give us?

1. Invite clients to an offline or online event

For example, for a clothing store that has a showroom, it can be the opening of a new outlet, a presentation of a new collection, a stylist’s seminar / live broadcast with an interesting lecture on the trends of the season. The chat will serve to discuss details, warm up interest in the event, communicate with participants after the event, along the way solving another important task: creating a loyal community and brand advocates.

2. Create focus groups

… To test the functionality or UX elements on the site, new or upcoming products, collect information about the pains and needs of a specific target audience, to find gaps and growth points in service.

For example, a beauty salon that is preparing to launch a new procedure may offer clients to visit it for free / with a discount and then fill out a questionnaire; any online store can offer to evaluate the updated interface of the personal account and understand what features and nuances can be improved to improve the user experience.

3. Interesting non-trivial competitive mechanics

Contests are a great tool to increase the engagement and reach of posts, the loyalty of existing subscribers and the growth of new ones. However, even the most loyal audience has become pretty boring with the standard schemes like “subscribe, like, mark your girlfriend in the comments”. Fresh, unbroken competitive mechanics using the latest Instagram tricks guarantees greater coverage of the competition, engagement, growth in awareness and number of subscribers.

An example of how you can use chat in contests: place a story with a call to join the chat, because only 31 chat participants will be able to take part in the drawing of a promotional code for a discount / free service / gift. Limit the period during which the administrator can post a promotional code in the chat at any time (for example, 24 hours). The first person who uses it when placing an order on the website / in Yandex.Direct will receive the bun stated in the conditions.

4. Space for communication with brand influencers / ambassadors

Create a chat and invite bloggers with whom you have already collaborated or would like to start working. In this format, it is very convenient to discuss online and offline advertising activities (for example, chat especially for bloggers invited to a certain event), send promotional materials to many influencers at once, and not to each individual (which, of course, does not apply to cases when each one has different news feeds / creatives). Thus, you will create a community of not just loyal customers, but opinion leaders who bring them to you thanks to their publicity capital. In order to show stories only to a specific list of bloggers, and not to all account subscribers, add them to the list of “Best friends” and select it when posting a story. If someone from bloggers misses a story with an invitation to chat, add it manually.

5. Mini community of the most valuable buyers

Accumulating a hot buying audience for further work with LTV is one of the main stages of an effective marketing strategy. Now this can be done right inside Instagram, which is especially valuable for those who have it as their only sales platform. For different segments of the target audience, you can create your own chat, making them relevant special offers and purchase conditions in accordance with their pains and needs – they will surely appreciate your personalized approach. When creating your first chat for a specific audience segment, use the same list of “Best friends” to show the invitation only to existing clients, and add new ones manually in the future.

Any seemingly insignificant innovation can be made to work for the benefit of the business. The main thing is to be able to see the perspective and correctly integrate the novelty into the smm strategy. Productive chats!

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