Запустите конкурс репостов

How to increase the number of subscribers to your Instagram and VKontakte account

How to increase the number of account subscribers worries many novice bloggers and entrepreneurs who decide to promote in social networks. It is unrealistic to recruit 100 thousand people right away, it takes time, sometimes even a year (it all depends on the social network). There is, of course, a quick way – cheat, but it is illegal, not welcomed by social networks. It may turn out that by the morning there will be 20 out of 100 thousand people.

Don’t give up, there are tons of free ways to increase your subscribers. Yes, they are not as fast as cheating, but they are of high quality. That is, your target audience will subscribe to you, and this is most important in promoting in social networks. In addition, it will be easier for them to offer their goods and services later, they will be more loyal to advertising.

Number and quality of account subscribers

The total number of your followers is the girth. And for many it is this figure that seems to be the main, the most significant. It would seem, yes, everything is correct. A lot of subscribers means a lot of likes, and therefore sales.

What else do you need if your goal is exactly the sale of goods or services? But don’t jump to conclusions. See what is the ratio between subscribers (P), number of views (K), number of likes (L) and number of signed up (W)? Is the picture familiar when there are a lot of subscribers, and only a few people have signed up? At the same time, it is clear that everything is different for others: there are several times less subscribers, but this is all an active audience (almost ready customers). What’s the secret?

Girth is not the most important thing anymore, the engagement of your subscribers is important. For example, on Instagram over the past year, the picture has changed a lot.

80% of large brands attach the greatest importance to the level of engagement (ER indicator, engagement rate). It is by him that the success of the account is assessed. A low ER value means that there are few subscribers, or there is content, but it is of poor quality. Already, many bloggers deliberately look through their lists and remove from them all sorts of stores, coffee shops and other profiles that are of no use.

Количество и качество подписчиков аккаунта

The number and quality of account subscribers

Engagement is the ratio of the total number of likes, comments, reposts and saves to the number of followers. However, if you managed to increase the number of subscribers to your account, this does not mean an automatic increase in the engagement rate.

How to triple income with your personal brand on social media

Mikhail Khristosenko

Leading expert on social networks in Russia. Graduate of the Presidential Management Training Program with training and internship in Germany.

Михаил Христосенко

Personal branding is what they say about you when you are not in the room. ” This is what Amazon creator Jeff Bezos said about his personal brand. There are other definitions, but this gets to the point 100%.

You can be super cool, but if no one knows about you, you are no different from a fledgling newbie. But running around with your “I” and your own expertise is also not an option. No empty words and bloated ego.

Once upon a time, after the collapse of my first business, I did not understand where to move on. But in the end he chose the path of creating and strengthening his personal brand. Although then this term was not yet so popular.

  • Now I have a big team and millions of launches with me.

  • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

  • I choose the clients I work with myself.

  • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

My team and I have compiled a list of the TOP 7 promotion services that will help rock your personal brand. You can download it for free!

Getting 7-15% from 5,000 subscribers is much easier than the same figure from 50,000. That is, it may be cheaper for a brand to buy even hundreds of average influencers with an ER of 10-15% than one with millions of subscribers. but with an ER of 4%.

For example, Kim Kardashian has 135 million subscribers, and ER = 1.88%. Again, Cristiano Ronaldo has 163 million followers and ER = 3.56%. There are, of course, unique cases. Take, for example, this famous Instagram egg, which has become the record holder for likes. The account has 9 million subscribers and a huge ER of 29.16%. Yes, there are only 14 posts, but the very first of them got 3 million comments (no one else has), and this is already the third part of all subscribers.

Ten or twenty years ago, the ultimate dream was to earn a loyal customer base. Now the task is different – to competently engage the audience. By the way, this is a great advantage of the Internet over other, already outdated media – the ability to form an engaging audience.

Engagement means capturing attention and getting feedback from people (through advertising campaigns of various formats, which imply personal participation of users).

