Анализ продвижения блога в Инстаграм

How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram: 5 Ways, 12 Tips and 5 Recommendations

How to promote a blog on Instagram is one of the most popular queries in Yandex. And this is understandable, this social network is one of the world’s top three most popular – this is one, and two times – being a blogger today is not just fashionable, but also profitable in terms of earnings. And third, making a beautiful photo is much easier than writing an article. Although the written content on Instagram has not been canceled.

You can promote your blog using paid and free methods. At first, we recommend trying from scratch without a financial injection, suddenly it will not work for you. If there is progress, then you can move on to heavy “artillery”, for example, targeted advertising. She’s not as expensive as you think.

3 types of blogs on Instagram

Since the advent of Instagram, the popularity of this site has caught up with other social networks, and has overtaken some of them. On their personal pages, users post photos, accompanying them with small stories or original comments. There are several types of accounts on Instagram :

  1. Normal . To receive it, a person just needs to register on a social network.

  2. Commercial . Such a page is typical for a company promoting its product using published photos and descriptions to them.

  3. Personal Blog . In its capabilities, it resembles a regular Instagram user page, but to activate it, you need to go to your account settings and select the appropriate menu section.

A personal blog is noticeably different from other account types in its good promotion ability. How to promote your personal blog on Instagram? The author only needs to post masterfully taken photos, exciting stories, original comments, and the number of his subscribers will start to skyrocket.

Blogger Instagram is an active Internet user who regularly uploads interesting content to the network. The content of publications can be very different, as well as the form in which they are presented. And parallel ad placement will bring a stable income to the blogger. Anyone with some ability can blog a personal blog.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging on Instagram

If for some blogging is a fashionable hobby, others consider this type of activity a profitable profession that brings a stable income. Blogging has many benefits :

  1. A personal blog is a unique platform for self-expression and creativity. Not everyone can write stories, but today many people can post their own photos with funny comments or shoot funny videos on Instagram. Blogging allows a person to show those qualities that will attract the rest of the network to his work.

  2. A blog can bring its owner quite a decent income from advertising, since any blogger can promote a food blog on Instagram and earn a million rubles a month. It is enough to have millions of subscribers and place commercials on your page.

  3. With the help of the blog, you can acquire many new acquaintances and like-minded people. Friends of Interest are usually attracted to a specific topic of content.

    Преимущества и недостатки ведения блога в Инстаграм

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging on Instagram
  4. For many, blogging has long been a favorite pastime to which they devote every free minute.

  5. The blog provides a unique opportunity to show your attitude to the events happening around you, to express your own opinion on any issues. A blogger can always share his point of view with the audience, thereby attracting subscribers to an engaging discussion.

  6. But publications alone will not be able to promote your account. This requires knowledge of marketing, thanks to which the information reaches the target audience. Bloggers are exploring the possibilities of contextual advertising, search engine optimization, and other Internet marketing tools. There is no need to worry about how to promote a book blog on Instagram, but with the help of new knowledge to improve your professionalism.

  7. The blogger sets the work schedule for himself. There are no bosses and supervisors above him, and his own room or a bench in the park can become a study. Age is not a hindrance to the account owner either – both retirees and schoolchildren achieve success.

  8. A blogger inevitably becomes a good entrepreneur in order to master a new type of business and make a profit. He advertises, looks for new clients, sells and promotes his blog. As a result, promoted personal profiles turn into successful business projects over time.

  9. Blogging disciplines, teaches planning, and increases the self-organization of its owner. Sometimes bloggers work in a team, where everyone is responsible for a certain part of the common cause.

How to triple income with your personal brand on social media

Mikhail Khristosenko

Leading expert in Russia on social networks. Graduate of the Presidential Management Training Program with training and internship in Germany.

Михаил Христосенко

Personal branding is what they say about you when you are not in the room. ” This is what Amazon creator Jeff Bezos said about his personal brand. There are other definitions, but this gets to the point 100%.

You can be super cool, but if no one knows about you, you are no different from a fledgling beginner. But running around with your “I” and your own expertise is also not an option. No empty words and bloated ego.

Once upon a time, after the collapse of my first business, I did not understand where to go next. But in the end he chose the path of creating and strengthening his personal brand. Although then this term was not yet so popular.

  • Now I have a big team and millions of launches with me.

  • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

  • I choose the clients I work with myself.

  • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

My team and I have compiled a list of the TOP 7 promotion services that will help rock your personal brand. You can download it for free!

In addition to the well-known advantages, blogging has its disadvantages :

  1. Despite the time and effort spent, the account continues to go unnoticed, there is no increase in subscribers.

    No one is immune from this, and the reasons can be very different. Some simply did not wait for the result, others made serious mistakes, having no idea how to promote a personal blog on Instagram on their own. Therefore, you need to constantly improve your knowledge and understand that the expansion of the audience occurs only as a result of long and serious work on promoting the profile.

  2. Close people do not always understand what a novice blogger is doing and begin to make fun of his posts and other publications. And for the author it is extremely important to feel support at the very beginning of his work.

  3. Success comes only to those who constantly monitor their account and regularly update it, spending a lot of time on work. If you blog from time to time, then subscribers will start scattering.

  4. Минусы блогерства

    Cons of blogging
  5. A blogger is a public person. They recognize him on the street, write to him on social networks, in comments to posts, expressing a critical opinion about his work. Many people don’t like it. After all, being under the constant attention of strangers is rather uncomfortable.

  6. Another property of publicity is inadequate fans. Such fans easily invade the blogger’s personal space, annoying him with excessive attention and excessive expression of delight.

There are no ideal professions. Like any other activity, blogging has its pros and cons. From the outside, it seems that a person is simply posting interesting materials for their own pleasure. In fact, this is painstaking work that requires not only a lot of time and effort, but also creative energy and creativity.

To achieve noticeable results, to become a famous and successful blogger, you need to know how to promote your personal blog on Instagram. And for this to constantly learn, improve the professional level. Any Internet user can register a blog, but whether it is worth doing – everyone decides for himself.

Preparing a blog on Instagram for promotion

If you nevertheless decide that a blog on Instagram is just what you need, then you just need to familiarize yourself with the following information. Before you start gathering your audience, you need to do a little preparation:

  • Analyze the target audience by age, gender, interests, etc. .

    Find out which bloggers are of increased interest among its representatives, whose accounts are more subscribed to. Such a study is necessary for a company to fine-tune targeted advertising, in order to choose blogs to place it or to choose the right partners for cooperation. Then the costs will be minimal, and the return on promotion will be high.

  • Investigate competitors .

    You should know what other companies are working in your business area. Find and analyze their sites, information on social networks. There are corresponding services for this.

    You will find out what they offer on their Internet pages, what promotions they hold, how and how they attract users to participate in contests and sweepstakes. Then you will understand exactly what the audience is reacting to, and you will find in yourself the advantages that will distinguish you from your competitors.

  • Make a content plan for Instagram posts and write the first ten posts .

    Keep track of the literacy of the presentation and filling out the account. Posts with errors are not credible, they will not be read and, accordingly, subscribed.

  • Transfer profile to business account .

    Instagram assigns all new accounts the “Personal” status, with which you will not have many opportunities for promotion.

    For example, information about the number of visitors, personal data on subscribers (how many of them appear every week, where they live, their age, gender), general profile statistics (number of views each post, video, etc.). The owner of a personal account will not be able to run targeted ads. But in fact, these two types of accounts do not differ that much.

    For example, the “Credits” type keeps daily statistics on the growth of subscribers, and the business account; – weekly.

5 ways to promote your personal blog on Instagram

  1. Hashtags

    Promotion on Instagram using hashtags is an easy, and most importantly, free way. You just need to add 25-30 tags to each post.

    Try to use hashtags on the topic of your blog. Then only the target audience will come to you.



    For example, you are a pastry chef and post a video on how to make pastries for tea. How to promote a culinary blog on Instagram? You need to add hashtags like: # homemade baked goods, # baked goods, # sweets, etc.

    Avoid popular million-plus tags that are irrelevant to your blog’s topic. Your posts will simply get lost among hundreds of thousands of posts on another topic.

  2. Givea

    Participate in givs, but be careful. This method will help you quickly increase the number of subscribers, but not all of them will be relevant to your target audience.

    Giveaways are giveaways, GiveAway, when organizers offer valuable prizes. The winner is chosen at random among those who subscribe to specific Instagram accounts, including yours.

