Как продвигать инстаграм самостоятельно бесплатно

How to promote Instagram yourself for free

If you are reading this article, then you already have an instagram account, and we will not waste time on this.

I can only say one thing: for full-fledged promotion, you should make it a business profile. If you don’t know how, here is the helper article.

Well, are you ready to dive into SMM completely? Let’s go then! Step-by-step guide: how to promote instagram for free.

1. Competitive Analysis

Any commercial project starts with a competitive analysis. And now more about him.

You have decided on a niche, your product, now let’s look around: who already exists in this niche and offers people the same product? Target 5-10 strong competitors.

What to look out for on their Instagram:

  • What is written in the profile header (write out interesting ideas)
  • Where does the active link lead
  • Account visual: what colors are used, is there a corporate identity, mark yourself what you like and what you don’t
  • Most popular post, excluding giveaways
  • Determine which topics the audience “hits” the most: comments, likes
  • What is being played, if played
  • Text style
  • Product cost

Highlight the pros and cons of your competitors. You can surpass their advantages. Their disadvantages are to make them an advantage.

For example: if you notice that not all comments are answered – write yourself that you have to answer every question and comment.
Or suddenly you noticed that some product could have been removed from a more favorable angle or made the picture more interesting – write it down for yourself.

There are programs for analyzing competitors, so as not to do it with pens. We talk about them on the course “SMM Turks”. And there we show you how else these programs can be useful.

Move on to the second point.

2. Target audience

Of course, you need to decide WHOM you offer the product.

Yes, it might sound like “People who want to buy my product”. And you can look deeper.

And first of all, it is worth dividing the target audience into segments. That is, subgroups of audiences.
Audience segments are people who share a common feature.

For example, for wedding planners, the target audience is mainly brides. And the segments will be:

  • brides who have a wedding in the summer
  • brides who have a wedding in winter
  • Brides having a wedding in the fall
  • brides who have a wedding in spring

Got the logic?

3. Account registration

We have done a competitive analysis and decided on the target audience. Now it’s time to detach ourselves from competitors and be attractive to target audiences.

Let’s start with the profile header. We wrote here how to arrange it.

Go to the visual. How to detach from competitors and not move away from the target audience?

First, read the information about the psychology of color. Color affects brand perception. In short:

Как продвигать инстаграм самостоятельно бесплатно

Imagine your product as a human. What is he? What does it radiate? What can you say about him in appearance?

The visual has no defined borders or borders. This is creativity. But make sure that this creativity remains understandable to people.

Try to work out a consistent style: colors, fonts, typography.

Also remember that there should be air in the overall composition. That is, not the entire feed in the product photos, but diluted with individual product details, an interesting background, etc.

In general, content can be divided into informative, engaging and selling.

In short:

  • In informative content, you share information about yourself, brand, company, employees.
  • in an engaging way – we involve people in a conversation, share useful material that can be shared with friends, save ourselves “for the future”, arrange polls, tests, etc.
  • in the salesperson – we write sales storytelling, announce sales, promotions, etc.

The golden rule, which is very average, sounds like this: 60% – informative, 30% – engaging, 10% – selling.

You shouldn’t bomb your feed with any one content. This is annoying.

Do not forget that you can also do not only photo content, but also video.

4. Networking

Let’s remember that social networks are a separate whole world, where you also need to build relationships. And not only with its target audience, but also with partners.

Partners here are industry bloggers, experts, opinion leaders whose target audience is similar to yours. Yes, I’m talking about mutual PR .

How to find partners and build communication correctly, we also talk in detail on the course “SMM Turks”.

5. Expert opinion

In continuation of the previous point, let me remind you that you can express yourself in the world of social networks through expressing your expert opinion in the comments under the posts of other profiles.

And it will be great if it is requested or “in the subject”, and not just “I sell the most beautiful socks, come in, ask”.

The more interesting and professional you leave a comment, the more likely people will be interested in you and go to your profile.

Don’t forget that you don’t need to spam. Observe the conditional “limit” of comments per day.

6. Hashtags

Yes, there is a small life hack with hashtags that will also help bring people to your profile without financial investment.

Create several groups of 12-15 mid-frequency hashtags (frequency from 3000 to 300000), the difference between which will be 1000-10000 publications. Sets of hashtags should be alternated and published in the comments. We write from smallest to largest. This way we can increase our reach at no cost.


Instagram introduced IGTV in the summer of 2018. The format, to put it mildly, did not reach the audience.

It was tested, but there was not much interest. Instagram decided to insist on its own and not to remove the format, but to start promoting it on its own.

What does this give us?

Of course, promotion through the efforts of instagram. We post videos, Instagram shows them in the recommended one.

Now, at the end of 2019, IGTV series are gaining momentum.

Will this tendency develop or not – we’ll see. But it’s definitely worth a try!

Who has not yet understood what IGTV is – this is YouTube on Instagram. You can upload videos longer than 1 minute here. Accordingly, you can upload small interviews, video reviews, short films and what else you have enough imagination for.

8. Funnel

We have sorted out the details of self-promotion of your product on Instagram, now let’s look at the big picture and talk about the sales funnel.

  • 1 point. The person saw information about you from an opinion leader, in a recommended or in a comment. He should have the good impression you want.
  • 2 point. The person came to you in profile. Thanks to a clear profile header and pleasant visuals, his first impression was confirmed.
  • 3 point. The person starts reading your posts. He gets acquainted with the product, sees topics of interest to him, saves something useful. Subscribes to “follow” you and “just in case, so as not to lose”
  • 4 point. He sees you in the feed, stories, IGTV, the proposed product becomes clear to him, and now you are offering it at a reduced price or a “tester” of the product at a “not biting” price.
  • 5 pt. He tastes your product. He understands that he is good and necessary, and you propose to him to purchase the main product. He buys. Do you think everyone? No.
  • 6 pt. An old client is better than two new ones. Therefore, we already offer the client a “related” product. Which, for example, will complement the main product.

Next you have a new product. And the most loyal customer is the one who has already bought. Therefore, first of all, we pay attention to this group of people.

How to show your ads to those who have already bought or are somehow interested in your products, we talk in the course in the classroom on targeted advertising. Yes, this is a paid tool. But with the right approach, you will gain much more than you spend.

9. Analytics

We’ve come a long way and it’s time to take stock. Train yourself to report and love numbers. They show and prove the success or failure of your actions.

Collect all the indicators that, firstly, are important to you, and secondly – that can be calculated. The statistics can be viewed on Instagram itself. If you do not know where – an article to help.

For example:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Saves
  • Reposts
  • Profile visits
  • Site Visits
  • Number of subscribers (watch every day)
  • Unsubscribed number
  • Number of direct contributors
  • Number of mentions (by geotags, marks, mentions)
  • How much was spent (if you have already connected targeted advertising or advertising from bloggers)

We draw conclusions: which posts like better, which comment more, which save more, after which action of yours more subscribers came.

Successful actions must be repeated. And if they gave the same positive result, we do it by the system.

10. Improving!

Thank you for reading this article to the end. And sincerely, I believe that you will begin to act today. Good luck and hard work!

If you want to go this way faster and with a mentor who will guide and protect you from mistakes – leave a request for the “SMM Terki” course at this link.

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