10 Universal Ways to Increase Your Account Followers

The number of subscribers is, of course, an important indicator. It is on him that sales volumes, audience loyalty, how much income the blog will bring, how many advertisers want to work with you, how popular the brand will become, etc. However, not everyone succeeds in achieving good coverage.

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We at the SMM Academy are confident that you can attract customers and sell them your product or service on any social network. Everyone works, but each one needs its own approach!

Do not think that it is too late and all the cream has been removed from social networks. Their audience continues to grow. New users appear here every day, which means that the number of potential customers for your business is growing. Ditching social media now is like slamming a store door in front of them.

  • Analyze the demand for your product by searching for keywords with hashtags.

  • Study your audience. It’s good if you already have a current customer base and can do ABCXYZ analysis.

  • Collect a preliminary base in social networks through scraping.

To help you, my team and I have compiled a list of TOP-50 useful services.
You can download it for free!

And many are very worried about the pressing question: “How to increase the number of account subscribers?”.

  1. Set the status to Business.

    After that, you will be able to run ads, as well as get access to statistics and see how the audience is behaving.

    Plus, the option to install the buttons “Call”, “E-mail” and “Show on the map” is added. When there are several options to choose from for a request, it is very convenient for both customers and advertisers.

  2. “Pull up” friends and acquaintances.

    Give access to your phone book to all social networks where you are. And for everyone who appears on the list, subscribe. Ask your friends to do the same. Then both the coverage and the number of subscribers will become wider.

  3. Build quality content.

    A really large audience can only be interested in well-thought-out, interesting content. Pay attention to everything: content, color design, and visual complement.

    It is also important to understand what tags are better to put under publications. It’s good if you use three kinds of tags for each post, namely high, medium and low popularity.

    For example, if you have a small blog, then the Moscow hashtag will not work for it. Rather, “Moscow Summer 2020” is suitable. Adding geolocation also works well, users pay attention to this too.

    How, for example, can you increase the number of subscribers to your account with life hacks? Take advantage of the power of infographics, add geolocation and hashtags suitable for your topic.

  4. Be active on popular pages yourself.

    Then the activity on the part of others will “catch up” and to you. So feel free to like, repost and leave comments.

  5. Use cross-posting.

    What does this mean? Submitting each new post to a different social network. So, first of all, you will keep old subscribers. And secondly, you will collect a large number of new ones.

  6. Demonstrate all the interesting things that happen to you during the day.

    Broadcast stories, by the way, they are mega popular now. Shoot short videos, turn on live broadcasts, show anything that interests you – the public loves it.

  7. Stay up to date.

    For example, you are the author of a blog on a particular topic. Follow the news and be sure to share it with your audience.

  8. Work according to the content plan.

    A very important point. Posts should appear at least once every one or two days. But keep in mind that 5-6 posts per day is overkill.

    Работайте по контент-плану

    Follow your content plan
  9. Remember that there are peaks in audience activity.

    On weekdays, these are the following periods :

    • 30 – 11.30;

    • 30 – 16.30;

    • 30 – 23.00.

    It is undesirable to schedule promotional posts for the last segment, in the evening the buying activity of people is low. On weekends, the peaks are :

    In a business account, the activity time of your audience is recorded and available for viewing.

  10. Choose the content type. The varieties are as follows :

    • Selling content . Its share should be approximately 15-20%. People don’t rush to buy everything without looking. Believe me, everyone wants to get something useful.

    • Informational content . Under it, you can take up to 40%. Submit all kinds of master classes, checklists, collections of useful tips, reviews, reviews, etc.

    • Entertainment content . Give him no more than 10% of the total volume of publications. Humor is great, but without going overboard (unless you are the author of a public on the topic of humor, then it’s another matter).

    • Warming Up Content . It can take 30-40%. Communicate actively with the audience, post polls, interviews, reviews, answers to questions, etc.

