Определяемся с форматом рекламных объявлений

How to set up Instagram Stories ads: rules and restrictions

When starting to promote on Instagram, many often wonder how to set up ads on Instagram Stories, and whether it makes sense to do so. The second part of this question can be safely answered in the affirmative. But do not rely on this channel alone, neglecting the feed itself.

As for setting up the ad itself, there are not so many difficulties here. In this article we will tell you how to launch ads in Stories, how much it will cost, and what advantages it has.

Instagram Stories Advertising Options

The Stories section is located at the top of the news feed. Submissions are displayed in vertical full-screen format. This means that when social network visitors view content, they only see Stories posts. When the time for showing an article ends or the user flips through it, a new one opens. That is, the user sees a continuous feed of publications that are shown in full screen mode.

Story advertisements are shown along with organic content. If the post is well written and contains unique information, then it will be difficult to distinguish it from a regular article.

Варианты рекламы в Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Advertising Options

However, Sponsored Stories Ads are labeled “Advertise”. This sets them apart from organic content. The advantage of advertising messages is that you can place links in them. Regular users can do this with a verified account or more than 10,000 subscribers.

To follow a link from an advertisement, a person needs to click on the button with an arrow. A landing page will open: contact collection form, blog, product catalog, etc.

How do I set up ads on Instagram Stories? First you need to decide on the goal. If before there were only four of them, now there are already seven :

  • Increase brand awareness . The goal is to inform the audience about the company.

  • Increase reach : The ad is broadcast to the maximum number of users.

  • Increased video views . The purpose of the advertising campaign is to attract the audience’s attention to the videos.

  • Increase conversions . Provides increased sales on the site or in the application.

  • Increased app downloads .

  • Lead Generation : Sponsored messages encourage users to share their contact information.

  • Inbound traffic growth : Ads redirect audience to the company’s website.

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Who is suitable for advertising in Stories

All users are individual. Someone is watching the feed, and someone is watching a story. It is incorrect to compare these two services in terms of their effectiveness in terms of advertising placement. Experts recommend using both feed and Stories, and then compare the results. This is the only way to understand which channel is popular with the target audience.

On Instagram, advertisements are allowed to show :

  • the actual goods or services;

  • thank you video comments from customers, unpacking process, reviews;

  • information about promotions, special offers and discounts;

  • information about events, webinars, master classes.

Benefits of Instagram Stories Ads

Story ads have drawbacks. First of all, this is a smaller audience coverage and strict requirements for the format of advertising materials. However, the service has a number of advantages :

  • High audience engagement . Buffer, the social media scheduling app, conducted a study that looked at 200 profiles of major international brands and 15,000 stories. The analysis showed that the Instagram audience watches stories in 69% of cases.

    Высокая вовлечённость аудитории

    High audience engagement
  • Advertising messages published in the feed, a person may miss or not notice . In Stories, he will not have such an opportunity. Therefore, advertising placed in this section is more effective in terms of the number of targeted actions.

  • As already mentioned, in stories content is shown in full screen mode. This means that the image occupies the entire screen and the person concentrates only on it, without being distracted by other information. All that remains for the brand is to create engaging content that can motivate users to take the targeted action.

  • Unlike the feed, you cannot complain or hide ads in Stories . If a person does not like the message, he will just flip through it.

  • Few advertisers place their ads in Stories, so there is low competition in this section . This also affected the cost of publications. It is significantly lower than in the feed, while the efficiency of placing advertisements is high. Brands can save significant money by promoting in Stories.

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Step-by-step setup for Instagram Stories ads

There is enough information on the Internet on how to set up ads in Instagram Stories. Here is a short instruction :

  1. Step # 1. Create a Facebook business page

    You can set up a promotion campaign only through your personal account on Facebook, so first you need to create a business account on this social network.

    There is no need to add a brand description, create a cover, etc. You just need to fill in the required fields. You can skip the rest.

  2. Step # 2. Linking Instagram and Facebook accounts

    To do this, you need to do the following algorithm of actions:

    • Open the “Settings” section, in the list that appears, click on “Instagram” and enter.

    • In the window that opens, enter the login and password for your Instagram account. Next, a form will appear in which you must specify the purpose of the advertising campaign.

  3. Step # 3. Enter the name of the advertising campaign and budget limits

    The title should be understandable so that later it will not be confused in campaigns.

    As for budget limits, here you need to choose one of two options:

    • Daily . The amount that will be spent on advertising daily is indicated.