  3. Contests

    Run contests on your profile more often. Let’s say you have an online clothing or cosmetics store. Then any product from your assortment can become a prize.

    Bloggers often use this method to expand their audience. As a reward, you can offer participants a cash prize, a book. And for you, the main conditions will be the conditions that the participants must fulfill in order to compete for the main prize.

    Example: to win 5000 rubles, a user needs to subscribe to your blog and mark his friends in the comments. Thus, the organic reach of the contest post will become much larger.

  4. Advertising with bloggers

    It makes sense to choose bloggers or business accounts among those whose topics are close to you, or if their target audience is similar to yours in any way (age, gender, interests, etc.)

    If your company produces youth clothing, then look for bloggers writing about social life, fashion, clothing for young people. If you have a flower shop, blogs with authors posting wedding-related publications are fine. In these profiles, it will be appropriate to advertise wedding bouquets or floral arrangements to decorate the celebration.

    Advertising for bloggers with a large audience is more expensive than for those whose number of subscribers does not exceed 10 thousand. In addition, microbloggers will not help your company account to gain a large number of new subscribers, as they are able to reach a small audience.

    Реклама у блогеров

    Advertising with bloggers

    Before contacting bloggers with an offer to place an advertisement, try to estimate the engagement of his latest posts (ER) using the formula: (number of likes, comments, subscribers) * 100%. This indicator demonstrates audience activity.

    Choose those bloggers who have an ad post engagement rate of at least 2%. For calculations, use the LiveDune service or request post statistics from a blogger. It is quite difficult to do this manually, as Instagram is gradually depriving its users of the ability to calculate the number of likes for posts.

    If you are going to track the number of subscribers coming through your ad, then only post it with one blogger. If there are several sites, then you will have to study the profile of each new subscriber in order to understand which blogger he is subscribed to. This analysis will take too long.

    Calculate the cost per subscriber to see how well your blog ads are performing. To do this, divide the amount of money allocated for advertising by the number of users who subscribed within 2-3 days after its placement.

    Let’s say you spent 5,000 rubles on advertising, and 500 people subscribed to your account. Then the cost of the subscriber: 5000/500 = 10 rubles. This indicator directly depends on what your company is doing and on the composition of the target audience.

    Attracting a teenager, for example, is much cheaper than a businessman. Experts who know how to promote a blog on Instagram on their own, recommend about once every three months, not more often, to place ads with those bloggers who have managed to attract the cheapest subscribers.

  5. Target

    Another effective paid way to attract a large number of subscribers is targeted advertising. It is aimed at a narrow circle of users, so it is extremely important to correctly identify those who fall into it by age, gender, geography, interests. The corresponding parameters in the settings of the advertising campaign will help to achieve maximum efficiency.

    In the Facebook Ads Manager ad cabinet, you must correctly specify the goal of the advertising campaign. We recommend using Traffic to attract more subscribers.

    The average cost of subscribers attracted by targeted ads is calculated in the same way as for blogger ads. Through simple calculations and analysis of the results, you can determine which of the paid methods turned out to be more effective, and then use it in the future.

12 tips to promote your blog on Instagram

  1. Make a clear offer

    If you yourself do not know why you need a blog, readers will not understand even more. Therefore, you must lay the foundation – clearly articulate the essence of your proposal. It is necessary to convey to the minds of people what benefit your blog will bring them, what you are going to talk about, and it will not hurt to give information about yourself. The user who opens your page should understand from the first lines how interesting and useful your content will be for him.

    If a blogger writes: “Mom of four happy toddlers, I will teach you how to live with pleasure,” and the entire page is filled with photos of cheerful kids on the beach, in the zoo, in the nursery and home interior design, then the expectations are clear. Do whatever you can – it is important that everyone else understands it.

    High-quality photos and videos, reader reviews, case studies, data about you, your company or brand description, various highlights and your own style will provide noticeable help in promoting your profile on Instagram. In fact, these are the basics of your promotion, and you should start with them.

  2. Engage audiences from other social networks

    Connect your contacts in other social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter – look for subscribers through the contacts of friends and acquaintances. Put out short notes and posts about what you are going to do, organize a mailing list. The more people know that you’ve opened an Instagram account, the better.

