3 - Как увеличить отдачу от рекламы в Facebook в несколько раз?

How to multiply the return on Facebook ads?

This article will focus on Facebook advertising for small and medium businesses, but the techniques can be used for large brands as well.

You will learn:

✓ why Facebook ads don’t always work;

✓ how to start creating Facebook targeting;

✓ How to choose an advertising target.

Why Facebook targeted ads don’t always take off

1 - Как увеличить отдачу от рекламы в Facebook в несколько раз?

Facebook targeted ads don’t always perform as expected for several reasons.

Poorly designed audience

If you are targeting the wrong people, haven’t worked through the basic stage carefully, haven’t found out who needs your product and left the audience’s choice solely to the will of Facebook, then don’t expect a good result.

Show time not included

Before starting an advertising campaign, it is very important to look at the peaks of sales activity on the site and the time when there is the largest flow of visits to your site using Google Analytics or Yandex Metrica. Then you can plan your ad campaign in such a way as to show the ad a few hours before the peak load or during it. All this is quite individual and depends on the niche and the specifics of the project.

Incorrectly calculated budget

Too little budget will prevent you from getting full feedback from Facebook itself. It takes time for automatic algorithms to more accurately identify the target audience and adjust ads more efficiently.

If there is a lot of budget, then there will be an overpayment for the audience, which you could get cheaper. In this case, you will not know the real picture of the competitive environment. That is, you will “skim the cream off” at the highest possible cost, but you will not understand how you can further optimize the campaign.

Bid too high or low

The same can be said about the rate. If this is your first time running an ad, then you shouldn’t gamble with bets. For small and medium-sized businesses, the most correct solution would be to use an automatic algorithm. When you have already tested all the main points, you can try to optimize the bet itself.

A very low bid will prevent you from appearing in auctions where your target audience is. In other words, you will not be offered the most suitable audience.

Focus on the wrong target action

When expecting an increase in the return from any ad, the first thing to do is to understand why you are doing it. Let’s say you get traffic to the site, increase your reach, etc. If the goal was chosen incorrectly from the very beginning, then you will not get the desired result.

The Targeted Advertising course, where you will meet the author of the article, is designed for those who want to independently launch effective advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Analyzing the results, building sales funnels in social networks – you will become an excellent targeting expert.

Inappropriate ad format used

Facebook Targeted Ads will not work if you choose the wrong format to achieve your goal. Not all formats that Facebook offers may work for you.

Not enough tests

In order for the advertisement to work most effectively and the traffic to be converted into orders, it takes time for testing. There is often no time or budget. Hence the disastrous result.

Ignore the analysis of the results obtained

Unfortunately, this is a problem for many small companies. Feedback is not removed and analysis of what has been done is practically not carried out. Analytics should be installed by default and have a basic understanding of how to use it.

Wrong metrics

If you focus on the wrong metric, your ad will not be effective. For example, if you are targeting traffic, referrals to the site, and analyzing reach, then you are unlikely to achieve the goal and spend your budget usefully.

Bad product

By default should be a normal product. If you are ashamed to show it to someone or you understand that something is wrong with it, there is a suspicion that this is not the service that people need, then the target audience will also understand this. In this case, you shouldn’t expect any sales via Facebook.

Reputation Issues

Reputation, brand design and feedback issues are common. It looks like the product is good, but there is no reaction to it that you expected.

Inoperative and inconvenient site

The site itself can become a global problem: its performance, display on mobile devices (about 40% will be generated by mobile users), adaptability, visibility of all necessary elements, usability design, etc.

In fact, the “root of evil” is the absence of a strategy and, as a result, incorrectly configured advertising. Even the best ads don’t make sense if you’re not showing them to your audience.

For small and medium-sized businesses, a basic toolkit is available that allows you to reach and interact with the target audience with maximum efficiency.

Long term strategy beats any short term gains. It so happens that poorly tuned advertising “takes off” and gives good results, but, as a rule, they are very transient and do not provide consistency, flow and stability. Therefore, it is worth working out a long-term strategy to differentiate yourself from competitors and achieve success.

Facebook targeting strategy: where to start?

2 - Как увеличить отдачу от рекламы в Facebook в несколько раз?

Practice shows that, with the right approach, Facebook can help to attract people at different stages of the funnel and sell a product in a wide variety of niches.

Work with hot audiences

I recommend working with a “hot” audience that has already bought something from you. These people know you, trust you and, perhaps, recommend to others. They only need to remind them of themselves.

Use an existing subscriber base

Also, you can use any data from your resources: email database, phone numbers, information from CRM. Be sure to collect customer bases to use in future work.

