Instagram account activity: analysis and increase

Analyzing the activity of an Instagram account is quite difficult, since this social network clearly has few indicators for an adequate assessment. However, without such an analysis, it is almost impossible to compose a full-fledged picture on your page. How to bring posts and stories to the TOP, how to develop an account, how to increase subscribers’ interest …

We have collected services for you that will help you not only track, but also increase audience activity, and also tell you why intensive work on promoting your account is not always effective. Take a notebook and a pen, there is a lot of useful information ahead.

The essence of Instagram account activity

Why increase your Instagram activity at all? The fact is that two important moments for a business account directly depend on the level of activity of subscribers.

  • Sales

    The more likes, comments, responses to stories, reposts in the profile, the higher the level of trust of the audience as a whole. This affects the volume of sales – it will grow in proportion to the increase in the activity of people.

  • Shows

    There is also a direct relationship here: the more active profile users, the better the social network algorithms react to posts, bringing them out of the shadows to the top. Accordingly, the chances that publications will be able to be seen by a new audience increase, which will subsequently bring material bonuses to the account owner.


    Let’s analyze the standard reasons for the drop in Instagram activity.

  • Lack of new content

    It includes publications in the feed, stories, contests, interactive and much more. If you do not publish anything or do it very rarely, the algorithms of the social network will work to the detriment of the account: subscribers simply will not see the posts, which means they will stop liking and commenting on them. This is such a vicious circle, the way out of which lies in the regular posting of fresh content.

  • A large number of bots among subscribers

    If the number of bots is large relative to the total number of subscribers, then even the activity of a real audience will not help the account. Engagement will still be low.

  • Weak content and a lot of informational garbage

    Subscribers are not interested in mutual PR and boring publications, they are annoyed by a large number of advertisements, weak contests. Instagram account activity will be high only if engaging content is published.

2 ways to check your Instagram account activity

There are two ways to view your account activity :

  • in statistics offered by the social network itself;

  • using third-party page analysis services.

Internal statistics of activity on Instagram can be viewed by connecting a business account. This is available to absolutely every user. You need to go to “Options”, find the “Account” section in the menu and the item “Switch to company profile”. Then follow the Facebook instructions, namely, create a business page on this social network (it is not necessary to fill it out completely, just contact information is enough).

After the business account is connected, you can start tracking statistics for new publications. But keep in mind: disabling a business function will result in the loss of all statistics.

The activity of your Instagram account can be viewed under each of your posts. The button “View statistics” is located between the photo and the text and is visible only to the owner of the profile.

Important : When it comes to promoted posts, Instagram summarizes the reach, comments and likes that are generated both organically and through paid promotion. There are two sections in the statistics: “Promotion” and “Organic”.

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For a detailed look at the statistics, open the dedicated Instagram insights tool (icon in the upper right corner of your profile).

Metrics for tracking Instagram account activity

You can track activity by studying the basic metrics that Instagram offers. We will dwell on some of them in more detail.

  • Impressions : The number of non-unique views of all your posts in total per week.

  • Reach : The number of unique profile views.

  • Profile Views : The number of non-unique profile views.

  • Clicks on the link to the site : clicks on the link specified in the profile.

  • Send Email Clicks : Navigates through the Contact button.

Метрики для отслеживания активности аккаунта Инстаграм
Metrics for tracking Instagram account activity


The “Publications” section contains information about all posts that have been posted since the connection of the business account. It is possible to analyze the data in it by sorting posts by format (photo, video, gallery), placement time (week, month, year, two years) and the following indicators:

  • impressions – non-unique post views;

  • reach – unique post views, 1 account gives 1 view;

  • engagement – the total number of actions with the post (likes and comments);

  • liked – the number of likes;

  • comments – number of comments;

  • Saves – the number of times your post was saved.

The data obtained makes it possible to understand what the audience was most interested in, which publications had the most serious response, and which ones went unnoticed.


