How to use LinkedIn in digital marketing strategy to generate sales?

How to use LinkedIn  for marketing and sales? This is one of the most recurrent questions about the largest professional social network in the world.

LinkedIn already has 300 million monthly active members. Considering that the profile of the platform is more focused on career issues and networking.

Therefore, exploring the network in order to generate business  can be an excellent alternative for your company.

Data from the Social Media Trends 2019 survey indicates that companies’ use of LinkedIn has grown nearly 10% recently. In 2018, 47.2% of organizations were in this network and currently, there are already 56.4% of businesses present in this channel.

What does this mean in practice? How to use LinkedIn for business marketing and sales generation? What are the most appropriate digital strategies to turn contacts into opportunities?

If you have a brand and want to sell more online with linkedin, please be aware that this article produced by the Nerdweb team can help you.

In the next few lines you’ll understand not only how to use LinkedIn for marketing, but you’ll also be able to check out some practical examples. Check it out!

Why use LinkedIn as a marketing strategy?

 There is no social network more strategic than LinkedIn when the proposal is to deal with professional matters.

So if your strategy is B2B — business-to-business —  that is, a company whose goal is to do business with other companies, LinkedIn  is a network with a lot of potential to position your company.

In addition to the platform having several features that make it possible to work with content marketing, both through a company page and by promoting articles and participating in forums, for example, there is the LinkedIn Ads feature that serves to create campaigns sponsored.

Versatility is an adjective that matches this network that can leverage your sales as long as you know how to use it in the right way to add value and result in your venture’s digital marketing strategy.

These are reasons to invest in LinkedIn:

  • It is a network with worldwide reach, present in more than 200 countries;
  • This tool is among the three most used by companies today;
  • It is a channel that can strengthen the institutional image of your business;
  • 300 million people use LinkedIn worldwide;
  • 80% of leads in B2B companies come from Linkedin.

Another interesting piece of information to learn how to use LinkedIn for business marketing and sales generation right now is the fact that companies can add value to their partners’ buying journey by captivating them through quality information .

No wonder that a survey conducted by the company Join the Dots in partnership with LinkedIn revealed that companies focused on B2B that integrate the sales and marketing teams and use the network, can share relevant content and use the solutions of this medium to attract the public with valuable information.

Now that you know a little more about LinkedIn, it’s time to get your hands dirty and learn how to use this channel to generate more results for your para business. Shall we go?

Learn how to use Linkedin in your marketing strategy

Have you done the checklist about the benefits of LinkedIn and don’t know where to start exploring this social network? We’ve set aside some valuable tips to let you know how to use Linkedin to leverage your marketing and sales techniques. Check it out:

1. Create a Company Page

Like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is a network that allows you to create a corporate page. Creating your company page is the first step in thinking about a digital marketing strategy.

The business page serves as a showcase for your company and is a way to bring visibility to the organization, as well as building the enterprise’s authority on the network.

It is important to highlight that to fulfill this objective, it is essential to have a digital marketing plan that will guide the production of relevant content on this page, the dissemination of articles, the brand’s tone of voice and the company’s digital positioning.


The more complete your company page is, the better are the chances it will generate engagement and make traffic from other channels of your company such as the blog and website, for example, grow.

Another interesting function of a corporate profile is the possibility for its employees to associate the company’s official page with their professional profiles — which also generates visibility and credibility for the brand.

And how can a Linkedin company page help generate sales?

If we think that the sales funnel is composed of several steps that go from visitor discovery to the conversion itself, a content page is a medium that can offer valuable content to companies.

It is a way to promote the relationship with partners and customers, showing why your company is an authority and, consequently, a partnership can arise because of that.

By having content marketing strategies and using the right hashtags on LinkedIn, you will have more chances to make your company appear on the next client’s timeline.

2. Use LinkedIn Ads

Using Linkedin Ads is having the chance to create ads  targeted according to the professional profiles that your company wants to reach.

Imagine you have a distributor of food and hygiene products and want to close a deal with owners of large retail and wholesale chains.

With the right advertisement, it is possible to reach who can actually make the purchase decision and make your distributor part of the official supplier list.

Among the ad formats that can make up your digital marketing strategy to increase the company’s sales, there are possible alternatives:

  • Sponsored content to increase reach and engagement;
  • Sponsored message straight to the user’s inbox;
  • Custom and dynamic ads;
  • Ads made with images (similar to Google’s display format);
  • Text Advertisements.

 There is no cake recipe to know which is the best format for your company. It all depends a lot on the campaign objectives, the business profile and the personas to which the ads are targeted.

While one person may find a direct message in their inbox somewhat intrusive, others may find it more practical.

So, before using LinkedIn to generate sales, be clear about who you want to reach and how best to communicate with that person, based on their habits, interests, and behaviors.

3. Use the discussion groups and forums 

There is no way to use LinkedIn for corporate marketing without nurturing professional connections and exchanging experiences.

For this reason, use the network’s groups and forums to share relevant content, learn about possible partnerships and show that your company is tuned in to market news.

The sales process requires trust, knowledge, credibility and achievement.

That’s why LinkedIn communities can be a great place for you to track referrals, get inspiration, and sell your business to people who share your interests and goals.

Nerdweb , for example,  is a marketing and advertising company, which stands out for offering specialized content in these areas and can contribute with specific knowledge to groups of professionals who need this type of solution.

Your company can also be a reference with the right strategy and the sale  of your product or service will be a consequence over time.

The way for people to understand that what you offer is worth doing must be built with authority. Do you agree?

In this context, having the right experts to help you understand how to use LinkedIn in your digital marketing strategy in the right way and bring more results makes all the difference.

It is not enough to be present on LinkedIn. You need to plan your digital presence, know how to use the tools of sponsored campaigns, SEO optimization for search engines and measure data to adapt the strategy to the goals your organization aims to achieve.

Need help to get started on Linkedin and put digital marketing strategies to generate sales in your company? Talk to Nerdweb Experts right now!

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