How to pump your Instagram: the best promotion methods

An understanding of how to pump up your Instagram is necessary for everyone who wants to promote in this social network. This platform shows a stable growth of users, so various companies and entrepreneurs can find their audience here.

It is important to note that there is no one way to promote – you need to apply a set of measures, but this does not mean that will have to incur large costs. In our article, we will tell you how to upgrade your Instagram account, what mistakes to avoid and what you need to understand in order for promotion to be successful.

The word “pumping” is familiar to everyone who is fond of computer games. A pumped character is the one who has the highest characteristics. Instagram in this sense is no different, except for indicators: mana is similar to likes, health – to subscribers, luck – to comments and reposts. That is, as in games, pumping an account is its promotion, increasing its popularity and efficiency in sales.

Accordingly, we can conclude that the number of subscribers is important for a pumped profile, but not – this should be the target audience, there should be likes of publications and comments to them (and this is just impossible to do with a subscription cheat).

  • Account

    When choosing a name, you need to rely on the principle “the simpler the better”. If the nickname is complex, it is easy to make a mistake in it, and it will be more difficult to search for it on Instagram. Unsuccessful names where there are two underscores or two or three words. Optimally – a short and simple nickname. This one is easy to remember, it is easily searched for. By the way, it is recommended to use the same one on all social networks. If you already had an account on another site before Instagram, go to this network with an existing nickname.

    Do not neglect the description of the profile if it is important for you how to pump your Instagram – it immediately becomes clear whether the account is interesting to those who log into it. Everything is important – the city, interests, links to other social networks and blogs.


    Write in Russian if you are not going to engage in international activities yet. But if you are looking for partners from other countries, the description should be in English. But again, something that may be of interest to other accounts – location, hobby, occupation, it is the community of interests that attracts subscribers.

    An avatar should be clear, unambiguous and evoke pleasant emotions. It’s best to put your own photo.

  • Content and Account Concept

    Before you start making publications in order to pump Instagram for free, you need to think over the concept of your account. Make sure that the content matches it and does not go the other way.

    If, for example, you decided to devote a page to making cakes, and then suddenly started posting photos of yourself from the gym, you shouldn’t be surprised that subscribers leave, because they came for your original content. This is unusual for them, because you have not yet had such content, you have gone beyond it. And the more often you jump from your topic to another, the more followers will unsubscribe from you.

    Variety in your profile is encouraged – alternate between food, lifestyle, nature and selfies, but don’t get hung up on yourself. If your blog is dedicated only to you, then few people will be interested in it. Don’t expect a lot of subscriptions.

  • Content quality

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    Photos play the main role on Instagram. This means that they have to be attractive – bright, not blurry. If you are not sure that the photos taken with your phone are of sufficient quality, take them with your camera. Of course, we can say that this is somewhat contrary to the rules of the social network, because it is focused on phones. But if the quality of your account is more important to you, shoot with a good camera.

    Lighting plays an important role. You can use a framework if the concept of the account provides it. Remember that people who visit your profile rate it in its entirety, not just one photo. And if your images in accordance with the concept are only black and white, then any color will knock out of it and spoil the impression. If everything is in the same style, then potential subscribers will appreciate it and decide to subscribe.

    Light colored pages attract more people. The selected filters should be used on all photos.

    The description of the photo is also important, people like not only to look at the pictures, but also to read the texts. If you only have a photo, not everyone can appreciate such a move, because it is not always clear what the author wanted to say with this or that image. In addition, subscribers want to interact with the owner of the account, and this is impossible if you do not ask questions, do not touch on burning topics and generally do not give a reason to communicate, at least welcoming followers.

    The publication should be useful. If your posts are interesting, they will be read, especially if they contain information that helps them immediately solve their problem. But to achieve this, content needs to be carefully thought out and planned to alternate between entertainment, informational, and sales posts.

  • Location

    You can promote your account using the location. You need to look at the corresponding tag at the event you are interested in, and use it to find the people who were there. Then you just need to like and comment. As a result, your content will appear on this location, and event visitors will come to you and leave likes. Among them there will definitely be those who will subscribe to your account.

  • Hashtags

    Hashtags are essential in promoting a page on Instagram. They are literally made for this social network. They can replace the signature for the publication, but if you want to attract subscribers, use those that have a general meaning, not an individual one.

