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How to use Instagram to promote your business events

With over a billion users a month, it’s extremely important to use Instagram to promote your event. While Facebook and Twitter have been the standard image of social networks for most of the last decade, in 2020 they are starting to lag behind, and platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram are starting to catch the attention of network users. social.

In particular, Instagram has seen a huge increase. Millions of new users join the platform every month, and in 2018 the number increased to over 1 billion monthly users, writes

According to information from Apple, Instagram was the second most downloaded app in the App Store in 2019 – it held the same place in 2018. Instagram continues to attract new audience members every day, and the business world must take this into account.

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Facebook was once an accessible platform for companies that wanted to be active on social networks. As consumers turn their attention to alternatives like Instagram, they expect their favorite brands to do the same. More than 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day on Instagram, which means that business leaders should adapt their social strategies accordingly.

How exactly? Using Instagram to provide a more personal note and backstage images for consumers. This is useful in all business plans, but Instagram is especially powerful when it comes to promoting events.

Get the spotlight

Instagram provides a more direct connection to potential participants. The updated application algorithm favors high quality business content when attracting new images for users. A business account on the social network is free and easy to open, which means you can start using Instagram to promote events in minutes. By strategically using influencers, ads, and Instagram stories, your brand can draw attention to future events.

For starters, Instagram stories allow you to share videos or pictures that expire in 24 hours – just like Snapchat stories. Few small and medium-sized businesses have integrated “stories” into their event promotions, but it can be incredibly helpful to do so.

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In addition to creating your own content, Instagram influencers can stimulate the event through paid campaigns. While influencer marketing once required a massive budget – Nike spent millions in the 1980s to partner with Michael Jordan – social media allows businesses to reach millions of passionate followers without too much money. This change has made it cheaper and easier for brands to work with influencers to promote their events.

Beyond influencers, you can also cut some of your budget by advertising the event on Instagram. Instagram ads are still relatively accessible and run on the same platform as Facebook ads.

As you post about your event and gain exposure, attendees are more likely to attend the event. When the same people post about attending the event, you should get more exposure on social media and more followers.

How to effectively promote an event on Instagram

Instagram can be an incredibly useful tool for small and medium-sized businesses operating in niches, as the power of Facebook’s targeting algorithms is the backbone of Instagram ads – Facebook owns Instagram. This means that your team can find specific target audiences and find users who have taken certain actions, such as participating in other industry events.

StartUp FASHION, an online community of independent brands and fashion designers, uses Instagram to promote their brand and events. StartUp FASHION focuses on Instagram, posting pictures, videos and stories for over 15,000 followers.

Here are four ways to promote your events on Instagram in a way that advertises your brand, while delivering tangible results through ticket sales.

1. Provides a compelling story

While it’s great to have a profile full of great images of your event, you want a strategy to guide your Instagram posts. Consistent publishing is important, but this specific social network is more about telling your followers a story.

To begin with, change the way you view your posts. While they are a great way to present your event and encourage fans to buy tickets, they are just as effective at driving ongoing engagement, which leads to ticket sales.

Add a little life to your posts, including tags, location, and hashtags, which are 79% more engaging.

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To get even more out of event posts, tag associated influencers, such as providers and sponsors.

2. Collaborate with influencers

While you want to create compelling posts, Instagram can be even more effective when influencers start talking about your event. These can range from paid brand ambassadors, who have thousands of followers, to micro-influencers who have small but loyal communities.

Whether they have reached Kardashian status or are just starting out, influencers can give your event a head start. You will want to work with any influencer whose followers suit your audience in terms of geographic location, demographics or interests.

An excellent example is Wanderlust, which started as a small, yoga-focused festival. Now, it includes global wellness events, a video streaming service and yoga centers in places like Montreal and Hollywood. Festival organizers use Instagram as a critical marketing tool, tell stories throughout the year and keep your followers up to date.

3. Use stories to their full potential

While traditional feed posts may focus more on event highlighting, you can use stories to record events in real time. Refresh short videos – less than 10 seconds – and a collection of snapshots, and you’ll create the kind of content your brand followers want.

Instagram stories disappear within 24 hours of posting. These temporary records are the future of the platform and have strategic applications. They may force your followers to follow you to avoid losing content behind the scenes or insider information. It also provides a great way to test new types of content or strategies in a temporary environment or to prevent ads, keeping users thirsty for more details.

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And after gathering at least 10,000 followers, you can add links to your stories – something that’s not possible with traditional Instagram posts. Use this opportunity to connect followers to ticketing pages at least once a week, which should help you convert viewers into participants.

4. Make the most of bio

Even if the fame on Instagram is great, you’ll want to turn that noise into event recordings. Add the event page, the URL where I can purchase tickets, or the address of your site in bio.

This profile link is the best chance to drive sales through Instagram. If you promote multiple events at once, you might consider creating a special landing page for Instagram traffic to direct users to multiple offers. Be creative with your bio and make the most of limited space.

Instagram has never been more popular and shows no signs of “aging”. With more than a billion users per month browsing Instagram feeds, it’s very important to use the social network to promote your event – and, with a little luck, sell a few tickets. Be strategic about your posts, so you can help your event generate the kind of support any brand would want.

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