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How to name an online store on Instagram: useful recommendations and an overview of services

Many people believe that there is no big problem in how to name an online store on Instagram, and do not waste time on this, choosing the first name that comes across, or even using someone else’s, slightly changing it. However, this approach is wrong, because it is the naming that affects the perception of customers and their attitude towards the store.

There are a number of ways to choose a name, the choice of which depends on the type of goods, characteristics of the target audience, etc. In our article we will tell you how to come up with such a nickname for an online store on Insta, which will help in promotion , and also here are some services to make things easier.

The importance of the name of an online store on Instagram

To choose the right name, you need to understand what constitutes the value of a brand, brand. Value is understood as a set of external and internal properties that make up a single whole.

Changing the external features of a product changes the perception of its internal qualities. For example, research has found that rebranding of FMCG products is changing consumer attitudes. People are starting to think that the goods have become more valuable.

Важность названия интернет-магазина в Инстаграме

The importance of the name of an online store on Instagram

The research results can also be interpreted in the context of the fact that it is impossible to easily change the internal properties of the product, but you can update the external ones, thereby influencing the perception of consumers … Therefore, if the brand name is no longer consistent with the values ​​of the company, you should feel free to change it.

Another study of buying behavior found that consumers equate the place of sale with the quality of the goods. In other words, an item in the window of a beautiful store is perceived as more valuable than exactly the same item hanging on the market.

That is why people go to Azbuka Vkusa and not to Magnit, even if the products in both stores are the same. The image of the outlet matters here.

Getting started with the question of how to name an online store on Instagram, you should think about the following topics :

  • What is the essence of my product?

  • Who do I want to suggest it to, who might I like it?

  • How do I want consumers to feel about my product?

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The essence of a competent product naming is to reflect the internal and external properties of a product. They should not conflict with each other. This means that if the product is sold in markets or social stores, then a pretentious name is not a reason to overcharge. A big name in this case will not increase sales.

8 rules for choosing a name for an online store on Instagram

There are a number of rules for naming an online store on Instagram :

  1. The name should be related to the category of the products presented .

    It is desirable that the name of the store speaks of what is being sold in it. For example, if bicycles are sold, then such names as “Supervel”, “The Great Universe”, etc. will do. The buyer, having seen the name, will immediately understand what it is about. And if he is preoccupied with buying a bicycle, then he will go to the page, if not, he will simply turn over it. And it is easier for a brand to accumulate a target audience with the help of “speaking” names.

    You may encounter a problem when all names consisting of one word are already taken. Then you have to show your imagination. Often in the names for their diversity, words such as “shop”, “super”, “room”, etc. are included.

    You can find an additional word using an online translator. It is included in the title through an underscore or a period.

    Examples :

    • bicycles – bike_room,,, bicycle;

    • caps – cap_room, supercap, fine.cap.

    This structure of names is generally suitable for stores with any product category.

  2. Keep it short and simple .

    Simple names are easier to remember. For example, the laconic “fine_cap” is easier to read than the bulky “beautiful_womens_cap_msk”. A long name is not only difficult to remember, but even difficult to read.

  3. Use a play on words .

    The title does not have to indicate the category of the goods being sold. You can use a play on words that allegorically convey the essence of the product. For example, if a store sells sweets, you can use the combinations “eat_me” or “sweet_land”. They do not directly indicate the product, but convey the essence of the product.

    Делайте названия эмоциональными

    Make titles emotional
  4. Make titles emotional .

    Beautiful and euphonious adjectives will help with this: “fine”, “lovely”, “sweet”, etc. At the same time, it is better to exclude “status” definitions such as “luxury”, “vip”, etc. These words are so clichéd, they have been misused so often that now they can scare away potential buyers.

  5. Use minimum characters .

    Try to eliminate double underscores and numbers (“best_ sweet_market1”). Such names look cumbersome and difficult to understand. Better to turn to fantasy and come up with something original.

  6. Create your own unique titles .

    Creative entrepreneurs, faced with the question of how to name an online store on Instagram, come up with completely unique names. This is also prompted by the fact that many words are already “taken”. Of course, original naming is not easy, but it gives you a chance to create a unique brand.

New level. Ballast discharge:

  1. Reach your target audience .

    The title may mention the target audience. For example, a store for baby caps could be named “kids_caps”. It will sound like a call to action to parents of toddlers.

