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Instagram automation: why, how, to whom

Instagram automation allows, at least, to save time on account promotion, and as a maximum – to establish a relationship with the audience and increase conversion. However, do not forget that this site has quite strict rules regarding account security and live participation.

Ignoring these rules will lead to blocking, blowing all the costs and time for promotion. In our article, we will talk about the benefits of automation on Instagram, consider all the platform requirements, and also figure out the best services.

The essence of Instagram automation

Promoting your Instagram account is not at all as easy as it seems from the outside. Although to an uninitiated observer, this may not seem at all burdensome – just write posts, select photos, put likes, and subscribe to interesting pages. What’s the difficulty here?

However, for some reason, not everyone succeeds. And first of all, the fact is that promotion work can take up more than one hour of your precious time. You can attract new subscribers only with interesting, unique content published on a regular basis.

As a result, the page owner spends many hours on routine actions. To solve this problem rationally, the automation of Instagram is necessary. And for this they use special programs that significantly reduce the time spent on performing functions that were previously performed manually.

Instagram Automation Services include, for example, the following :

  • auto-like and comment under posts to draw attention to the page;

  • mass following is when you subscribe to other users, offering to reciprocate;

  • the function of unsubscribing from inactive pages, which are just useless ballast.

Суть автоматизации Инстаграма

The essence of Instagram automation

Many bloggers use these methods to increase their audience, as well as to automate the process of interaction with subscribers. In addition, the work of programs and scripts is carried out around the clock, which also contributes to increasing the efficiency and speed of promotion of the account.

Security issues with Instagram automation

In the case of using auto-posting, other automatic programs and services, it is not recommended to go to your page simply from a laptop / computer / smartphone. It is necessary to post posts, reply to comments, correspond in Direct or perform any other action only through the service and using one ip (one Instagram login – one unique proxy option for all services).

It is important to consider here that the creators of Instagram care about security and if suspicious actions are detected, account blocking may occur. If different devices and different ip are used to register and work on the social network, then this is regarded as suspicious actions.

If you have not one, but several accounts, then you cannot insert the same link to your site everywhere. Remember, one profile is one link. Surely you have profiles on VK or Facebook, links to which can be indicated on other pages.

Our advice is to use auto-posting services like parasitelab. Such resources are very helpful, especially if several people are involved in creating content (this is much more reliable than logging in from different gadgets).

However, audience growth programs also have their drawbacks and limitations. It is important to identify relevant target customers for such parameters as high conversion, low number of unsubscribed, high LTV, high user loyalty rates. If you work for a mass consumer with a small advertising budget, then the use of services will give a positive result. Just don’t forget about security requirements.

Be sure to comply with the following limits and restrictions :

  • Regarding likes : no more than 1 in 28-36 seconds (put a thousand, interrupt for a day);

  • By subscription : no more than 1 in 28-36 seconds, not more than 200 per hour (for 24 hours – 1000, continue after a 24-hour break);

  • By combination of “subscription and like” : no more than 2000 (1000 + 1000) in 24 hours, making an interval of 28-36 seconds;

  • By unsubscribing : perform with an interval of 12-22 seconds no more than 1000 per day from those who did not subscribe in exchange for a subscription and the same amount from those who subscribed (withstand 15 hours between unsubscriptions from non-reciprocal and mutual);

  • With regard to mentions : you can insert up to 5 nicknames into one message, make a delay from 350 to 450 seconds;

  • By comments : leave no more than 12-14 per hour with a pause of 350-450 seconds, if the limit is exceeded, the service considers it spam;

  • As for adding photos : for a new account, the norm is no more than 2 or 3 per day, no more than 9 can be placed on the old account, maximum 12 photos.

Лимиты и ограничения в инстаграм

Instagram limits and restrictions

Now more about limits when promoting a new Instagram page :

  • for the first 12 and even 20 days to maintain a pause between actions from 36 to 48 seconds;

  • no more than five hundred actions per day – this applies to likes, subscriptions, unsubscriptions;

  • no more than 2 or 3 images in 24 hours;

  • an ideal option: register on a social network, fill out a profile with a description of the activity, you can still without any links, post a few photos, then pause for two to three weeks;

  • it is also recommended to start connecting the auto-posting service after two to three weeks.

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  • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

  • I choose the clients I work with myself.

  • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

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According to the rules, it is not forbidden to have one phone number and one Facebook account to link several Instagram accounts. However, this is not about your convenience.

Be prepared that the pages linked to the same number and Facebook account undergo a special filter and thorough review.

Benefits of Instagram Automation

Thanks to high-quality interaction with users, the promotion process gets a significant acceleration, and the use of automation programs reduces the time spent. What an automation connection will give you :

  • free yourself from routine work;

  • increase your reach;

  • organize 24/7 interaction with your audience;

  • be able to pay attention to a large number of account visitors;

  • configuring the service in accordance with the specified filters will allow you to accurately and purposefully expand the target audience;

  • the limits set by Instagram are not exceeded;

  • you can promote several accounts at once;

  • the ability to view and analyze the results of applying a particular promotion method, which will help to change tactics and strategy for working with the audience in time.

Automating Instagram with Instaplus is suitable for those who do not want to overpay for using expensive advertising programs. Automation services have an undeniable advantage – they have in their arsenal functions that provide an opportunity to learn more about visitors, and, therefore, create interesting publications.

For example, the Instaplus online service offers to use the Findgram program as a bonus service, which collects and analyzes information data. This tool allows you to collect information about :

  • visitors who like photos and posts;

  • user logins by ID;

  • most readability;

  • users who leave comments and likes on posts;

  • hashtags ;

  • geodata, etc.

All this information will be very useful for establishing competent interaction with target account visitors. So, analyzing the actions of competitors’ audience will help to find potential buyers of your product.

