How to Use Videos on LinkedIn: Guide and Recommendations

The native videos on LinkedIn were a novelty announced in August last year by the platform, but they are only now available for all company pages, that is, company profiles on the social network. That’s why it’s more important than ever to know how to use videos on LinkedIn.

To answer your questions when creating and publishing your video content there, Nerdweb provides this reference guide with formats, recommendations and interesting cases to add even more value to your brand’s page on LinkedIn.

How to Use LinkedIn Videos – Getting Started

By 2021, video content is expected to dominate up to 80% of all internet traffic. Visually more compelling and able to tell stories in seconds, videos change the way consumers interact with brands. Some factors such as the improvement in the quality of internet services and the popularization of access to smartphones contribute to a “video-first” scenario.

After offering video recording to users and the beta phase of implementation on the pages, the videos can now be published natively by any company page since the last day 29 . When sharing a new update, in addition to the image upload button, a new video upload button appears next to:

According to data from the social network, the pages of companies that tested the beta version of the new format achieved an engagement up to 5x greater than other types of publications. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the following points to take advantage of the effectiveness of video content: what is the language used? Which format worked – horizontal or square videos? What is the suggested duration? We’ll explain everything below.

Linkedin Video Recommendations

Specification source

In addition to the technical specifications, consider the following questions before posting your videos on LinkedIn:

  • Give preferences for short captions and call-to-actions (CTAs) and shorten links;
  • Use the first 10 seconds to show what the video (theme) is about, to hold the viewers’ attention;
  • Think about your brand’s visual identity in the color treatment of your video;
  • Insert subtitles when possible, as most of your audience may be in public environments and subtitles make it easy to understand the content without the need for audio;
  • Analyze later results and see which video content and formats draw the most attention.

LinkedIn videos in your digital strategy

Thinking about Inbound Marketing, videos are essential for the first phase of the methodology, which is to attract visitors and turn them into long-term customers. By producing content that is useful and relevant to their audience, brands become part of people’s conversations in a spontaneous and striking way.

On LinkedIn, people are more likely to receive refined and consistent content — remember that on the platform, the consumer is at the time of the journey looking for new job opportunities, professional recommendations and business information.

When creating paid campaigns using videos on LinkedIn, think about the qualified audience of your segment, defining personas and researching trends, behaviors and related interests. And set specific goals: do you want to increase visits to your website or increase engagement of your company page?

The videos on LinkedIn offer the possibility of boosting according to 3 goals:

  1. Generate site visits
  2. Collect Leads Through Forms
  3. Encourage number of views

This way, you will be sure of the best result using the best format.

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Source(s): LinkedIn and Forbes

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