Stories exist for only a day, but information on them is available for two weeks. There is also the possibility of sorting: by impressions, reach, responses, clicking “forward” and “back”, exiting stories.

Live streaming

Live broadcasts are analyzed according to two indicators :

  1. The number of viewers on the air in a specific time period. This information is available to everyone who watches the broadcast, the counter is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. The total number of viewers who went on stream. This information is available only to the account owner, it appears after the broadcast ends.

Subscriber activity and demographics

Instagram makes it possible to get acquainted with information about the gender, age and geography of users, as well as see what was the activity of the account during the week and at a specific time of the day. However, this data is available to profiles with at least 100 subscribers.

It is very important to analyze statistics, it gives an understanding on what days and at what time of day it is better to post posts, what the audience likes, what topics are of the greatest interest, etc. Knowing this, you can make “correct” publications that will be liked by people and organically promoted by the social network itself.

In addition, you get the ability to calculate the growth rate of your account, the average number of likes and comments, ER (engagement rate). Thanks to this, it is possible to carry out a comparative analysis of various types of publications, this is especially useful when purchasing advertising in other profiles. Comparing the metrics, you will see which posts have the highest ER (most likes and comments). This means that in the future you will rely on this kind of content.

Statistics are especially helpful in situations where the account is maintained by a whole team and each of its members has their own vision of the development strategy. You just look at the numbers and see who is right.

Analyzing the data will also help to understand how effectively the employees who are promoting their Instagram account are working, and whether the advertising campaign turned out to be useful.

11 services for assessing profile activity on Instagram

Despite the necessary functions, the statistics offered by the social network itself are sometimes insufficient. However, there are ways to find out everything about the activity of an Instagram account using a wider set of tools. The services developed for this purpose are described below.

  1. Picalytics

    One of the most popular and useful services for analyzing Instagram accounts. Allows you to get a large amount of information on one or several profiles. Provides data on 35 indicators. Let’s list the main ones :

    • number of new and unsubscribed followers;

    • the number of bots relative to the total number of subscribers;

    • reach of followers;

    • audience interests;

    • geography, language, gender and privacy settings of subscribers.

    Picalytics Picalytics

    The service also tracks user engagement rates :

    • number of likes and comments to posts;

    • engagement metrics by hashtags;

    • top posts of the account;

    • Followers activity by date and time.

    All information is generated in a PDF file.

  2. InstaHero

    This service is designed to analyze Instagram subscribers, remove those that hinder account growth, and study profile activity. InstaHero provides data on the number of women and men, the geography of subscribers, their age. A separate group includes mass followers, inactive accounts and foreigners who are not part of the target audience of the account – in a word, those who can and should be unsubscribed from the page.

    Service enables :

    • analyze audience;

    • clean profile from useless and harmful subscribers;

    • track the activity of an Instagram account (engagement, dynamics of subscriptions and unsubscriptions, top posts, etc.);

    • block spam (messages in Direct, tags under posts, obscene comments);

    • take courses to improve reach, engagement and increase sales through your account.


    This service allows you to analyze statistics in several accounts at once. Using it, you get the following information:

    • subscriber growth dynamics;

    • distribution of followers by country, city and gender;

    • their reach by the number of subscriptions;

    • engagement by the number of likes and comments;

    • hashtag performance;

    • best profile posts;

    • Relationship between likes and post time.

  4. Iconosquare

    The service is convenient for both beginners and advanced users. You can use it to post, reply to comments, etc.

    Iconosquare allows :

    • change the number of profile subscribers;

    • determine their location;

    • analyze the audience by gender and interests;

    • track subscribers’ activity;

    • keep track of the total number of collected likes and comments;

    • display top posts based on audience response;

    • analyze the relationship between hashtags and engagement.

    The service makes it much easier to develop an Instagram account development strategy.

  5. Рicaton

    This is a domestic service that allows you to collect statistics on Instagram. Its peculiarity is the ability to follow the comments and reply to them via Telegram.

