How to Promote Your Business on Instagram: 7 Steps + 11 Practical Tips

Many entrepreneurs who decide to take advantage of the opportunities of social networks to increase sales are wondering how to promote their business on Instagram. Why Instagram? It is a popular, very commercially convenient platform with a loyal and engaged audience. A platform where it is easy to establish a dialogue between a business and a client.

To promote a company on the page of this social network, you must first create a business account in it. And then – a matter of technology: profile design, creation of posts, activity. The main thing is to follow the advice and recommendations from our material, and everything will work out for you.

5 reasons to promote your business on Instagram

Instagram is one of the five most popular social platforms in Russia. Its advantages are that it can be used as a trading resource and as a way to promote. A business account, under certain conditions, can bring a very large number of customers.

  1. High popularity of the social network and user engagement

    This social network is now considered very promising when it comes to business promotion. She is gaining popularity every day. Users actively interact both with each other and with brands. There are many opportunities to promote your business on Instagram.

  2. Visual content

    A feature of Instagram is the publication of visual content. As you know, the perception of pictures and videos is much higher than that of text. Another advantage – Instagram is designed primarily for mobile devices, therefore, it is more attractive for a person living in a modern regime.

    Визуальный контент
    Visual Content
  3. Fast conversions

    Visual content allows you to generate conversions faster, respectively, Instagram in this respect is more profitable than traditional social networks and offers more ways to promote a business account. There are many tools on Instagram that help in promotion.

  4. Statistics Figures

    Another proof of the need for Instagram for doing business is provided by statistics. The Pew Research Center claims that 17% of all social media users and 57% of Instagram users are over 18 years old log into their accounts on this platform every day. Those who do it several times a day – 37%. The main audience is people 18-29 years old, that is, millennials, and it is common for them to make decisions and buy something based on trends in social resources.

    Instagram users are very active. Women dominate.

  5. How to triple income with your personal brand on social media

    Mikhail Khristosenko

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    Михаил Христосенко

    Personal branding is what they say about you when you are not in the room. ” This is what Amazon creator Jeff Bezos said about his personal brand. There are other definitions, but this gets to the point 100%.

    You can be super cool, but if no one knows about you, you are no different from a fledgling newbie. But running around with your “I” and your own expertise is also not an option. No empty words and bloated ego.

    Once upon a time, after the collapse of my first business, I did not understand where to move on. But in the end he chose the path of creating and strengthening his personal brand. Although then this term was not yet so popular.

    • Now I have a big team and millions of launches with me.

    • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

    • I choose the clients I work with myself.

    • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

    And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

    Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

    My team and I have compiled a list of the TOP 7 promotion services that will help rock your personal brand. You can download it for free!

  6. Illustrative Examples

    Based on the data provided by Hopes & Fears, Instagram offers huge opportunities for business promotion :

    • About 80% of customers come to the Haute Future store, which sells clothes on the Internet, through Instagram.

    • For a Buy-by-me resale store, this figure is 65% of customers.

    • The hand made Lapatanova store attracts all customers through the account of its founder Katya Kotova on Instagram.

    It can be argued that no representative studies have been conducted to obtain these data. But these are great examples of how you can effectively use the platform and how to promote your business page on Instagram.

3 first steps to promote your business on Instagram

Step 1: Create an Instagram and Facebook account

Instagram differs from other networks in that it does not create groups and communities, but you can choose one of three types of profiles :

  • standard – it means a private account where content is posted and it is possible to communicate with subscribers;

  • author – designed for blogging, you can use it to get statistics;

  • business – used by companies, shops, media, etc., it has a button for communication, owners get access to advanced statistics, can run ads.

To promote on Instagram, you need to have a Facebook profile. These are interconnected networks, and they need to be synchronized to enable the bulk of the functionality an entrepreneur needs. Otherwise, you will have to be content with what the standard and author profiles offer.

After registering on Facebook, you need to create a company page. It can be avoided, although it will be better if it will be done too. Then register on Instagram and in the settings select “switch to a professional account” or the corresponding item in your version of the application.

Next, you will need to specify a category so that the network algorithms understand which of the network users can recommend you, taking into account their interest. You can select the general section “Brands and Products”. If it is important for you that people from your city are interested in your goods and services, indicate “Local companies”. In addition, there are other sections – for example, for movies, music, sports, books, etc.

All that remains is to add your email address, phone number, and then link your account to your Facebook page.

Step 2: Customize your profile

In the settings, you need to fill in all the items.

