Типичные ошибки продвижения страницы в Инстаграм

How to Promote Your Instagram Page: Timeless Rules and Best Practices 2021

The question of how to promote a page on Instagram does not lose its relevance, despite the fact that the social network has existed for a long time, and the importance of promotion in it has been appreciated by many large and not very companies. The thing is that it constantly changes algorithms, which directly affects the methods of promoting an account.

In addition to the need to comply with the mechanics of the social network itself, there are rules that apply to the type of Instagram audience. In our article we will tell you how to properly promote an account on this site, talk about the importance of text and design, and provide a list of the most common mistakes.

Demand for promoting a page on Instagram

Instagram is one of the three social networks that generate the most traffic, and therefore provide the largest percentage of online sales. In terms of audience activity, this service occupies a leading position.

The secret of such popularity among users lies in the minimum of garbage and advertising information, which is present, for example, on Facebook and VKontakte. Instagram was originally created for posting photos, and most people use this service for its intended purpose. And the presence of “live” content motivates users to be open and appropriate.

Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for brand owners and sales managers to know how to promote a page on Instagram. Moreover, the existing tools and methods (both paid and free) allow you to do the promotion yourself.

Preparing to promote the page on Instagram

First of all, the page owner needs to specify the goals of promotion in this social network and determine the motivation to achieve these goals. Motives can be increased income, increased recognition of a personal or product brand, simple self-expression, etc. All this requires preliminary analysis before investing.

There are two ways to go here:

  • Generate an idea . This implies the creation of a certain concept, which, according to the owner, should “shoot”. This will happen if the idea is successful. In this case, the page will begin to rapidly gain subscribers. But not everyone succeeds in creating a brilliant concept right off the bat. Therefore, the developed idea should be tested before implementation using statistical data based on user feedback. Based on the results, the account owner decides whether the concept is viable or not.

    Подключение бизнес-профиля для продвижения в Инстаграм

    Connecting a business profile for promotion on Instagram
  • Define target audience. For the successful growth of the popularity of his account, the owner must know the demographic and sociological characteristics of the target audience. Knowing the desires, aspirations, dreams and fears of potential subscribers, you can offer them exactly what they need at the moment. This knowledge will serve as the basis for the formation of ideas that coincide with the real needs of the target audience. Dave Gray’s empathy maps will help you compose a portrait of a potential subscriber.

This is how the concept of the future Instagram page is created.

Connecting a business profile for promotion on Instagram

There are 2 types of accounts in this network: personal and commercial. Promotion is available only for the latter.

Business accounts have a number of advantages:

  • Having a link button . This element allows visitors to directly call the page owner, send them SMS messages or emails. However, this feature only exists on the mobile version of Instagram.

  • Display physical address . A company that has a room (office or store) with a real address can display this address in its business account profile. Subscribers will immediately know where this point is located, and will find out how to get to it. This feature helps a lot in the development of offline business.

  • Statistics display . Business page owners can view statistics. To do this, click on the icon with three horizontal lines and select the appropriate item. The owner will see complete information about the activity of visitors. This item is available when you reach 100 subscribers.

  • Targeting. Targeted ads are best for promoting Instagram posts. To enable it, just click on the blue “Promote” button in the lower right corner under the relevant post.

How to triple income with your personal brand on social media

Mikhail Khristosenko

Leading expert on social networks in Russia. Graduate of the Presidential Management Training Program with training and internship in Germany.

Михаил Христосенко

Personal branding is what they say about you when you are not in the room. ” This is what Amazon creator Jeff Bezos said about his personal brand. There are other definitions, but this gets to the point 100%.

You can be super cool, but if no one knows about you, you are no different from a fledgling newbie. But running around with your “I” and your own expertise is also not an option. No empty words and bloated ego.

Once upon a time, after the collapse of my first business, I did not understand where to move on. But in the end he chose the path of creating and strengthening his personal brand. Although then this term was not yet so popular.

  • Now I have a big team and millions of launches with me.

  • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

  • I choose the clients I work with myself.

  • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

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A business account is connected by sequential execution of the following steps:

  • go to the menu by clicking on the element with three horizontal lines;

  • select the “Settings” item;

  • click on the “Account” button;

  • enable the “Switch to a professional account” option;

  • choose an account format (author, business);

  • link a Facebook account to the page to analyze the effectiveness of promotion, view statistics and effectively conduct targeted advertising;

  • complete your company profile.

Profile design rules for successful promotion

  • Select page name

    Nicknames are limited to 30 characters. You need to choose a name that is simple and memorable. For a regular personal account without promotion purposes, it is permissible to choose any nickname. But in the case of a business page, the brand or line of business must be displayed in its name.

    The name of the page for the local business is selected in the same way. But in order to most effectively attract the audience, it is advisable to use an additional geomarker in the name (for example, @flowershop_tyumen instead of @flowershop). In this case, the visitor to the page will already by nickname understand in which city the company is located and what it sells.

    Popular insta bloggers sometimes call pages catchy and unusual names, but experimenting with this is worthwhile only after reaching a large number of subscribers, as this rarely gives a positive effect. But it is desirable to attract the attention of potential customers by any means. Here you can use children’s nicknames or nicknames of deleted accounts as names. If there are initials in the nickname, use delimiters (underscores, periods) in moderation.

  • Effective account description

    The account header is limited to 150 characters. This must be taken into account when using it to describe (bio). In addition, there are some basic rules for writing an effective description:

    • Use as your bio the answer to the question: “Who are you and what do you offer?”

    • Create an effective and clear offer. Example: “I will deliver flowers by March 8 on the day of order.”

    • Leave your contact details (phone, another social network account, second Instagram account, etc.).

    • Direct your visitor to the right address by tagging any promotion or other important information.

    • Using a multi-link service, create a short and easy-to-understand link to go to your landing page or target site. Please also use the appropriate service to shorten links.

    Правила оформления профиля для успешного продвижения

    Profile design rules for successful promotion

    Information useful for visitors that does not fit in the description can be shown in eternal stories or packed with a multi-link service and placed in the field with links to the site. This is a very useful service as it allows you to create full-fledged landing pages and shows comprehensive conversion statistics. This function monitors traffic sources, evaluates the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

  • Correct design of eternal stories

    There are so-called “eternal stories” on Instagram. They never disappear, and visitors to the page can watch them at any time. For stories, 9:16 images are suitable. It is advisable not to choose a picture with a resolution below 600×1067 – its quality will be mediocre. The optimal resolution is 1080×1920.

    Materials suitable for posting in eternal stories:

    • price;

    • examples and samples;

    • customer reviews;

    • detailed descriptions of products and services;

    • promotions and special offers;

    • answers to visitors’ questions;

    • results of competitions held;

    • detailed information about the company and its business;

    • information that is important to the user and requires priority attention;

    • content rubricator, as well as promoted materials.

    • Story avatar and cover design

    Your profile photo must be clear and legible. If a business account is being issued, the company logo in the photo must be centered. All design should be done in the same style.

    It is permissible to place a tag or heading on the cover, made in neutral colors and not very small print. The page owner should be aware of different tastes among people, and a design that the Instagram account owner likes may not appeal to most of the target audience.

Content requirements for promoting a page on Instagram

Promotion of any Instagram page begins with work on the content. This is a kind of foundation for future promotion. Publications that are not interesting to the audience will not work, no matter how huge the budget is spent on promotion. Therefore, the first thing the owner of the promoted account should take care of is to achieve high quality content. And then you need to think about the regularity of publications.

How can you tell if your content is good quality? For business accounts, the quality of the text is determined by the coincidence of the topics of the published posts with the interests of the target visitors, as well as with the goals of the business. For example, a page owner wants to increase sales. However, the audience, as a rule, is not interested in selling texts. We need to look for some kind of compromise option. And as a solution, let’s give an example. There is a cosmetics company specializing in eyeliner. You can engage your audience by organizing a small workshop on creating perfect arrows in just a couple of minutes. The advantages of using unique brushes with super durability are sure to be highlighted. As a result, the audience shows interest in the master class, and the company sells its product.