    Picaton Functions :

    • breakdown of subscribers by gender, country and city;

    • analysis of the audience for the reach and subject matter of their accounts;

    • finding the best time to post;

    • tag analysis, identifying the most useful ones;

    • demonstration of open and closed pages;

    • analysis of the impact of filters and different photo formats on engagement.

    All information in the service is divided into two categories: static and analytical data. You pay for each array separately, but if you have a small account with less than 1000 subscribers, you will not have to pay.


    This service allows you to analyze the activity of your Instagram account by 30 parameters. Considered a platform for professionals. provides the following information :

    • account development dynamics;

    • gender and geographic location of subscribers;

    • audience engagement metrics;

    • daily graph of user activity;

    • most useful hashtags;

    • the number of active user actions for each post.

    The service is free for accounts with less than 1000 subscribers, but they do not have access to competitor analysis.

  7. Appaction

    Appaction analyzes the basic data of the Instagram account and sends the information by email to the owner. To use the service, you need to enter the site using your Instagram profile data. After that, the e-mail and time zone for sending data is configured.

    Information sent by the service :

    • dynamics of the number of subscribers;

    • follower activity;

    • engagement rate;

    • number of profile posts.

  8. FlyStat

    The advantage of the service is its ability to collect data from your Instagram account around the clock. Accordingly, the dynamics of activity will be shown with an hourly precision.

    FlyStat shows :

    • the number of unsubscriptions and subscriptions in the profile;

    • the total number of likes and comments collected;

    • the best time to post;

    • the degree of engagement of followers.

    Monthly subscription fees depend on account size and the number of subscribers you need to analyze.

  9. Goodlick

    Another service for analyzing Instagram activity. Research is being conducted on the following parameters :

    • number of subscriptions and unsubscriptions;

    • the dynamics of the growth of followers;

    • level of popularity of publications;

    • the dynamics of the appearance of comments to posts, depending on the day and time of day.

    You can also find bots using Goodlike. They can be removed either manually or automatically.

  10. Ink361

    The free Ink361 platform allows you to analyze and manage your Instagram account activity. On the site, you can respond to user comments and search for the target audience by hashtags.

    Statistics are collected according to the following parameters :

    • profile popularity by engagement rate;

    • regularity of posting;

    • number of likes and comments;

    • photos that ensured maximum audience engagement;

    • the quality of hashtags that are placed under posts in your account;

    • the degree of influence of the applied photo filters on the level of subscriber engagement.

  11. Feedspy

    A large service that works with several social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube.

    Feedspy allows :

    • compare competitors’ pages;

    • track the dynamics of subscriber growth;

    • determine the best profile posts;

    • analyze audience engagement.

    Each platform has its own pros and cons. The main disadvantage is, of course, a paid subscription, but the investment can pay off to a large extent while using the service due to its enormous benefits. You can find out which service suits you best during the trial period.

Ways to increase the activity of the page on Instagram

Let’s look at the most effective and commonly used ones.

Correct content

This includes high-quality photos, texts, videos.

How are good Instagram texts created?

  • Keep it simple . It is a social network where people relax and unwind. Therefore, it makes sense to communicate with subscribers in a language they understand without excessive officialdom.

  • Storytelling is an important Instagram feature that promotes activity and growth of subscribers. Learn to tell stories in a way that makes you want to read and listen, find ways to captivate your audience.

  • Be honest with your followers . As much as you would like to embellish your life or product, try not to do it or do it extremely in moderation – so that it does not affect your image and attitude of the audience in any way. Nobody likes to be deceived, but sooner or later the truth will come out. Subscribers’ trust is the main thing that all business account owners and bloggers fight for. Of course, this trust cannot be betrayed.

  • Learn to sell, including through texts . Selling copy is a very important part of online marketing.

What to look for when taking photos?