  • Name . This is the name of your company. Be sure to specify the type of activity so that your potential clients immediately understand what you are doing. That is, “Pancakes and dumplings” are worse than “Delivery of“ Pancakes and dumplings ”.

  • Username or nickname is a unique name that will mark you in posts. Looks like @nick. You need to select it so that everyone immediately understands what kind of business we are talking about. But try not to use long and complex nicknames – they are not remembered, and besides, there may be mistakes when writing them.

  • Block “About me” . Here you need to tell about your occupation and your USP, the user should immediately understand what gives him a subscription to your page. Enter your contact details . If you prefer to communicate in different ways, add them all by using a multi-link service such as or

  • Profile photo. Keep in mind that it has a round shape. The optimal size is 110 × 110 px. It is useful to place your logo here, and you can also supply the main product.

Step 3: Publish First Posts

First of all, visitors go to the social network to find something useful and interesting for themselves. This means that the account owner has to wonder what their customers want to see on their page, what they think is worthy of their attention.

Instagram content can be divided into three types :

  • Photo . The best option for a selling account is to create a product showcase. The optimal photo size is 1080 × 1080 px, they can be both vertical and horizontal, but it is best to make them square. Each post can contain no more than 10 photos.

  • Video . On Instagram, you can post a video up to 1 minute in length in almost any format and location – horizontal, vertical, square. This view is suitable if you want to demonstrate your products and services and give instructions on them.

  • Stories, or Stories . This is a publication in any format – photo or video (a long video is automatically cut into parts of 15 seconds each). Its difference is that it is stored for only 24 hours, after which it disappears from the tape. Ideal for announcements of promotions, discounts, events. You can also write a message to the account owner through stories. By placing them, you can leave a link to your site in it so that the user can follow it to the storefront.

Публикация первых постов

Publishing the first posts

Also on Instagram there is a block “Relevant”, or Stories Highlights. It is located in the profile below the description. It is a collection of stories from the archive, categorized. Here you can add reviews about your products, information about promotions, contests, and other useful content.

On Instagram, you can create a showcase similar to an online store. To do this, it is enough to add to the publication the description and cost of the product, whose photo / video is posted in the post.

Try to take professional photos, it will be a good investment. For example, if you make cakes to order, then in a photo taken with a smartphone, your work will look beautiful. But if you entrust the shooting to a professional, then you will want to eat the cake right away.

Please note that the text field does not allow formatting in the usual way. You won’t even be able to create a regular list. Therefore, use emoticons and emojis to prevent your text from being solid.

Step-by-step tutorial on how to create content to promote your business on Instagram

When promoting a business through Instagram, it is very important to pay attention to the visual component and content, find something that will be interesting to your subscribers, and do it constantly. It’s easy to do if you follow the step-by-step instructions on how to properly promote your business on Instagram.

Step 1: Analyze your competitors

First of all, you need to find your competitors. This is done in several ways :

  • on Instagram by thematic hashtags and key queries;

  • on the sites of the competitors themselves – usually social media buttons are placed on the site;

  • via a search engine – just type in what you are looking for and add the word “Instagram” to your query (for example, “handmade instagram jewelry”).

Next, analyze the content and note how many times a day your competitors post posts, in what order and ratio entertaining, informational, image and selling content is published, what style is used in visual design. Pay attention to the interaction with subscribers – are there reviews and reposts. See which posts your competitor gets more comments and likes and how they deal with what their followers write to them.

Important! Your task is to do better than your competitors, but in your own way, without copying their content and style. Successful examples can be taken as a basis, but reworked in their own way.

Step 2: Develop a Content Plan

There are types of content to rely on :

  • educational – any useful information, interesting facts and instructions, life hacks, etc.;

  • entertaining – interesting stories, illustrations, memes, games, contests, etc .;

  • image – description of the company, its principles of work, work process, employees at work, useful news for clients;

  • selling – posts that directly advertise a specific product or service.

Mixing of species can be considered successful. For example, you can show an unusual application for your product, as a result, you will immediately receive educational and sales content. Purely advertising publications should not be more than 20%, although it all depends on the audience, sometimes it so happens that it is most interested in selling posts – watch how subscribers react to your feed.

It’s a good idea to maintain regular headings and publish relevant posts on certain days of the week. This will make it easier for you to develop topics, and subscribers will be able to visit at a specific time for the latest information.