The quality of the content of a personal Instagram page is determined by both the benefit for the audience and the interest for the author himself. For example, a blog is about hair care. Trust in the owner of the page will be only if he is an expert in this topic, is interested in all its aspects, constantly studies the relevant literature and at the same time experiments with care products, creating proven techniques and publishing them on his page. In order for the blog to be periodically filled with interesting materials, the author must literally live on this topic. Fading away interest will lead to the idea of ​​posts quickly running out.

Regardless of the type of account, the regularity of the publication of publications and stories is important. This will keep the audience engaged. However, the quality of posts should still be prioritized over the number of posts.

Sources of ideas for content:

  • interests of the target audience

    It is necessary to analyze what the target subscriber is interested in. You can identify the main interests by leaving comments and by popular queries in search engines. It will also be useful to organize polls in the format of stories.

  • competitor content

    We need to find blogs on similar topics and analyze the topics covered. Most of them should reflect the interests of subscribers. That being said, it is important to determine which images are the best for the audience and which headlines competitors are using. At the same time, you should not blindly copy posts, since the content must be unique. Otherwise, the identity of the blog or brand will be lost, which means that the interest from subscribers will be low.

  • pre-written content plan

    Before you promote a page on Instagram yourself, you need to take care of the publication plan several posts ahead. You should not completely rely only on momentary ideas in this matter, since in this case there will be enough enthusiasm for a maximum of 3-4 publications. Therefore, drawing up a content plan is a mandatory part of preparing an account for promotion.

    Требования к контенту для продвижения страницы в Инстаграм

    Content requirements for promoting a page on Instagram

    With a lack of ideas, there is no need to rush to take the options offered by the search results. As a rule, it consists of rather primitive advice from people who are not familiar with maintaining Instagram accounts. In addition, millions of authors have probably taken advantage of the same advice. For this reason alone, your blog will not stand out from others.

    In the process of writing posts, you should be guided by the rule of completeness of the disclosed topics so that subscribers do not have questions after reading. Finally, the posts should be of interest to the author himself. This is hackneyed, trite, but still working advice.

Promotional Visuals on Instagram

Any, even the most interesting text will not be read on Instagram if it is not provided with an attractive picture. You also need to take into account the peculiarity of this service. When entering the page, users see several images at once and form their attitude to the content. Therefore, the work on the filling should be carried out in a complex.

  1. Brand logo or element

    For companies providing a narrow range of products, it is enough to use a symbol as a logo and build a general concept around it. However, this works if the brand symbol is constantly found in posts, being harmoniously inscribed in publications and reflected topics. It is also important that this element fully reflects the values ​​of the brand or company.

  2. Featured carousel publications

    The so-called carousel is ideal for rendering complex content. In this case, the text is divided into parts and distributed over several pictures. This makes information much easier to perceive.

    For navigation within the carousel, it is useful to use various arrows, pointers and similar elements that visually divide the text into semantic blocks. It is advisable to avoid overly long sentences and headings. Here you need to cover only the very essence, and provide clarifying information in the publications themselves.

  3. Digital Collage

    Once upon a time, paper magazines were used to create collages, from where images were cut and pasted into an album. Now all this can be done in a graphical editor, and the result of the work can be uploaded to the Internet.

    Collages can be made in various formats and styles: retro, b / w, emoticons and stickers, animated elements, a combination of incongruous, etc. In any case, it is important to show the correspondence of images to the aesthetics of the brand. A collage used for promotion on Instagram must also follow marketing goals – for example, figuratively demonstrating the benefits of the promoted product or describing an ongoing promotion.

  4. Spectacular videos

    While text or images are perceived only by sight, the video format additionally connects the ear, maximally influencing the subconscious of the visitor. Instagram has a built-in function that calculates the time spent by a visitor on a specific video. When the desired effect is achieved, the publication is gaining popularity.