  2. Try to stand out from the crowd, be different .

    Don’t forget about originality. When a store has a trivial name, it is difficult for it to stand out from the crowd and be remembered by potential customers. In addition, competition among companies with virtually identical names is increasing. Therefore, an original and memorable name often acts as an additional magnet for attracting a target audience, and also helps to maintain sales.

    Naming is not an easy process. It requires not only compliance with the listed rules, but also imagination, creativity, creative thinking. Not all people have this ability. But the question of how to name an online store on Instagram needs to be solved somehow. For this purpose, nickname generators have been developed. They help create names for stores, communities, or various social media accounts.

Nickname generators that will help you name your online store on Instagram

This is about services that pick up custom names. They do it randomly, that is, in a random way. Some programs allow you to specify the first letter of the name or the number of characters.

There are many different nickname generators on the Internet. They are all very simple in functionality. Some involve literally pressing one button. Below we will tell you about the most popular services :


    Program in English. Constructs names from 3 to 15 letters long.

    You can set the first letter of the name, the number of characters, the type of generator (1 or 2), and also install an improved generator.

    After entering the data and pressing the “Generate” button, the result will appear. Scroll until you find something you like.

  • Cast Lots

    The program is as simple as possible. No additional parameters can be entered. You just need to go to the site and click the “Generate” button.

    Cast Lots

    Cast Lots

    The resulting names will be letters and numbers.


    Allows you to set additional parameters: creation option, first letter, language and number of characters. To get the result, you need to click the “Think of a nickname” button.


    Free overseas service. Allows you to set additional parameters: hobby, number of letters, keywords. To get the result, you need to enter the data and click the “SPIN!” Button.

    An important point – keywords and additional parameters are entered in English. For example, you can specify “shop”, and the system will return names that match this query.

  • Randomus

    You can set the number of characters and the first letter of the name. Then click “Generate”.

    The result will appear.

  • RusTXT

    This is a service for working with text, which has a function for generating nicknames. It is allowed to enter additional parameters: the language of the name, how many names need to be created, the first letter, the minimum and maximum number of characters. Next, click the Generate button.

    The service database contains more than 30 thousand words. An extensive vocabulary allows RusTXT to create high-quality and unique nicknames for many users.

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Examples of names of an online store on Instagram

It is very difficult to find the original name, even when there are special programs at hand. But some Russian brands have succeeded. They know very well how to name an online clothing store on Instagram. Here are some popular brands:

  • Kuraga . A young Russian company. He actively presents himself on social networks, has, among other things, an Instagram account.

    He adheres to a minimalistic direction in clothing design, while using a wide color palette. Often he turns to Soviet aesthetics. For example, it produces dresses and turtlenecks with a print “Moskvoshvey”, raincoats, skirts and sundresses of the style of the 60s. Kuraga is a unique balance between retro style and casual wear.

  • Strogo vintage . A small showroom on Pokrovka Strogo is a magnet for all lovers of vintage clothing and accessories. The founders of the brand regularly visit Europe and the USA, from where they bring models for their boutique. They are well aware of what vintage clothing matches modern fashion trends.

    Strogo vintage

    Strogo vintage

    The assortment of the store is updated frequently. Models are disassembled very quickly. The item you like can be booked on a prepayment basis, but you need to pick it up yourself.

  • Tonkilled . The young Russian brand TonkiyLed produces clothes mainly from natural fabrics: wool, silk, cotton. The models, presented in a wide range of colors, have original, minimalistic styles. To attract buyers, ThinkyLed actively uses social networks, including Instagram.

  • Erma . The brand’s models are made in bright, saturated colors. Here you can find interesting prints, contrasting combinations, geometric patterns. At the same time, the styles are quite simple. There is an extensive collection of winter clothing, which is relevant for many regions of Russia. The brand has several offline points of sale, but is also actively represented on social networks.

Most often, the name of the store on Instagram coincides with the name of the brand. This way buyers will not be confused and it will be easier for them to find the company they like. However, you can come up with an original nickname, if necessary.

Here are some examples of titles for pages selling equipment :

For shops selling cosmetics :

For clothing pages :

As already mentioned, the page name and username may not match. In this case, it is recommended to provide additional information in brackets, in the company description or next to the title.

Short, laconic, original, memorable names should be preferred. These nicks are easier to tag and share in posts.

To make the name “different”, it is recommended to start by examining the profiles of competitors, see how they are called, and create your own unique name. Then users will not confuse the company with other similar ones. This will ensure brand awareness and new customers.

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