Next, you need to draw up a content plan – a table where all topics will be collected. Thanks to this, you can see the big picture, understand how many posts have been published, how effective they are, etc. It is convenient to create tables in Excel or Google Sheets. There should be the following information :

In addition, you can add other important data to the table, for example, hashtags, names of those responsible for the publication, information about engagement – likes, comments, reposts.

Разработайте контент-план
Develop a content plan

Text should grab attention, be easy to read and, as a result, encourage readers to react … Recommended for this :

  • Start text with an engaging sentence. Instagram allows you to display only the first 70 characters, the rest is hidden under the ellipsis. Therefore, it is these first signs that should catch subscribers.

  • Break text into paragraphs . Instagram does not provide for the usual formatting, so instead of a readable post, you get a “sheet”. Use a secret space. Beat paragraphs with a blank line, and in it paste the blank space copied from here – “⠀”.

  • Use emojis and emoticons . They will help you break the text into blocks, mark important points and make them more emotional.

  • Add information on how to purchase the product mentioned in the post – contact details and persons. Or you can make a note that you can place an order using the link in your profile.

  • Encourage the audience to dialogue . If your posts have a lot of comments, Instagram algorithms will rank them higher as interesting. Plus, by talking to your subscribers, you can convince them to make a purchase.

Also use Stories and IGTV features!

Stories – small publications that disappear a day after publication. This format does not require lengthy content preparation. You can put any video or photo, add a few words when loading, that’s enough. Stories are good for announcements, ads, advertisements, or telling stories about current ones.

This type of content has a high degree of engagement. They are located at the top of the profile, you do not need to search for them, you can scroll simply by clicking on the screen. The interactive story format allows you to post not only text, but also hashtags, emojis, polls, links and much more and decorate it with stickers.

Stories are created in two ways: the first is to click on the profile picture and plus, the second is to swipe the application from left to right.

IGTV is a channel for publishing long videos. If in the account itself you can place no more than 60 seconds of the video, then here the maximum size is 15 minutes for content downloaded from a mobile device, 60 minutes for content downloaded from a computer. Alternatively, you can add a video to the post, cut into minutes and decorated with a carousel. But watching them is inconvenient.

Therefore, IGTV is much more profitable in this regard. There you can also create a video preview and upload a post to the feed. The post will be able to see the first 60 seconds, and then they will be able to watch the video on IGTV.

Videos for Instagram TV are created in this way: you need to click on the icon with the image of the TV at the top right, and then on the plus icon. Next, a video of at least a minute is selected, a cover is selected – one of the successful frames is taken for it. Fill in the title, description. If you want to publish part of the video to the feed for preview, enable the corresponding slider.

After that, the video will appear in your feed and there will be a TV icon on it, meaning that you can watch it in full on IGTV. After the first video for Instagram TV, a new tab will be created, where all your videos will appear.

Step 3: Create the correct visual design for your post

Vkontakte for a million

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On Instagram, the visual part plays the primary role, and the text is a secondary detail. Therefore, all images should be attractive in quality and color, be sustained in the same style. Even if these are just covers for posts with texts, you should use no more than a couple of colors and one font. You can add a logo to the plates.

If you post different photos, apply one filter for processing so that the images are similar to each other in color, brightness and contrast. Avoid complicated methods, choose those that can be found in the online editor or on Instagram itself. This saves you the cost of a designer.

Use your own materials, not stock. Remember that videos are always perceived better than photos. Interesting videos about your products and services, the everyday life of the company, the work of employees usually have a high degree of involvement.

Photos and videos must be taken in advance. This can be reflected in the content plan. If you schedule a schedule over several weeks or months, you can determine when and what media you need and film them in one go. This will save both time and will save you from situations when suddenly there is nothing to publish. Anything interesting that you see, be sure to shoot, and the text for a good image is usually written without problems.

Important! It is correct to sell not goods and services, but the mood and lifestyle that you give. When creating content, do not forget about this rule. Offer happiness, not a product!

Step 4: Think over your promotion strategy

All the best practices for promoting a business on Instagram, information on competitors, target audience, USP data, content and design plans, place in one document – a promotion strategy. Next, break down all actions into stages, set a timeline and work scheme. Determine the KPI – that is, the number of subscribers and their engagement.

This document will help you assess the situation as a whole – whether you are doing everything according to plan, whether you have deviated from the deadlines. If you need to attract a new person, he can quickly delve into the process. In addition, the strategy plays the role of a kind of cheat sheet – remember what colors or fonts you have chosen for the dice, who is on the list of your competitors …

Paid and free ways to promote your business on Instagram

  1. Free Promotion

    It is difficult, but quite affordable to promote a business on Instagram for free. Usually no one reads a new profile, and getting the first subscribers is the most difficult thing. But a dozen likes and a couple of comments on posts are starting to attract an audience.