    A hashtag like #yadugulatvpark is not very informative, especially if it was used once under a single post. People use these tags to search for content that is similar or interesting to them. Accordingly, if your profile attracts their attention, they will subscribe to it.

    If the account already has many followers and its owner is a famous person, then it is recommended to use thematic hashtags and divide all content according to them, for example, travel, animals, food, sports, events, etc.

    Using hashtags, you can draw attention to old posts. Add new tags to the photo, they will be found by more recent content with the same theme. And then old photos will get likes and comments.

    In accordance with Instagram etiquette, it is undesirable to use more than three hashtags per post. Therefore, you need to look for those that more clearly define your goal. But when the post is hidden from the feed, you can give more hashtags with the second comment to it, so the information will not be lost.

    If you are targeting a Russian-speaking audience, add tags in Russian.

  • Mutual Subscription and Likes

    After someone has visited your page and left a like or subscribed to you, go to their account and do the same. Then your visitor will understand that you are also interested in promotion. If you leave him likes that he needs as much as you do, he will not unsubscribe from you.

  • SFS

    SFS on Instagram is a mutual mention, mutual PR, a very good way to improve Instagram yourself. People talk about a profile on their page, and then the one they talked about presents them in their account. SFS is a powerful page promotion tool, so be sure to organize such promotions.

    If you took part in an SFS account, where there are more than a thousand subscribers, and shared information with your audience, you can get to it in the feed, and you will be mutually advertised to its subscribers.

    The principle “the more you give, the more you get” is at work here. The main thing is active actions, clicking on hashtags, likes when organizing your SFS

    Do not participate in other people’s SFS too often, it scares away subscribers and forces you to unsubscribe. Spend yours when you have enough followers interested in you and your account.

  • Various automatic actions on Instagram – masliking, masslooking, mass following, mailing and similar – cause negative, therefore the social network has a negative attitude towards services that offer such services. However, this is a good option for boosting Instagram for business. The main thing is not to overdo it with this type of promotion and use additional methods, for example, connecting proxy servers, observing limits. There are several services that help :

  • Visual side

    You are unlikely to reach a large audience if your page does not attract attention or even repulses. Accepted by dress – this is very true for Instagram. If your avatar is incomprehensible, your profile is not completed or filled in such a way that it is impossible to conclude from it about the theme of your account, the photos are of poor quality, the style leaves much to be desired, then hardly anyone will consider the content worthy of attention.

    Try to look at your page as if from the outside. If it was someone else’s account and you logged in for the first time, would you subscribe? Consider if the answer was no.

  • Boring content

    Even an attractive avatar, an interesting header and style in general detained the visitor of the page, it is not a fact that he will subscribe to it if he did not notice any benefit for himself after a more careful study of your photos.

    “This is me at the dacha, these are my cats, this is me going to work …”. Such an account is valuable only for your friends and relatives. In another case, this is a common mistake of Instagram users. Oddly enough, such blogs are popular with bloggers outside of Russia, but the benefits are important for the Russian-speaking public.

    Therefore, the visual is not enough. Your content should encourage you to subscribe to your account.

    Content plan for social networks with meaning:

  • Bad hashtags

    If you are bad at choosing hashtags, then they are not involved in promoting posts. As a result, many say that they do not work and there is no point in them. However, in practice, it turns out that they do not know how to use them, they use the same ones without taking into account statistics, do not think about them and put them at random.

    Many people underestimate hashtags, but with well-designed and useful content, they bring subscribers to you for free. Don’t forget that you can use up to 30 hashtags!

  • Silence on the air

    So, your page looks stylish, you publish high-quality photos, you have interesting and useful texts, but people don’t come to you? Are you waiting for them to come by themselves? No, you have to let them know about you.

    And for this you yourself must go to other accounts, leave likes and comments, subscribe, participate in like times and SFS.

  • No interactive communication

    And one more important factor – the content should encourage visitors to take action. Ask them to rate your account or part of it. This will not only attract subscribers, but also find weaknesses in your profile.

  • Based on the above, we can conclude that there are many ways to pump Instagram, but the main one is activity. The more people see you, the higher the chances that they will follow you.

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