    Therefore, at the beginning of the video, it is advisable to show some action, and not a static image, so that the user does not lose interest in this video from the first seconds. The videos should be devoted to the behind-the-scenes details of business and life, which are not covered anywhere else. Thus, an additional connection with a potential client is created, which increases his loyalty.

  5. Color palette, image processing

    It is known that color affects the psyche and behavior. This property should be used when designing posts. For example, the homogeneous tones of the account create a feeling of lightness, aesthetics, and a certain glossiness. The user subconsciously associates himself with the same style if he becomes interested and purchases the promoted product. In other words, color creates in the subconscious of a person a connection between a product or service with some thing or phenomenon.

    The color palette is also used to grab the visitor’s attention in a particular post.

  6. Good use of humor

    Any blog, even one dedicated to some serious topic, is never too much to be diluted with humorous posts. They will stand out from the rest of the content and thus attract additional audience. It is important here to position the image as humorous, by choosing the angle correctly or choosing the intro for the video.

    For entertaining posts, it is better to choose the evening time, when subscribers are trying to relax after a working day. But humor should be used with care, being careful not to offend anyone.

    Продвигающий визуал в Инстаграм

    Instagram Promotion Visual
  7. Text on image

    In blogs of any subject, text is often applied to photos. He deciphers the meaning of the post, helps convey the key message to the visitor. This technique should be used with care and not overused. The overload of textual information will scare off the audience, therefore such posts should be posted at least one post with a regular picture, and better even less often.

    It is also important to choose the right color scheme. Increasing the contrast between the text and the background image will make the text more legible.

  8. Chessboard

    This effect is created by alternating posts according to the rules of a single concept. For example, you can alternate publications one by one, showing the product first in close-up and then on the model.

    “Chessboard” is very easy to implement, while it looks organic and is easily perceived by the audience. A uniform, harmonious style of the entire tape is created. But, as in the previous case, you should not use this technique all the time, since this format becomes boring over time.

  9. Animation

    The introduction of even the simplest animated element can increase the popularity of an Instagram account. But, like videos, the animation does not play when reviewing the entire feed at once – this happens in the process of viewing each post in turn. And then the subscriber’s gaze will surely “catch” the moving pictures.

    Anything can be animated for promotion, including the product image. This will be of particular benefit to online stores. Dynamic elements increase audience engagement, which ultimately has a positive impact on sales.

  10. Illustrations

    Drawn pictures show users the product from a different angle, without using text, conveying some emotion or previously hidden information. This is especially useful if the brand itself is not expressive enough.

    To create illustrations, it is better to contact specialists. Choose an illustrator based on the style of his work and then relate that style to the overall aesthetics of the blog. Only after making sure that the styles of the author and your blog are consistent, you can order a service from this specialist. Use Dribble and Behance to find artists.

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Free Instagram Page Promotion Methods

  • Using manual likes and followings

    When wondering how to promote a page on Instagram for free, first of all, pay attention to manual following. First, invite your friends and acquaintances, after which you can recruit subscribers unfamiliar to you. Look for the latter on the pages of competitors. Subscribe to these users, put likes and comments on their posts, but in no case advertise your profile!

  • Commenting on other people’s publications

    To attract attention to your page, leave comments on competitors’ blogs on behalf of this account. Moreover, you need to comment in such a way as to attract the attention of other subscribers, and then many of them will want to go to you, and some of them will also become your subscribers. Accuracy is important here: only your personal opinion as an expert and no advertising. Otherwise, your comment will be removed.

  • Advertising of the Instagram blog on other own resources

    If you have, for example, a YouTube channel or a VK community, inform subscribers about your new blog on Instagram. This is how you attract your old subscription base. On your own site, you should also place a link to the promoted account and thus attract subscribers from among all visitors to this site, even not interested in visiting it again.

