How to register your Online Store on Instagram Shopping

Thinking about registering your online store on Instagram Shopping and have no idea where to start? Start with this tutorial prepared by the Nerdweb team so you can learn how to activate this feature in a few steps and leverage your online business!

The tool is 100% free and both big brands and local brands are betting on Instagram Shopping to display their virtual shop windows, showing the products to consumers who increasingly shop through the social network that has already won the hearts of 1 billion of users worldwide and is growing exponentially.

You want to sell more on Instagram in 2021, right? Do not leave this mini guide until you learn why it is important to register your online store on Instagram Shopping. Yes, for your business to survive you need to invest in online sales and an Instagram business account is the start of all possibilities.

Say goodbye to stalled sales and learn to register your online store on Instagram Shopping, exploring the best features to activate this powerful sales tool. In the next lines, you will have the complete walkthrough!

What is Instagram Shopping?

Before the step by step of how to register your online store on Instagram Shopping, stop and think: do you know what Instagram Shopping is? It is an exclusive tool for brands that use the Instagram business profile and allows merchants to practically create an e-commerce within Instagram.

You can improve product disclosure with features like:

  • Adding links and redirecting posts to the shopping site;
  • Product price display;
  • Use strategic buttons like “buy now” or “learn more” to direct the user to check-outyour store and much more!

Step by step to register your virtual store on Instagram Shopping

Now that you know a little more about Instagram Shopping’s proposal, let’s learn, in practice, how to register your online store on Instagram? First of all, it’s very important to make sure you have a business profile on the social network so that you can connect it to the Facebook store’s product catalog.

Don’t have a business profile or don’t know how to turn your personal account into a business account? We have a manual just to help you with this mission and you can read it here. Is your business profile all right? Very well. Time for the next steps. Check it out!

1. Check the basic requirements of the function

To activate Instagram Shopping, it is important to verify that your account meets the basic social media requirements.

 The shopping function is only valid for stores that sell products and the store must be among the countries enabled by the social network (Brazil is one of them), in addition, the page must have a good administration so that Instagram doesn’t understand that your profile is fake.

2. Integrate Instagram business profile with Facebook


To use the catalog features, you need to connect Instagram page to Facebook Business Manager (by the way, the tool used to assemble sponsored ads in ADs).

It’s simple: log into Facebook and select the Settings button and connect your account. After that, go to and log into your business account to complete the integration.

3. Link Instagram profile to Facebook product catalog

To tag your products, use Instagram Shopping tags, and use the stickers and product tagging features in stories, it is important to create a product catalog on Facebook that is linked to your company’s Instagram profile.

In Business Manager, you can check whether your store’s business information is correct or missing. After that, again it is necessary to go to the page settings and click on “templates and guides”. In this session, you can select your shopping template and configure your store.

You can connect the Facebook catalog to Instagram via the Catalog Manager or via a Facebook-integrated sales platform. Follow all Facebook recommendations to make no mistake!

4. Ask Instagram Review

To start exploring the features of Instagram Shopping, it’s important that the Instagram team do an analysis of your profile. Enter the app and go to “settings”. Click on “company” and choose the option “purchase”. The result can be out in a few days and if the team needs any more information, you will receive notifications in the app itself.

How to tag products on Instagram?

Finally, it’s time to tag Instagram products and leave them exactly as pictured below:

Like it? Follow the tutorial we prepared for you:

Step 1: have a Facebook page set up in Business Manager

Step 2: create your store on Facebook or register your product catalog in the Business Manager.

Step 3: turn your Instagram account into a business profile

Step 4: link your Instagram account to the Facebook page

Step 5: Now, click on the “Settings” icon of your profile and see if the option “Products” is enabled to add the product catalog linked to the business profile. Otherwise, according to the help of Instagram, it is possible that your account is still being analyzed or has not been approved for use by Instagram Shopping.

Step 6:if everything worked out, congratulations! Now the option “Mark products” will be visible before sharing a post. Each publication has a limit of 5 products per image or 20 products in a carousel. To activate the “Buy” tab 

Instagram Shopping Advantages

Do you still have questions about how Instagram Shopping works and how this tool can revolutionize the way you sell online and improve your audience’s Instagram experience?

Instagram Shopping makes shopping easier, makes the consumer’s path shorter and more practical, and also helps to strengthen your brand’s branding. Do you know why? Because Instagram is a tool for connection, content, interaction and is increasingly arousing the desire to buy among consumers.

According to a survey by Webshoppers, the niches that sell the most through this social network are: health, cosmetics, fashion, decoration, electronics, gastronomy, home appliances, among others.

There are many advantages of using Instagram Shopping, but we’ve listed a few below to inspire you. Check it out:

  • More resources to promote your product in a sophisticated way;
  • Ease of purchase using buttons with the CTA technique;
  • Simplest path to e-commerce shopping cart;
  • Display of detailed information and prices on the product;
  • Ability to tag partners and influencers.

To take advantage of Instagram Shopping’s advantages, don’t forget: invest in the careful production of photos, associate your product with people’s daily lives, use good angles and lights, set goals for each publication and interact with your followers.

Use Instagram Shopping Now

Did you like the tips to register your online store on Instagram Shopping and boost sales? Get started now!

If you have any questions, know that Nerdweb’s experts in social media, digital marketing strategies and paid media are here to help you create your Instagram Shopping virtual store from scratch and win the hearts of followers by nurturing a relationship with them until that relationship turns into conversion to sales.

Need help using Instagram Shopping in business? Talk to Nerdweb experts now!

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