  3. Publish engaging content

    Posts on your blog should attract the attention of the target audience, be interesting to it. There are four types of content: informative, entertaining, marketing, and personal. Use any one, but remember: the main task of content is to grab attention and feelings, push for likes, comments, make you want to repost to share with other users.

  4. Promote smartly

    Find people who have about the same number of subscribers as you, and invite them to make joint live broadcasts, stories, posts. Just make sure that your competitors are not among them.

    Another way to promote your blog on Instagram without money is to subscribe to the person you are interested in and to all the recommended ones. Then, with the next update, the social network itself will show people who are similar to the bloggers you have chosen.

  5. Dialogue

    There is another way to quickly promote your Instagram account. Take a closer look at bloggers in your industry who don’t have that many followers yet. Leave a couple of comments under different posts or ask about something. If you manage to attract the attention of the audience or start a discussion in direct, then you can easily negotiate mutual PR with the account owner.

  6. Offer to tag you in photos

    In your posts, invite readers to mark you not in the description, but directly in the photo. Then your image will automatically appear on their page, creating additional traffic.

  7. Geolocate popular locations

    Check out the places where your target audience spends their time. Set this geolocation and collect statistics, and in a week analyze the results.

    Ставьте геолокацию в популярных местах

    Geolocate Popular Locations
  8. Post more videos, not photos

    Self-promotion of Instagram will be helped by the priority in publishing not photos, but short – no more than a minute – videos. These videos very quickly gain maximum reach and get into the top publications.

    It is also better to upload regular or looped videos (boomerangs) to stories. Geolocation must be mandatory, with its help, the coverage increases noticeably. After all, your publication will be seen not only by your subscribers, but also by random users.

  9. Participate in activity chats

    It’s simple – you comment people, in return they leave comments for you. There are a lot of such chats on Instagram. Live likes and comments increase reach, push your post to the top and drive organic traffic.

  10. Show yourself

    Nothing attracts Instagram users like the opportunity to get to know real life, to see ordinary people talking about what they can do. So be yourself, it will definitely bring you success. People prefer real professionals to the boring gloss. They will gladly sign up for your account if they understand that you are an expert in your field.

  11. Write in accessible language

    Long articles written in a difficult and incomprehensible way will not attract anyone. Write lightly, trying to convey the meaning in simple words. Do not try to deceive your readers – they will immediately notice falsity and lies. People are attracted by soulful content that evokes empathy and sincere feelings.

  12. Audience quality is key

    The qualitative composition of the audience is no less important than the number of subscribers. In exchange for your information, knowledge, experience, readers share their recognition in likes and comments under your posts. For a creative person, such a reaction of the audience gives great pleasure and motivates to further gain knowledge on how to promote a blog on Instagram and develop your account.

Secrets of Instagram Promotion

  • If you want your photos to be included in the global search, use the most popular hashtags #love, #instagood, #fashion and #photooftheday.

  • Chronological analysis has shown that it is best to post posts at 2 pm and 5 pm.

  • Use the Mayfair filter. Track Maven named this filter as the best marketer’s choice and listed it in The Fortune 500 Instagram.

  • Your photo will be seen by the maximum number of people if you publish it on Sunday. There are not many new publications on this day, so you are unlikely to go unnoticed.

  • Researchers report that blue-dominated images receive 24% more likes than orange or red. If you want to make sure – post a photo with a picture of the sea or a clear sky.

  • Viral posts, how to get hundreds of reposts in social networks:

  • Make it a rule to post on Wednesdays. Posts get the most attention and likes among the week.

  • The word “comment” must be found in every post. Thus, you encourage subscribers to express their opinions and willingly enter into dialogue.

  • Remember the rule: the lighter the photo, the better.

  • To successfully promote your business account, create and publish a branded hashtag. Then, when buying a product, users will be able to indicate it, which will significantly increase your visibility on Instagram.

  • Your nickname will make a great brand if you place it on a notebook, case or as a branded sticker on a car. The attention of potential subscribers will be guaranteed to you.

  • In your publications, share your thoughts, feelings, experiences in order to establish contacts with users. Trust is evoked by bright and truthful emotions, not corny flattery.

5 Tips for Increasing Instagram Engagement

To increase the organic growth of the audience, it is necessary to increase its engagement, since promoting your blog on Instagram is possible only with the active participation of subscribers:

  1. Cook and spend like times . These are posts that greatly increase audience engagement. LikeTime Terms: You publish the post. Usually this is a high-quality photo that attracts attention. In the text, ask to put a like, leave a comment, etc., after which the subscribers do it – for example, they write “I want to like”. And already commentators are collecting their portion of likes from other participants.