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Best Instagram Automation Services

  1. Auto-posting and management

    Your Instagram page will be interesting to subscribers if interesting publications regularly appear on it.

    Content management in your account can be organized using auto-posting services.

    Here are some examples of basic services :

    • Instaredactor – helps to edit posts and publish at a specific time;

    • Kuku.io – works as an analytical program, forms a queue from content;

    • Smmflow – publication of pending posts and photos on Instagram;

    • SMMplanner is also one of the online delayed posting services;

    • SmmBox and – helps you plan your Instagram page content.

    Автопостинг и управление

    Auto-posting and management

    Scheduler services or, in other words, auto-posting programs play an important role in promoting your account and automating your Instagram. With their help, it is easy to build a chain of publications for any period. Posts and photos will appear in the feed or in Stories on a specific day and hour.

    Some online services help to collect statistical data and analyze the published content in order to better understand their readers and generate sustainable interest.

  2. Cheat

    It is possible to use wrapping of subscribers at the initial stage of promotion, but, as they say, be careful. Having even a small audience will help give weight to your profile.

    There are many services for cheating :

    • Likeinsta – leads users and likes;

    • Commenter – leaves comments under posts;

    • GetComment – cheat “live” comments on Instagram;

    • Bosslike – free cheat for social media accounts;

    • Socgress is a free program for increasing the audience (likes, subscribers) on Instagram.

    Promotion should be used sparingly and only at the beginning of your activity, it is definitely not a panacea for attracting visitors. Abuse of this method can even lead to page blocking.

    In addition, the mass of inactive users will give the opposite result, since the ratio of active actions (likes, saves, reposts, comments) to the total number of subscribed ER users will decrease. As a result, the number of post impressions will drop, and such artificial accounts are not of interest to potential advertisers.

    You also need to be more attentive to who you sign when cheating. There are paid services that grow your audience using bots, but there are also sites that offer subscriptions to real people. It is unlikely that in the future they will be more active than bots, but at least they are not blocked so quickly.

  3. Bulk activity

    The popularity of mass following, massliking and masslooking has practically disappeared, people stopped reacting to the fact that business accounts and no-name bloggers “knock” on them. However, some services, thanks to the modernization of their algorithms, manage to maintain their positions in the market.

    These services include :

    • Socialhammer is a program that carries out comprehensive Instagram promotion;

    • Zengram is an online resource for promoting accounts;

    • Instaplus.pro – automatic program with page promotion functions;

    • Socialkit is a service with a comprehensive service for promoting your Instagram;

    • Tooligram is another resource for comprehensive promotion.

    Selling Survey Technique:

    The effectiveness of mass actions will be much higher if they are applied to a target and well-heated audience. What tools will help in finding such target users, moreover, without violating the requirements of Instagram, we will tell you further.

  4. Contests and Sweepstakes

    When some bloggers feel that these methods have lost their relevance, others use them successfully and get good results. Whatever one may say, but there are no fewer people who like to get something for free.

    So that there are no complaints about the drawing itself and the determination of the winners, hold it using a specialized program.

    Choose an online service from our list :

    • iScrape – selects the necessary comments and uploads them to select the winner;

    • InstaWays – helps to organize contests among Instagram subscribers;

    • Giveavation – constructor for identifying the winners of the drawing;

    • Trendo – this service is used to automate contests and challenges on Instagram;

    • Alpenbot is not a bad program for holding draws.

    All the listed resources have the necessary functionality to create a post for a competition or a drawing, as well as to honestly determine one or more winners, depending on the conditions.

    Another option to identify the winning participant involves uploading comments to the contest post into an Excel spreadsheet and processing the file using a random number generator.

    The process of determining the winners must be recorded with a phone camera.

  5. Gamification

    Motivate your readers to be even more active on your Instagram page by connecting gamification.

    Gamification services perform the following functions :

    • keeps track of likes, comments and reposts of account visitors;

    • active user actions are evaluated in game currency;

    • received “money” can be exchanged for gifts, discounts or bonuses established under the terms of the game.

    This way you start a wave of activity on the page, increase the reach. The number of subscribers also increases at the same time.

    Introducing a list of gamification services :

    • Gamifer is a platform for organizing games on Instagram;

    • Sub – constructor for gamification;

    • Game.bmbe is a resource for creating games for bloggers and businessmen.

  6. Advertising exchanges

    The easiest way to promote your Instagram profile is if you turn to advertised bloggers for advertising. True, first you need to identify bloggers with the same target audience as yours.

    We have selected the most popular online advertising exchanges for you :

    • Storiesgain – a platform for automated online advertising in Instagram Stories;

    • GetBlogger is a service designed to select and place advertising materials on popular Instagram blogs;

    • Epicstars is a service that unites the exchange and the blogger base on Instagram;

    • Plibber and Repostpost are also advertising exchanges on Instagram;

    • LabelUp is an online platform that allows you to place ads with influencers of the social network;

    Биржи рекламы

    Advertising exchanges

    Tough competition is forcing developers of exchanges not only to create a base of bloggers who are ready to publish advertising materials. They also search for matching accounts.

    Directories contain filter settings (gender, age, geolocation and other parameters), with which you can select the Instagram pages corresponding to your requests.

    Cooperation with an advertising exchange guarantees the fulfillment of obligations under the transaction by both parties: the influencer publishes advertising material in his account, after which the advertiser pays for the work in full.

Is it possible to run a business on Instagram without connecting special programs? Quite, but you will spend much more time and effort.

A beginner entrepreneur is able to get by on his own at first, spending 2-3 hours a day writing posts, posting photos and interacting with a small number of clients. However, the automation of Instagram will allow it to scale, increase volumes and quickly reach a more serious level of development.

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