    • For the entire period of placement . Indicates the total amount that Facebook itself will evenly distribute.

    It is recommended to start with 200-400 rubles per day. When advertising starts to bring the first applications, it will already be possible to judge its effectiveness and whether it is worth increasing or decreasing the budget.

  4. Step # 4. Configuring the profile

    We set up the items without which the adequate operation of the account is impossible:

    Настраиваем профиль

    Configuring the Profile
  5. Step # 5. Set up the target audience for advertising campaigns on Instagram

    This point is very important when it comes to how to set up your Instagram Stories ads. It determines who will see messages with brand information.

    First, we give the ad group a name and set the landing page, that is, the place where users will go after clicking on the ad. It can be a website, application or messenger.

    Then we select the audience to which the promotion will be targeted. Targeting can be configured according to two groups of parameters :

    • Basic : gender, age, place of residence, language;

    • Detailed : interests and behavior.

    It is preferable to work with two groups at once, that is, configure all the proposed parameters.

    Difficulty can arise when choosing interests. Let’s say the target audience is people who want to lose weight. Their interests are likely to be sports, fitness, healthy eating, body weight, etc.

    To choose the right interests, you need to do some work. For example, sit down with a piece of paper and write down everything that comes to mind, and then compare the result with what the social network offers. You can also read Facebook’s recommendations in this regard.

  6. Step # 6. Determine the place of broadcasting advertisements

    If you leave the automatic settings, then messages will be displayed on both Facebook and Instagram.

    To leave only Instagram Stories, you need to go to “Edit Placement” and remove unnecessary checkboxes.

  7. Step # 7. Determine the betting strategy

    There are four options here:

    • Clicks on the link.

    • View landing pages.

    • Displays.

    • Daily reach among unique users.

    If you leave the default settings, the bid will be automatic. The social network will install it.

    If the goal of an advertising campaign is to collect clicks on a link, then select the appropriate item. It is also recommended to stop at this option for those who first encountered the question of how to set up advertising in Instagram Stories.

    After a while, you can change the settings to “Impressions” and then compare the results. However, most often they install “Clicks on the link” and do not change anything.

  8. Step # 8. Determine the format of advertisements

    Here you can select, for example, a ring gallery, then several images or videos will be used in the message at once. So, on the first one you can show a person’s need, on the second – the way to satisfy it, on the third – a call to action.

    Определяемся с форматом рекламных объявлений

    Determining the format of advertisements
  9. Step # 9. Insert links and select the button format

    To implement this item, you need to fill out the appropriate forms in the settings and click “Confirm”.

  10. Step number 10. Determine the payment method

    Those who first came to the question of how to set up ads in Instagram Stories will need to choose a payment method for an advertising campaign.

    The social network offers four options :

    To choose a convenient payment method, you need to know that there are two types of advertising accounts on Facebook: postpaid and prepaid.

    The first option assumes that the promotion is organized on credit. Advertising is first launched and paid for only after a while. The money is debited when the threshold of 1,290 rubles is reached.

    Psychological triggers in social networks:

    The amount can be changed. Funds will be debited every time the set limit is reached.

    The disadvantages of a postpaid account include the fact that if the advertising campaign is set up incorrectly, or if it is simply forgotten, the money will be wasted. After all, ads will be shown until they are stopped or until the limit is reached.

    A prepaid account means that money is first deposited into the account, and then an advertising campaign is launched. As soon as funds run out, the broadcast of announcements stops.

    The type of account is determined at the time of choosing a payment method :

    • Bank card and PayPal are postpaid profiles,

    • Qiwi Wallet – to prepaid.

    You need to choose a convenient payment method and click “Next”.

    After that, the advertising campaign will go for moderation, which lasts from 15 minutes to 4 hours. The process is usually fast.

    This simple tutorial answers the question of how to set up Instagram Stories ads and shows that even a novice user can handle the task.

Stories Advertising Costs

The cost of promotion on Instagram depends on several factors :

  • From audience : These are new people or those who are already familiar with the brand.

  • From ad format : video or image.

  • From the target action that users need to do : watch a video, go to the site, subscribe, buy a product, etc.

  • From the cost of the service / product, which determines the nature of the purchase : impulse or not.

On average, promotion in Stories is cheaper than in the feed.

To calculate the approximate cost of a specific ad campaign, you need to start with a minimum budget of 2-3 days and look at the effect. Initial numbers will help make adjustments and increase the effectiveness of the promotion.

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