Return people who visit your site

Target people who visit your site regularly. For example, you are offering a service to more buyers. You can show your resource to those people who, for one reason or another, do not buy it. Perhaps they are not yet ready to invest in the purchase of this or that product, so you need to show yourself at the very moment when they decide to interact with you. Don’t forget this segment of your audience. The same Facebook will allow you to filter it.

Chat with people who are interested in your content

The next step is occupied by people who somehow interacted with your content. I recommend starting with Facebook content. If there is a working page, some kind of activity on it, likes, discussions, then it is quite possible to create audiences that will be closest to you, but without the experience of interacting with you.

Engage with fans of the page

Next, there are page fans, representing a wider audience. These people might be following, they might follow your content, but they might not react in any way. Hence, they will further expand your engagement funnel.

Keep your audience in mind

If you are just starting your business and entering the market, and you do not have a ready base of clients and subscribers, then work with interests and behavior. Behavioral lines work better than interests. This is due to the fact that Facebook has not yet collected data on Ukrainian traffic and consumer. I recommend combining behavior and basic interests.

What you need to successfully launch an advertising campaign

1. You should start with common sense – understanding what you are selling and for whom. Write down the strategy and tools for its implementation.

2. Install Facebook Pixel. This will help you analyze your audience and open up opportunities for effective advertising.

3. Collect information about target audience from other sources.

4. Create custom and similar Facebook audiences. Custom are collected based on website traffic and page engagement. Look-a-Like – to all previous lists for use in your funnel.

How to choose an advertising target

All goals on Facebook can be conditionally divided into three large groups:

  • sales, leads;
  • conversions;
  • reach, brand awareness.

3 - Как увеличить отдачу от рекламы в Facebook в несколько раз?

Selecting a promotion target

Sales, leads

This target will work for you if you want to get:

  • traffic to the site;
  • engagement for publications;
  • new subscribers to the page;
  • replies to invitations;
  • video views;
  • lead generation.

Website traffic

If you have a separate platform where goods or services are sold, do not miss the opportunity to launch such an advertisement.

What’s important? Be sure to divide your audience by site and type of device. That is, separate all creatives and banners that you display for desktop and mobile devices, as well as on Facebook and Instagram. There is a big difference between these audiences, so you need to adapt the content as much as possible to the requirements of social networks. Instagram should show more visually designed posts, and Facebook should be more informative.

Analytics, responsiveness and loading speed are very important for a website. Before launching, I advise you to go through the site itself as a potential consumer and analyze the readiness of the site to receive traffic from Facebook.

For text, create titles and descriptions of varying lengths. The title should be in the region of 90-95 characters, the description is allowed in 120 characters. It is important to select the correct call to action and check if it is displayed correctly from different language versions of your account.

When testing an advertising campaign, I recommend initially focusing on the goal you are striving for. If we talk about traffic, then it is worth optimizing an advertising campaign for clicks. In the future, when you take off the first results, the cost and other indicators will be clear, then allocate a small part of the budget for the test under “Impressions” or “Landing page views”. If you do everything right at the stage of preparing a creative, then optimization for impressions will save a significant part of your budget and at the same time maintain the effectiveness of your ad.

It is desirable to scale the advertising campaign gradually. It is unrealistic to immediately increase the advertising budget at times and proportionally preserve all the results. Facebook takes time and a margin of safety to adapt to new demands. That is, if you expanded your budget and at the same time kept the same time frame, then you will compete, in fact, with yourself. Also, the cost of the targeted action will increase. For example, relative to traffic, the cost of going to the site will increase.

To scale a working ad campaign, don’t rush and expect a 5-10% budget increase per week.

Engagement for publications

Here we are talking about promoting promo posts.

What is important? In this case, remember that promoting the product from the page reduces the effectiveness. Launching from the ad account will allow you to work with the settings thinner and deeper and achieve the initial optimization of your ad.

At the stage of preparing a post in order to get sales and leads, I recommend initially sharpening it for the target audience. For example, if you plan to advertise products for drivers, then prepare a post for them. If you aim at everyone, you won’t hit anyone.

Be sure to separate audiences. Try showing posts to friends of your subscribers, fans of your page, that is, set aside a small budget to test audience reaction to your content. With a satisfactory response, you can expand the advertising campaign to the interests, behavior and custom audiences mentioned above.

If you link in your ad post, put it as high as possible. Do not let her get into the tackle and disappear. If you want to get an additional transition from your publication, write an offer (call) to follow the link, then indicate the link itself, and a description of what the person will receive or see after the transition.