  • Use of high quality and attractive photographs

    As we noted earlier, the picture determines the popularity. And even the most interesting text on Instagram will not be read by people if the image is of poor quality or repulsive. For the same reason, you should not add stock, non-original photos.

    Ideally, these should be photos taken by you personally, but in addition to this, drawings, sketches and collages are allowed. Light photos look more attractive than dark ones. In the latter case, the depicted product is subconsciously perceived as low-quality.

    Use Canva to create an illustration or collage depicting a product or promotion. It offers the widest selection of all kinds of templates for any post format. You will have to pay for the highest quality options, although you can find good solutions among the free ones. Working in the service is not difficult, even a person who is not familiar with Photoshop can handle it.

  • Using Stories

    Instagram Stories are becoming more popular than traditional posts. This fact is noticed by many page owners, activating their activities in Stories. Popular bloggers often have a 1: 1 ratio of posts to stories.

    The format of stories attracts the audience with its interactivity and the ability to communicate with the author. Interaction with the account owner is carried out through likes and direct requests. Stories collect a variety of such reactions, which increases audience engagement and boosts your blog’s growth.

    Использование сторис

    Tasks of the smart feed on Instagram

    You can post to stories:

    • all kinds of competitions with voting;

      Visitors like to vote for this or that option. This has a positive effect on such an indicator as ER.

    • link to the main site;

      Clicks on the link give the site with the detailed product description additional traffic.

    • marketing promotions;

      Stories are actively viewed by visitors, so it is useful here to inform the audience about upcoming promotions and collect visitors’ reactions.

    • announcements ;

      Some users, when visiting an Instagram account, usually limit themselves to viewing stories. An announcement for a new post may motivate them to go to the main feed.

    • product of the day;

      If there is a product sold at a big discount, it is advisable to promptly tell about it in the story.

    • customer reviews;

      Stories can also be used to post responses from satisfied customers, either in the form of screenshots of personal correspondence, or in the form of reposts of stories from customers who want to share their impressions.

    • images of old publications;

      It is useful to remind subscribers of important, long-posted information by posting a corresponding picture in the story. This way you can collect additional reactions and comments.

    • operational photos and videos;

      In this format, it is also worth showing any materials from the scene, describing the production process, behind the scenes of a business, or just moments from travel.

      You can post many other things that attract your audience to stories. Only the main part is listed here, the rest depends on the specifics of a particular type of activity.

  • Shooting videos on IGTV

    This relatively new but rapidly growing service is a mix of YouTube and Snapchat for capturing long, vertical videos. To access the IGTV functionality, just go to the corresponding section of the mobile version of Instagram. You can also use a separate application specially created for this.

    Beginning bloggers can shoot videos up to 10 minutes long. For confirmed and promoted accounts, the maximum time has been increased to 1 hour.

  • Streaming

    It is useful to communicate with subscribers in a live broadcast format. The topic of conversation can be anything. Here you can also conduct live broadcasts from important events, organize webinars, answer questions from the audience.

    First of all, you need to determine the goal of organizing the stream: familiarizing subscribers with a new product, feedback with potential customers, establishing trusting relationships with them, etc. Next, decide how exactly through live broadcast you will achieve your goal.

  • Geotagging

    Geo-referencing allows for additional coverage. The visitor clicks on a geotag in one publication and goes to the feed with exactly the same geotags. In addition, the service shows users the nearest geotags as they enter a search query.

    Therefore, in the case of linking your business to some place, be sure to mark it and report it by putting the appropriate geotag. But even if there is no such anchor, mark any popular places in your posts anyway.

4 Paid Instagram Promotion Methods

  1. Launch targeted advertising

    Using the advertising tools built into the service, you can attract the most relevant audience. For this, either new advertising publications are created, or already published posts are promoted. Ads can be configured to be displayed according to certain parameters: age category, gender, interests of subscribers, their geographic location. A full set of tools is available when launching an advertising campaign through your Facebook account. It is also possible to launch ads directly through a business account, but the functionality will be reduced. To do this, just activate the “Promote” button, and then select the target audience, campaign period, advertising budget and form of payment.

