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How to set up targeted ads on Instagram

Hi guys! It is very easy to launch an advertisement on Instagram (hereinafter IG), but you need to know the nuances so as not to get “screwed up” (in our opinion – for money). There are two ways: through the facebook ad account or through the instagram app.

1 method. Via the Facebook interface

First, create an instagram account, fill it beautifully.

Before launching advertising traffic, we need to create a converter – a website or page on a social network, where we are going to “pour” traffic.

We also create an account and a company page on Facebook (hereinafter FB).

We link our IG account to the company page on the FB. How to do it:

– While on the company page, click on “Settings” (see screenshot below).

настройки facebook

– In the appeared column on the left , look for and click on the item “Instagram”.

– And, in fact, on the right connect our IG account by filling in the username and password in the appropriate fields.

– We go to the IG. Check if the FB page is connected. If not, connect the page on Instagram.

Great, we’ve done it, let’s move on.

We act according to the principle “How to set up targeted advertising on facebook” – this is our previous article, where we told everything in super detail – read on. Now, we’ll talk specifically about the Instagram chips.

Step 1.
While in Ads Manager, we select a goal, depending on our task.

Let’s say our task is to increase website traffic by potential customers. We select the target “Traffic”. [I remind you about the possibility of the Split Test – it will help to arrange testing of several advertisements faster.]

Step 2.
Ad group – we do everything as in the article “How to set up targeted advertising on facebook”.

ONLY! In the “Types of Placement” edit the placement and leave the checkmarks only in the “Instagram” section

instagram настройка рекламы

Choose where to show.

“Stories” are very relevant (because “they are faster to view and it is not necessary to scroll through the entire feed to keep abreast of the news” – so many users think)

Step 3.

Here one more nuance crept in, be careful! We can create a post , or we can use existing ones . FB may not allow advertising of an existing publication – it is important to know and check in advance.

BUT the nuance is not the point. If you want to promote an existing post (which is in the feed), and FB allows it, be careful – it is created / copied as a separate ad .
That is, it collects likes, comments, views that are NOT displayed in your publication, which hangs in the IG feed! Got it?

How to fix the situation if we want to increase the involvement of the Instagram account and organize traffic? Here the second method is suitable, which we will now discuss.

2 Method. Via the Instagram app

  1. Go to the Instagram application from the phone
  2. Create an account as a Business Profile (if not already done)
  3. Finding the required publication
  4. Press the “Promote” button
  5. We carry out all the proposed operations, set up the ad.
  6. Exhale

Summing up, I would like to say all the nuances:

  • Your Instagram account must be a business profile
  • It must be linked to a Facebook page
  • Only select Instagram in Placements
  • We take into account the specifics of the Instagram audience
  • Remember that if we set up an advertisement for an “existing post” through the FB, it is created as a separate ad.
  • To ensure that all user actions with advertising are reflected on your Instagram account, we are promoting an existing publication through the Instagram application itself.

If you’re wondering How to set up ads on Instagram Stories ← read our article.

Friends, we tried to explain in a clear and detailed way how to set up targeted advertising on Instagram. If you have made any discovery or encountered any problem – write to us on social networks – we will be happy to help and develop together!

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