Users like pictures with people more, especially if they are shown in close-up. Also, high places in the ratings are occupied by light photographs. And, of course, it is important to be creative, experiment with photo content, look for what your audience likes, but at the same time adhere to the visual style you have created.

What are the basic principles of creating posts?

You need to remember about ranking on Instagram and try to adapt to the algorithms of this social network. Let’s take a look at the posts that are prioritized from the point of view of the algorithms.

  • Posts by those you correspond with (subscribers).

  • Posts that pique your interest. Algorithms keep track of your likes, comments, add to favorites, reposts and regard the content as interesting for you.

  • Posts you searched through general search.

  • Posts by real people (regarding publications of business accounts).

  • Targeted posts.

Правильный контент
Correct content

Exists a few topics for posts that audiences really like and tend to do well at raising reach:

  1. Before and After

    These can be collages of photos before and after procedures, losing weight, applying makeup, working with a stylist and much more. To enhance the effect, you can invite your followers to make such collages and mark your profile on them if this somehow correlates with your activity.

  2. “About me”

    Most people like to find out details about the lives of people they like. Therefore, you can provide them with such information.

  3. Plans

    It is also interesting to read about what your favorite blogger or store has planned. It can be a major purchase, a trip, a new collection release, or an interesting collaboration. Share with your subscribers – they’ll probably love it.

  4. “Several reasons to buy / subscribe”

    Write why you are so good at what you do, what makes you stand out from the competition – but remember that you shouldn’t attribute non-existent merit to yourself.

  5. “Bad day in the life”

    For better or worse, people like to look at other people’s problems and failures. At the very least, they see that you are also an ordinary person who is in trouble. It inspires sympathy and makes the audience empathize with you.

  6. Posts on how to cheer up

    Share with your followers your recipe for creating a good mood in those moments when everything is not going as smoothly as you would like. Tell us where you are looking for inspiration and support.

    Как поднять настроение
    Posts on how to cheer up
  7. “Secrets and Life Hacks”

    If it’s really something useful, the audience will definitely appreciate it.

  8. Significant Figures

    Tell us about what matters personally to you or your business, show specific numbers: the number of sales or an important date.

  9. Provocative topics

    And, of course, sensitive topics like politics, religion, parenting, feminism, vaccinations, musical preferences, etc., always arouse interest, sometimes unhealthy. Such posts usually do not go unnoticed and cause a flurry of comments and emotions.

Audience Engagement

It is necessary to do everything in order to involve your subscribers in the interaction process. It can be interesting discussions in the comments below posts, stories with interactive, etc.


Humor always gets likes. People like the positive attitude of their favorite characters and the light atmosphere in the accounts they are interested in. Try to joke, even if you have a serious product – the main thing is to see the line that should not be crossed in your particular case. Each has its own.

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User tags via @

This is a good way to get users’ attention.


This is an opportunity to attract a new audience and increase the activity of the old one. Come up with some kind of game that people will be interested in participating in. Or introduce a game element into the communication under the posts, for example, ask a riddle, the answer to which subscribers should give in the comments. Gamification is good for both posts and stories.


Invite your subscribers to go through a fun quest, this will increase the activity of your Instagram account. Especially if you promise some bonuses for participation.




Organize an auction, the main lot of which will be the product you are selling. Participation should be beneficial to the majority of subscribers, the purpose of the event is not to make money, but to attract an audience.

Activity chats

It also happens that all the opportunities to increase audience activity have already been used, but it still falls short of the required marks. In this case, you can join activity chats – large communities in telegrams, where people help each other to promote profiles. You just post your post from Instagram in the chat with a task (this can be a subscription, like, comment, save, etc.), and the rest of the participants complete it.

What are these events for?

  • Promote publications to the top and recommendations.

  • Lead to an increase in the number of real subscribers at the expense of chat participants.

  • Increase account activity.

A huge plus is that all actions in your account are performed by real people, as a result, real, not fake activity is formed. This is well evaluated by the algorithms of the social network. Plus, this tool is completely free.