  2. Ordering advertising from popular bloggers

    First of all, you need to find the account owners with the relevant audience. Advertising should be ordered from them both in standard posts and in stories. Choose bloggers who are engaged in a similar topic, have good statistics and real, not fooled subscribers. These parameters can be checked by requesting the author for the relevant statistics on the coverage per day or per week, as well as separately for the last 2-3 posts.

  3. Participation in marathons with top bloggers

    Popular bloggers often run contests or marathons. To quickly promote your page and gain subscribers, take part in such events. The most important advantage of this method is the rapid growth of the target audience. However, there are also disadvantages:

    • participation is paid and quite expensive;

    • attracts a large percentage of non-target audience;

    • at the end of the event, many subscribers will unsubscribe, which will negatively affect the statistics.

    It is advisable to participate in such marathons in the case of promoting an inexpensive and mass product (cheap clothes, food, etc.).

  4. Organization of your own draws

    Carrying out such promotions is a good solution, how to promote a business page on Instagram, but provided that at least 500 active and relevant users have already subscribed to this page.

    The giveaway will be effective and will bring a large percentage of targeted subscribers if you stick to the following rules:

    • Members must be rewarded with your product (product or service) . Don’t play off things that have nothing to do with your business (like money or cell phones), as the winners will not end up becoming your customers.

    • Competition Information must describe your business or product . Giveaway posts have a large audience and should be used wisely.

    • During the promotion period, create the highest quality content so that after the end people do not unsubscribe en masse . Many members who like your posts will remain your followers.

    • Terms of participation in the promotion should be as clear as possible : subscribe, like, write a comment. Do not require members to repost – many will not want to do this and you will lose a large share of potential customers.

      Типичные ошибки продвижения страницы в Инстаграм

      Typical mistakes in promoting a page on Instagram
    • The picture should clearly indicate that a prize drawing is taking place . For clarification, you can add a large inscription “Competition”.

    After the promotion ends, activate targeted ads to attract new audiences. At this stage, it is important to maintain the dynamics of growth and avoid its negative value. Otherwise, the service will automatically lower the frequency of impressions of publications in the feed.

Typical mistakes in promoting a page on Instagram

  • Cheating a subscription base using bots

    This method has long lost its functionality. Service users are used to thinking that if there are a lot of subscribers, then they are screwed up. People primarily rate activity in terms of likes, reposts, comments, and product reviews. Subscribers artificially added by bots do not contribute to the promotion of the account, but on the contrary, they reduce the credibility of this page and thereby ruin the business. Avoid using bots as they are cheap.

  • Illiterate hashtags

    Instagram tags play one of the most important roles in promoting business accounts. In addition, this tool allows you to create categories within a blog and make it easier to navigate the blog.

    However, you need to use hashtags selectively, excluding:

    • not related to a specific publication;

      This repels the audience, including the target audience.

    • repeating in a specific order.

      This may be perceived by the moderators as a violation, and the service will fine you in this case.

  • Missing page positioning

    It is important by any means to convey to the audience the goals of your business within this account. When registering a blog through Facebook, you should choose a category: personal page, retail store, art, etc. The right choice will immediately orient visitors about your activity. In the blog description, be sure to describe your competitive advantages and the obvious benefits of working with you.

  • Irregular filling

    Chaotic publications will not lead to success. It is necessary to develop a certain frequency of posting so that subscribers know in advance when to expect interesting information.

  • Not working with text content

    To promote your account, it is very important to fully work with the text. The first step is to break it down into paragraphs. Each new paragraph should be devoted to a new topic, which needs to be set in the first lines. In the middle of the block, a description of the stated thought is given. The optimal paragraph size is 4-8 lines on a smartphone screen. A block more than 10 lines long may not be read to the end.

In conclusion, we note that the most important factor in developing a business account on Instagram is interesting content with high-quality photos and expert opinion. Follow this principle, and success will not keep you waiting long.

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