  2. Add CTAs in posts . Call To Action is a graphic element that calls for a specific action. If it will be at the end of every post or video and motivate readers to like, comment, subscribe, then the audience will do it.

  3. Study what’s trending at the moment. Analyze popular Instagram posts.

  4. Announce your Stories posts . A link to a new post in History will not hurt either. How to do this is written in our article.

  5. Conduct subscriber polls on a variety of topics . Ask questions in Stories, posts, during live broadcasts. For example, ask what new films they’ve watched during this month.

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More details

Services for promoting your blog on Instagram

Instagram has a negative attitude towards most of the services that can launch automatic actions. But if you correctly use massliking, masslooking, mass following, mailing, etc., connecting proxies and observing the limits, you can get additional assistance in promotion. Consider the services, the use of which will be useful :

  • Instaplus.me is a multifunctional service. Launches massive activities, and also allows you to set up auto-posting or send newsletters to Direct.

  • Leadfeed is a service that specializes only in direct mailing to Instagram. It has an autoresponder, it can work with multiple accounts, but the most important thing is to send messages to open dialogs.

  • Zengram is an automated Instagram promotion service: it provides likes, comments, subscribers. A set of additional services is added to this: a parser, cleaning from bots, instatracker and spy.

  • Bridgit.me is another online service with which you can automate the promotion of your Instagram account.

  • Сервисы для продвижения блога в Инстаграм

    Services for promoting your blog on Instagram
  • Tooligram is a universal service, thanks to which you can launch various activities, make a newsletter, set up auto-posting and follow comments. The service shows analytic data on an account for free and gives access to a multi-link.

  • Parasite is an online service that specializes in deferred postings. Automatic publishing can be configured to schedule posts, videos and stories.

  • Hipolink is a multi-link service. There is a free service when you can add one link, one social network and one messenger. On paid plans, there are no restrictions on the number of links, social networks and messengers.

  • Livedune – the service is able to collect information about the account and allows you to check bloggers for cheating. Monitoring is carried out by 40 parameters.

  • Trandhero – with its help you can thoroughly analyze not only your own, but also other people’s accounts. Also checks Instagram bloggers for cheating.

  • InstaHero is a service designed to analyze Instagram followers, clean up bots and garbage.

In order not to waste time and effort, the first 100-1000 subscribers can be attracted by means of promotion. The following services are used for this :

  • Bosslike is one of the most popular and functional sites for exchanging likes and getting followers on Instagram.

  • LikeInsta is a site where you can increase followers on Instagram without tasks and registration.

Analysis of blog promotion on Instagram

To understand how and how you managed to promote your blog on Instagram from scratch, and to analyze this promotion, you need to study the following indicators:

  • reach (the number of subscribers who read the post); impression (number of views of each post);

  • profile views – the number of users visiting the profile page;

  • user engagement (determination of the audience’s interest in content of this type by the formula: number of likes, comments, subscribers * 100%.);

  • the number of clicks (people who went to your publications using the link located in the account header);

  • user activity, their actions (how much time followers spend on Instagram every day).

Such an analysis should be carried out regularly in order to detect weaknesses in the promotion of an Instagram profile, understand how they formed, and strengthen your position.

Анализ продвижения блога в Инстаграм

Analysis of blog promotion on Instagram

For example, if the reach of your posts is small, this means that your content is not interesting to users, so they leave few likes and comments. And this leads to the fact that the system for displaying posts on Instagram begins to offer your posts for viewing to a smaller number of users. In order to change the situation, you need to analyze your account statistics, find posts with maximum reach and produce all other content in the same way.

Another example : Your profile has few views. In this case, mass following is allowed. If you have already used it, then change the conditions for selecting the audience for which the subscription is designed. Have you worked out all possible audience? Then launch an official Instagram ad.

It takes either a lot of effort and time or a good amount of money to promote an Instagram account well. For a confident start, it is important to understand who belongs to your target audience, where and how to find these people. Then you can easily determine which accounts will be beneficial for joint cooperation, which bloggers to contact, or how to properly set up targeted advertising.

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