    First, you can invite friends and colleagues. If they already have accounts, subscribe to them and invite them via direct. Use different text for invitations, otherwise Instagram may mistake it for spam, and this threatens to block your account. You can link to your page on the website or other social networks.

    Бесплатное продвижение
    Free Promotion

    Certain conditions must be met to promote your account on your own :

    • If you find a potential consumer of your goods or services, leave comments on his publications, but on the topic. Avoid spam. Communicate with everyone individually, this increases the chance of subscribing. But if you start sending out carbon copy messages to everyone, most likely, the algorithms will send you to a ban.

    • Don’t neglect hashtags. This is a great way to find yourself in the feeds of users looking for what you have.

    • The audience loves contests. You can just play your product among those who liked you, left a comment or repost. But you can go the more complicated way – subscribers post photos of your products in their feed and mark you, and you will present it to the one who gets the most likes. Look for other ways too!

    • Do not use cheats. Instagram can block your profile for suspicious activity, including mass following and mass-following.

    The content you post should be of interest to your subscribers. If they mark your posts with comments and likes, then Instagram will recommend your profile to another audience. This is one of the most effective ways to promote your business on Instagram.

    For you, quality should be more important than quantity. Think for yourself which is better – hundreds of thousands of subscribers who don’t even come to you and are unlikely to buy something, or a thousand – but they are all active buyers.

  2. Launching paid advertising

    A business account can launch a paid advertising campaign through a Facebook manager. You need to select the “Create advertisement” item. Settings for advertising will appear in a new window. The promo post can be placed in the feed or as a story. Typically, these posts look just like any other post, but they are labeled “advertisements.” And they will be shown only to a narrow circle of users. For example, residents of a certain city or a certain age.

    Advertising can be targeted by filtering the audience by interest. For this, the narrowing or elimination method is used. For example, you can broadcast your advertising post to those who are interested in fashionable clothes, or, on the contrary, you can exclude them from the database.

    It is impossible to say what the budget will be. You pay for either clicks or impressions. If this is your first ad campaign, limit your daily budget spending. Since there is no ready-made targeting strategy, everything needs to be tested at minimal cost and analyzed by audience behavior. Therefore, to test one ad at first, you should not spend more than 500-2000 rubles, this will be enough to understand user activity.

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Social Media Promotion Course

More details

11 practical tips for promoting an Instagram business account

What kind of sales is Instagram suitable for? It can be clothing, cosmetics, DIY and hand-made products, and the like. But services, for example, life insurance, smartphone repair, etc., are best sold on Facebook and other similar social platforms.

To attract customers, you need to heed the advice given by practitioners:

  1. Instagram profile should be optimized

    Thanks to the optimization of the company’s account, search engines see it and offer it to users. After landing, they will not get lost. Follow these steps to optimize your profile :

    • Set your logo or an image of any product you sell as an avatar.

    • The nickname should contain either the name of your company, or words that unambiguously give an idea of ​​your line of business.

    • In your profile, succinctly and succinctly describe what you are selling.

    • In the same place, indicate your contacts, including a link to the site.

    Pay attention to your privacy settings. Make your photos and videos public.

  2. Photos must be completed with hashtags

    Hashtags are an integral part of business promotion on Instagram. The user can subscribe not only to the profile. They can also include any hashtag and location in their subscription.

    Thanks to this, the products can be “decomposed” into headings, for each of which you can use its own label. For example, use #products_mybusiness, #news_mybusiness, #discounts_mybusiness and others. Accordingly, subscribers will see the category they are interested in and not be distracted by others.

    The audience also finds your products using hashtags. The optimal number of them is 4-5 for a photo, according to the specialists of the TrackMaven marketing company.

  3. Fun photos never get in the way

    The audience loves to smile – give them a reason. It will be especially successful if these photos illustrate your own business. Even spilled coffee on the keyboard in the customer support department can not only amuse subscribers, but also tell how your managers are trying to quickly respond to all requests, so they don’t even go to a coffee break.

  4. Followers can never be too many

    The number of subscribers directly affects the performance of your account. How to attract followers to successfully promote your Instagram post on your business profile?

    • Instagram account must be connected to Facebook timeline.

    • Popular hashtags should be placed on all photos that you post.