    These numbers can only be used as guidelines. Of course, each case will have its own ideal recipe for how to increase the number of account subscribers. This can only be found out during testing.

10 ways to attract Instagram followers

So, you have correctly designed your account, collected subscribers, outlined how you will promote, formed good content, and identified your target audience. Now you can think about how to increase the number of subscribers to your account.

  1. Follow other users yourself.

    This is a big piece of routine, but ultimately useful work. No, this does not mean mass following or massliking. This is not at all about stupidly adding heaps of people without thinking at all who they are and what they are interested in.

    The course of action here is as follows: find your competitors, view their subscribers, choose the most active among them and subscribe to them. Also, pay attention to hashtags, geolocations. For example, let’s say you sell cakes. So, search for hashtags #cakeorder, #homecakes, #cake recipes.

    Study subscribers (and simply interested ones), subscribe to them yourself and “pull” to your page. This will undoubtedly help increase the number of account subscribers.

    But remember this: in order for you to react positively, you need to have more followers. Watch this. And from those who did not reciprocate, unsubscribe.

  2. Don’t be lazy to write comments on competitors’ posts.

    This method works great too. Just go to a competitor’s page and write comments that attract attention under his publications.

    But here it is important to act competently, these comments should demonstrate that you are “in the subject”, understand the issue and would be interesting to talk to you. Or attract the attention of subscribers with polls, call for a dialogue, ask their opinions, etc.

    Comment “Guys, everyone is on my page! These are great chairs! ” – this is not what you need. Write something like this: “Friends, who understands wood carving? Here’s an interesting profile, there are a lot of all sorts of beautiful products. See what you think? ” In the first case, it is immediately clear that someone advertises himself. But the second option will attract attention, and many will still come by.

  3. Comment on posts from popular bloggers from your audience.

    Everywhere and always, in any field of activity, there are people whose opinion is listened to by others. On the Internet, influencers are undoubtedly bloggers. Their audience can also increase the number of subscribers to your account.

    Choose a blogger who works in your topic, go to his page, comment on posts from time to time. Actually, these are the same actions as in paragraph 2, but now you have a different goal – to pull up more people to the conversation (and here it is just those who like to talk, express their point of view). And when you see that people are actively communicating, you can start calling to your account.

    Initiating a dispute works great. That is, read what others write there, and express the opposite opinion, insist on your own, but, of course, within reason, so that instead of attracting attention, you do not cause obvious negativity.

  4. Place hashtags under posts.

    Hashtags can be excellently used to increase the number of account subscribers on any social network, and on Instagram, of course, too. It is only important to be able to use this tool correctly.

    It is thanks to the hashtag that you can get into the sight of those who have not yet subscribed to you. People, trying to find something for themselves, often drive a hashtag into the search engine. But so that after that they appear on your page, it is important to use relevant hashtags that accurately describe the topic of your account.

    If, for example, you sell jewelry made of silver, then the following hashtags would be suitable: # jewelry made of silver, #silver for men, #silver for women, #stylish silver, #silver gift, etc.

    Actually, this is a list of queries used by people when searching for a product you are trading, or when they are interested in a topic discussed on your blog.

    Ставьте под постами хэштеги

    Put hashtags under posts

    When composing hashtags, remember some rules :

    • No space after hash. That is, the hashtag is written # without a space. Otherwise, the system will interpret it as an ordinary word.

    • It doesn’t matter which letter, uppercase or lowercase, the hashtag is written. That is, # LETTERS are the same as # letters.

    • Of the characters in the hashtag, only underscores are allowed. That is, #instagram_foto is correct, the options # in $ tagram # instagram * # instagram & me # in ^ stagram are all incorrect.

    • But adding a smiley changes the hashtag. That is, #heart ♥ and #heart are two completely different hashtags. If your unique hashtag includes an emoticon, let it be, but if not, then it is better to put an emoticon after the space. Or don’t.

    A correctly composed hashtag will immediately be marked in blue by the system, and when you click on it, you will be taken to the pages where it has already been used before.

