Instagram account positioning

There are 4 main directions of positioning:

  • Продвижение в инстаграм персонального брендаPersonal blog – a page of a specific user, which is based on the personality and interests of the user. In this account, the user shares interesting moments of his life or work with his friends. Personal blogging gives you the greatest loyalty and subscriber engagement. People love to communicate with people and trust people.

This option is suitable if you are promoting yourself as a specialist in a particular field, or you have a personal blog.

  • Продвижение в инстаграм через группу по интересамThematic community is a page that brings together users interested in a topic. This type of community gathers an audience with common interests around the account, which is subsequently offered products or advertisements for products that meet the needs of the audience.

Behind the work of such a page is one or a group of users united by common interests. At the start, such communities generate content themselves, by the efforts of the founders, and as the number of subscribers grows, they willingly use the content provided by the subscribers.

Creating a popular community is a laborious work, the chosen topic should be of interest to the creator himself both today and in the future. Over time, authors are added to the community – content generators who support the community, write guest posts for the community and promote themselves in this way. The work of creating such a community is justified by the high enough loyalty of users who trust the authoritative opinion expressed on behalf of the community and buy the goods offered by the community.

  • Имиджевый аккаунт в инстаграмImage account is a kind of a thematic community. In such an account nothing is sold, the community works for the recognition of one brand and a group of products. The community tells about the product, its merits, and conducts activities among fans of the product or brand. This is a kind of fan club. The most popular representatives of this type of accounts are large brands whose goal is not to sell a product here and now, but to convince users and potential buyers that they need this particular product or a product of this particular brand.

Such an account is created for communication between the company and people.

  • Продвижение магазина в инстаграмCommercial store page is an account whose purpose is to directly sell goods or services. In such an account, photos of goods are posted with their detailed descriptions, characteristics, cost and a direct call to buy.

The advantages of specific products and their usefulness for buyers are considered. Feedback on the use of purchased products is actively collected.

This is the most difficult page format to promote:

  • checkbox people come to their favorite social network not for shopping, but for communication;
  • checkbox people don’t like being sold head-on;
  • checkboxcommercial page is interesting to the user only at the moment of direct purchase need, and the rest of the time subscribers are indifferent to the page.

In the article, we offered 4 main options, although in fact there are much more varieties of positioning on Instagram. To start promoting on Instagram, these four options are enough to determine one basic direction of work.

If you cannot choose one type of positioning, then it is permissible to combine the two options. And lately, this very format has become more and more popular among commercial accounts. There are two main combinations: a personal blog with personal sales or a hobby club with online store sales. The first option is typical for private specialists, the second for online stores offering goods for a specific audience.

Having determined your positioning option, it is easier to write an account description, think over a promotion strategy, plan a content plan and a plan for attracting users.

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