    • Don’t be lazy to subscribe to other accounts yourself, like and comment on their updates.

    Good results to bring cross-posting photos on Facebook. That way, you can draw attention to your user account and this network, which is by far the largest in the world.

  5. Videos are better than photos

    At first, Instagram allowed you to upload videos for no more than 15 seconds, now their time has increased to 60 seconds, and if you want to upload a video longer, Instagram TV is at your service. Posts can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, used in email newsletters, and embedded in your blog or website.

    Михаил Христосенко1
    Video is better than photo
  6. Filters make your account more visible

    Don’t be afraid to use filters. Photos processed by Mayfair, Normal and Inkwell generate the best response. This is TrackMaven data. Most often, according to research group Simply Measured, brands use Lo-fi, Valencia, Rise and Amaro filters.

  7. Contests and quizzes grab attention

    To stimulate the activity of the audience, you can attract it with contests and other events where you can get a good prize. This is a very effective tool. Avoid conditions where victory can be gained by cheating. For example, if you want to celebrate the best photo, then you should use the generator or inform the audience that the jury will choose the winner in the form of you, your cat and your three-year-old niece.

  8. Everyone loves bonuses and discounts

    Did you know that 64% of Facebook users have subscribed to the pages of famous brands in order to follow the discounts and receive bonuses? This is evidenced by research at the University of Massachusetts. The same picture is observed on Instagram. But don’t give out discounts just for the fact that you now have a new subscriber. Let him leave a comment, or better not alone, repost the publication, bring new friends.

  9. Users are interested in the seamy side of business

    Any event, even everyday, in the life of your enterprise can be an excellent occasion for publication. The audience likes to watch the “kitchen” – to see what equipment you use, what technologies you use, in what conditions you work, who answers their requests.

    Are you opening a new office? Weekly meeting? Great news occasion! Photos of employees at their workplace are a great opportunity to introduce customers to your company, they are pleased to know that they are communicating with real people.

  10. Product features must be demonstrated

    Demand can be increased by showing your product in action. For example, demonstrate the height of the foam that the coffee machines you sell or the speed of the vegetable cutter make. Show dresses on real people, not on hangers and mannequins, make a video about haircuts that are done in your salon.

  11. Million Social Networks Course:

  12. Promotion efficiency requires monitoring

    You can analyze how well your business is progressing on Instagram using common social media metrics: likes, comments, reposts, click-throughs, leads, conversion. You can also evaluate the performance of your publications in analytics services.

Ways to protect a promoted business account on Instagram from blocking and theft

If your account is popular, the chance of losing it increases – the page can be hacked by scammers or blocked by Instagram itself. This is fixable, but it takes a very long time. And during promotion it is unacceptable. Therefore, you need to protect your account from the encroachments of other people and the ban.

  1. Anti-theft

    To avoid hacking, first of all, take care of the password. In addition to the total, it must also be unique – not used anywhere else, especially in an email tied to a profile. It is recommended to change it every few months, and if you notice any suspicious activity or connect third-party applications, then immediately.

    For an easier return of control in case of a breach, you will need to bind all the contacts you have, incl. email address and Facebook page, phone number. Connect two-factor authentication (“Settings – Security – Two-factor authentication”).

    You may receive fake notifications, do not buy. The social network sends its information either to the mail, which is tied to the profile, or to notifications in the application itself (heart at the bottom). The administration does not send messages to Direct, in comments, or to any other mail!

  2. Blocking protection

    Instagram has developed rules of conduct for subscribers. They set limits and guidelines for copyright compliance. Users report non-observance of rights by filing a complaint about the account; the system automatically monitors the limits of actions. If the rules are violated, Instagram either deletes the post or blocks the account.

    Actions include everything you do online – unsubscribe, subscribe, like, comment. Since 2019, there are no official limits indicated anywhere, but nevertheless they exist. For accounts older than six months, the old rules apply, for younger ones, these numbers must be divided by two. So, in order to promote a business on Instagram in 2021, limits have been set :

    • for subscriptions and unsubscriptions in the amount not exceeding 60 per hour;

    • for likes – 60 per hour;

    • for comments – 60 per hour.

    There is a limitation on subscriptions, there can be a maximum of 7500. It is not connected with blocking, it will simply not be possible to subscribe to more accounts.

    Recently, Instagram has been very tightly monitoring the use of third-party services. If he notices too much activity, then the account may be temporarily or permanently blocked. Moreover, there are no exceptions for services – these can be automatic greetings of new subscribers, or auto-viewing of stories on other people’s pages.

