Instagram algorithm: shares in stories with the same weighting as newly produced content

I nstagram has adjusted its algorithm and weights shares, i.e. shared content in Instagram Stories, equivalent to content that has been newly created.

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The trigger for Instagram’s reaction and the associated adjustment of the algorithm were content on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which, for example, were not played out and also not displayed in the story highlights.

Divided feed posts in stories have no disadvantage in terms of reach

According to Instagram however, this is a bug and not a censorship. The identical weighting of shares and newly produced content by the Instagram algorithm is a reaction on the part of Instagram, but it does not change anything in terms of the orientation and wishes of Instagram for its users: inside. New content should be more popular with users: Inside. There are again big differences between the Instagram feed and Instagram Stories.

In general, Instagram is a very fast-paced and up-to-date social network. Maybe not on the level of Twitter, but topicality and trends play a decisive role on Instagram.

Since shares from feed posts only spread in stories, since this is the only option. Instagram Direct excluded once. Due to their limited visibility, current content in stories is even more important than in the feed.

Although the content is now weighted equally, there is still the test in which Instagram completely prevents shares from feed posts . Yes, it’s a test, but if Instagram decides to do it, there will simply be no more shares in stories.

How effective are shared feed posts in stories?

Although the weighting by the Instagram algorithm should now be identical, from the point of view of companies you always have to ask yourself what goal I am pursuing with stories and what type of content is best suited to achieve my goals.

Here it is also important to understand that companies and brands are not creators or pursue other goals. So it is quite understandable when creators communicate new feed posts in their stories. As a company, however, I would forego this and instead adapt content or produce it as a story.

One time to exploit the full potential of stories (sticker, visuality) and one time to offer my own followers more diverse content.

The adjustment also confirms what many had already suspected and is not really a surprise either. Instagram preferred to display newly produced content and shared content was at a disadvantage. That was and is a much discussed topic for a long time, which does not only affect Instagram.

Years ago, for example, all shared posts on Facebook were shown separately in the feed. As a result, users: Inside saw the same posts over and over again. Then Facebook reacted and combined identical shared posts. This approach does not work within Instagram Stories, as stories are not sorted according to content, but according to accounts.

What the adjustment of the Instagram algorithm leads to is that it does not matter now whether subscribed accounts create their own stories or “only” shared other content. So both types of stories and accounts are in the front positions.

Is that an improvement?

Let’s take LinkedIn as a comparison. If you share content there, you can enrich it with your own comments, thoughts and classifications. This is also possible with Instagram Stories, but in a much more restricted form, or the classification is mostly done in other elements of the story.

However, one must also say that most of the content in stories is divided completely without classification . It’s share. Done and done.

As with all functions, use them carefully and combine them with other formats. If you only share other content, you may be able to position it as an account of curated content, but you should ask yourself whether Instagram Stories are the right format for this. Probably not. Anyone who comes across interesting content and user-generated content can also share them in their stories. But then you should always add your own input.

I think we all agree that a mix is ​​always the best. In my opinion, however, stories are the format in which one could best do without shares. What do you think about this?

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