Please keep in mind when this post was posted. Based on the analytics indicators of a particular page, plan the time so that posts are released about an hour and a half before peak activity. Usually, these are periods from 8-00 to 10-00 and after 18-00. Thus, it is best to schedule publications in the early morning, 30 minutes during lunchtime and, of course, when the audience is resting after work and is on the social network.

New page subscribers

This format is good if you want to increase the audience of your page, that is, get “Like” marks.

What is important? Before launching an advertising campaign, prepare carefully: fill in all the pages, fill in all the information, add a few posts. Analyze what the first visitor will see when they visit your page. Remove junk videos and raise the most relevant and engaging posts higher.

Be sure to include calls to action when preparing your creative. Without such a call, ad adaptation will drop by at least 30%. The more accurately and clearly you describe what you want, the more results you will get.

It is also important to give creatives a rest. This may take two to three weeks. During this time, you will understand who your potential fan is, who will subscribe.

The simpler a creative to like to mark, the better. Focus on the topic of your page and cut out any unnecessary things.

Invitation responses

Most suitable for those who organize some kind of events, seminars, concerts, etc.

What is important? Pay attention to the conciseness of the title with a clearly indicated format, for example, “Lecture”, “Seminar”, “Training”. That is, a person should understand what this format is about and how long it will take him.

Replace custom cover with several kinds of banners for maximum effect. When an advertising campaign is spinning, do not forget to drop posts, engage the audience in the conversation at the event itself. This will heighten interest in the format of your event and will help attract new people who came from advertising. Perhaps they will ask questions themselves, help others, seeing that the event is relevant and lively.

Video Views

Videos are trending now, so promote your views. But remember that it does little to drive traffic to your site. Better to use direct target as intended and only use video in ad format.

What’s important? In informational and promotional videos, include subtitles. Make the main splash screen that appears before the subtitles as intriguing and engaging as possible.

Be sure to keep track of the amount of text in the video. Videos are subject to the 20% volume rule. If at least a few frames have a “sheet” of text, then the video often flies into the ban. Consider this nuance even at the stage of preparation.

The main metric used for the analysis of efficiency is 3 seconds lookup. In principle, this metric says little, so it is important to watch the involvement in the video by different gradations of views.

Lead Generation

This tool is suitable for those who do not have a site to collect a base. Allows you to gather an audience inside the Facebook site itself before the event or pre-sale.

What is important? Be sure to indicate that the person deliberately leaves his contacts to someone and what he will receive for this. Act quickly. For example, if you are assembling a base for a test drive of a car, then the car dealership should contact the person as soon as possible. There are services to help speed up this process.

Please do not forget about privacy policy. It must be prepared in advance, as this advertisement will not work without it.


This goal helps you track and generate sales. There are three formats:

  • actual conversions;
  • catalog sales;
  • visiting outlets.


This is the strongest advertising tool on Facebook. Using a pixel to your website, an online store will generate a stream of conversions: requests, sales, leads.

What’s important? It takes 15-25 conversions per week to achieve the result. If there are fewer of them, then you can choose any other action. For example, do not pay for a purchase in an online store, but put it in the basket and optimize advertising for this action. This will help Facebook understand your audience faster and show it more often.

Also keep in mind that the more you divide the actions, the more results you will get. You can create a huge array of these conversions and showcase different offers to completely different groups of people. You can use the standards that Facebook offers. If they are not enough, then you can create your own.

Catalog Sales

Directory sales are used for dynamic remarketing and are especially effective for online stores. Preparing and launching is a rather laborious process, but it justifies all the resources invested.

What’s important? Don’t be limited to standard feed goals and fields. A feed can contain many interesting criteria such as color, brand, availability, price, etc.

You need a programmer to set up conversions and remarketing.

Visiting points

Suitable for local business.

What is important? We recommend taking into account the specifics of this format, since the audience has not yet mastered this kind of advertising. Be sure to test the radius and time of the display. For example, if it is a coffee shop or restaurant, then you can take into account the flow of people who are walking nearby at a certain time.

Brand awareness, reach

With this tool you can show the maximum number of times, but at a lower price. To achieve the goal, it is desirable to use the format “Promotion of publications” or “Traffic”. But keep in mind that the end result is very difficult to evaluate.

Recommend to big brands with big budgets. Local businesses can use it to attract as many audiences as possible.

To summarize. In order for your Facebook advertising to bring you the desired result, write down your targeting strategy and choose the right advertising goal. Only then launch your campaign.

Go to topic! “Set up targeted Facebook ads”, “Facebook Ads: Tips for Attracting Leads”, “Facebook Remarketing Audiences and Instagram “.

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