    Михаил Христосенко2

    Blocking protection

    Penalties for violations are as follows :

    • Partial blocking for 15 minutes – 2 days.

    • Confirmation of actions in case of suspicion of account hacking (rather, a security measure) – in the application, via SMS or email.

    • In case of copyright infringement – delete the publication.

    • In case of violation of copyright of well-known brands or excessive activity in a new account – delete the profile.

    To avoid punishment, follow the scheme of safe promotion of a new account :

    • the first two weeks – no more than 20 likes per hour, avoid other activities;

    • the second two weeks – no more than 30 likes per hour;

    • if 500 subscribers have appeared, you can switch to subscription to other accounts – maximum 20 per hour;

    • you can only work manually, avoiding third-party services.

4 mistakes in promoting a business page on Instagram

To promote a business account, you can resort to popular promotion methods, which include mass following, mass liking, contests. They all work, but under certain conditions.

Mistake # 1: Automatic Mass Following and Mass Liking

Massfollowing – active subscription to other accounts of your target audience, massliking – total likes for all their posts. It works simply: the user receives a notification, he looks who you are, and if you are interested in him, they will subscribe to you.

These methods are very common among beginners, because thanks to them, the audience is growing rapidly. It is difficult to perform actions manually, therefore third-party services are used. This can lead to blocking, but the main thing is that in the pursuit of subscribers with poor parsing, the overwhelming number of subscribers will be bots and non-target audience, which will negatively affect engagement.

Therefore, it is better not to choose these methods as the main ones for promotion, but if you want to use them – do everything manually and take your time.

Fresh and inexperienced accounts indulge in mass methods to quickly catch up with the audience. This is usually done using third-party services, for the use of which Instagram can ban you. And the result can be so-so: if the parsing is poorly configured, bots and inappropriate subscribers will come to you. Accordingly, such an audience will only drop the level of engagement in the account.

Mass following and mass liking work if you do them leisurely, and better by hand. And you certainly don’t choose them as your main promotion tool.

Mistake # 2: Giveway

Giveaway (from English Giveaway), or simply giveaway – a prize drawing between subscribers who subscribed to sponsor accounts or liked the publication.

On the one hand, it causes a massive influx of subscribers. But who are they? These are the so-called “prizes”, the only purpose of which is to get a prize. After the competition, they also leave en masse, and your engagement rates are rapidly rolling down. Naturally, the Instagram algorithms see this, and after the outflow of followers, it begins to lower your posts in the SERP. As a result, a contest that lasts no longer than a week kills all the indicators you have been striving for for years.

Михаил Христосенко3

Giveaways call out of control an influx of “prizes” – a non-target audience that comes only for prizes and leaves after the competition in a wave, killing the engagement rates. Instagram will see a churn of followers and start reducing the weight of posts in the SERP. As a result, you can lose the indicators for which you worked for years in one weekly competition.

However, such contests can play a positive role in promotion. But only if your products are in great demand and are sold on a large territory, for example, throughout Russia. But even in this case, it is better to conduct them not on your account, but on a separately created account landing page. If something goes wrong, for example, the contest turns out to be not very successful or after it the profile will be left by subscribers en masse, this will not affect your main page.

Mistake # 3: Stealing someone else’s content

Of course, you can use someone else’s content. But sooner or later Instagram will block you for copyright infringement. A good idea can most often be found on already promoted accounts with a large audience and weight. Therefore, someone will still notice that you have stolen someone else’s text or media.

Therefore, using it, take it as a basis, inspiration – and adapt it to your style and your account. Look for something new – and it is possible that soon content will start stealing from you.

Mistake # 4: Poor, uninformative visual design

Instagram is characterized by a visual component, so sales work along the chain “saw – read – wanted”, only in this sequence. An uninteresting and low-quality picture will not get better, even if brilliant text is attached to it.

Style is very important. Professional shooting is important, but studio photos and videos do not always have the right mood. It is better to shoot wherever you see something unusual and attractive – on the street, in a cafe, in the workplace, etc.

Pay attention! A lot of text in an image is bad. Both Instagram and Facebook lower posts if the photo is more than 20% occupied by words.

So, it is quite easy to promote an Instagram account if you comply with a number of conditions. If you choose the right direction, draw up a content plan and follow it, then you will quickly advance your page. Interact with other social networks – it will benefit your business, and its promotion will be faster and more efficient.

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