Video is by far a fairly popular content that contributes to an increase in activity on Instagram. They can be posted in posts, broadcast live, make boomerangs in stories and cinemagraphs, which is available on the latest versions of the iPhone.


Stories are now one of the most effective tools for engaging audiences and communicating with subscribers. And if you want to increase the activity of your Instagram account, be sure to post stories on your profile.

Let’s look at several ways to make them interesting and increase your reach :

  • Guest posts . The bottom line is that subscribers post stories for you by posting a profile tag.

  • User-generated content . This function allows you to post other people’s stories on your page, if your profile was mentioned in them.

  • Stories functions . Use all the built-in Stories features: polls, hashtags, animations, and more. The use of new functions offered by Instagram is especially effective in terms of increasing coverage and evaluation by algorithms. The topical always attracts more attention.


Interactives perfectly engage the audience, increasing their engagement. We will describe the main types below.

  1. Contests

    The point of any competition for its participant is to take any action in order to receive a prize. In business accounts, most often there is a drawing of their own products.

    Types of competitions and expected results :

    • tag under the photo – increase coverage;

    • like under the post – increased activity, increased reach, the ability to go to the recommended;

    • giveaway (a competition organized by several sponsors to which you need to subscribe) – attracting new subscribers.

  2. Polls

    The poll can be of any format, serious and comic – the main thing is that subscribers are interested in participating in it. It can be carried out both in a post and in a story.

  3. Like Time

    By promising likes, you attract subscribers to your account, and due to the large number of hearts under your post, you can get into the recommended one. Thanks to this, the audience of the account can grow. In addition, a post that gets a lot of likes immediately after publication gets to the top by hashtags.

    Михаил Христосенко0
    Like Time
  4. Challenges and Marathons

    Challenges can be arranged on any topic, however, it must coincide with the topic of the account, or at least not contradict it. At the end of the event, the winner should be awarded a prize.


Communicate with subscribers in the comments, answer their questions – this is a way to demonstrate attention to your own audience.


Proper use of hashtags will help to attract an audience to your posts, bring posts to the top, and increase reach.

When putting hashtags, you need to do it right. For example, choose a language that will be understood by the audience you intend to attract. Tags in English will be shown to users from all over the world, and in Russian – only to Russians.

A hashtag can be one or more words. For a set of hashtags to look nice and readable, there must be a space between them. But you cannot put spaces and symbols in the hashtags themselves, this will make it impossible to navigate through them.

It is best to place tags in the comments, usually the first comment below the post. Their number should not exceed 30, ideally 3-5 pieces. Posts with a lot of hashtags look messy.

For hashtags to be useful, you need to use them correctly :

  • They should be informative, tell about you and your product . In addition, originality is important, you should not constantly use the same set.

  • Do not put frequent and popular hashtags and spam . Not only will they not add to your activity and will not increase your reach, but they can also provoke a decrease in the rating of the publication and even a ban. The fact is that Instagram algorithms can regard your account as spam.


By geotagging, you expand your capabilities in terms of attracting a new audience. However, if the place is promoted, then it will not be so easy to get to the top thanks to the tag, but many bots can come to subscribers, which will have a bad effect on the account.

Storytelling for SMM:

Targeted ads

This is the official paid way to increase your account activity. Such advertising is configured in the Facebook ad account or in the business profiles of Instagram itself.


Advertising from bloggers can be very effective and lead to many new subscribers to you, but for this to happen, you need to act wisely.

Choosing the right person is important. The topic of his account should coincide with yours or somehow overlap with it, have a similar mood. In addition, the blogger must have real followers who are very active on his account. Having chosen the right person, it is important to set him a task on the basis of which the promotion of your page will take place.

In an effort to increase the activity of your Instagram account, you need to learn to use the statistics data provided by both the social network itself and third-party services. By competently evaluating certain indicators, you can develop an effective strategy for the development of your profile, significantly improve your position and attract the target audience in a shorter time.

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