    Thanks to hashtags, your posts will appear more often in the feed, more people will see you, which will undoubtedly help to increase the number of account subscribers.

  5. Use geolocation tags.

    Why add geolocation? Also for more feed impressions.

    This is especially important if you are promoting your business in a particular region or city and you need to get subscribers right here.

    The scheme of actions is as follows :

    • Go to the menu, click “add place”.

    • The place must be written in English. If the location option is enabled on the phone (and if it is at all), then to the point that you indicated, Instagram itself will offer more suitable locations.

    • The location you have chosen will be highlighted in the menu before your post. Finish the design, write the text, put tags of people, specify a place and then you can press “share”.

  6. Find and participate in like times.

    Modern active users use like times and activity chats as another tool in order to increase the number of account subscribers. Here people gather to like each other, comment on photos and videos. Due to this activity, photos and videos are in the top by hashtags.

    How do I get into the activity chat? Through the search engine Instagram. Enter #liketime or #chatactivity into it, stop at any post you like and somehow comment on it, like it, which will increase the activity on this post.

    What are these chats for? :

    • such actions bring the publication to the top by hashtags, that is, users who search for this specific hashtag will first of all notice your post;

    • the Instagram search engine itself will regard your post as interesting and will show it to a larger number of subscribers;

    • a lot of people gather at such events, they are people working in very different fields, and there is a great chance to find clients for themselves.

    So do not neglect the real opportunity to increase the number of subscribers to your account. Make an interesting post, add the correct hashtags and go for liketime.

  7. Take part in marathons and flash mobs on the topic of your choice.

    Marathons and flash mobs also effectively help to increase the number of account subscribers, and here’s why.

    Firstly, all the participants are real users, there will be no bots, any inanimate profiles or advertising pages.

    Участвуйте в марафонах и флешмобах по нужной вам теме

    Participate in marathons and flash mobs on the topic you need

    Secondly, marathons are usually attended by a very lively, active, ready-to-communicate audience. This means that these people will see your profile, which will undoubtedly be a big plus for you. And if you try to make the posts and photos really interesting, then you will get more subscribers.

    Thirdly, immersed in such an event, you will find yourself a lot of material for new publications, which means that you will attract the attention of even more people.

  8. Inform users about your profile on social media pages.

    There are a lot of them now, popular ones – YouTube, VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter and many others. And there are categories of users everywhere. Among them there are sure to be people who will be interested in your profile.

  9. Communicate actively with your audience.

    You can also increase the number of subscribers for your account through discussions on the pages of competitors.

    Do you see that the user there asked something and your competitor hasn’t had time to answer yet? Rather, answer yourself (if, of course, you know what to say).

    Maybe someone needs advice and you know the subject – offer help.

    Or you saw a discussion of an interesting topic, then keep the conversation going, show that you understand what it is about, declare yourself as an expert.

    Thus, you will definitely attract the attention of a large number of people, among whom there will be new subscribers and even ready customers.

  10. Offer to participate in promotions.

    It’s no secret that everyone loves gifts, and this is a great way to grow your account’s followers. Think of something to offer. For example, for mentioning a friend in the comments – admission to a free consultation, or give a discount to those who make a link to your account on their page. And give small gifts for good reviews too.

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More details

5 options to increase the number of VKontakte subscribers

First of all, immediately understand one thing: you will not be in the TOP if you do not provide your audience with engaging content. Therefore, it is very important to publish something interesting that will trigger a reaction.

What exactly it will be – choose yourself in accordance with the theme of your account or focusing on the purpose with which you are running it. Display photos, videos, tell stories, audio clips, and more. The main thing is to fill the group.

It would be nice to collect photos and videos into albums, music – into playlists, separately – topics for discussion. Of course, if you already have a clear concept, then this is not necessary. One way or another, the goal here is the same – if a person has already entered, then he must “sit” with you for at least an hour and study everything.

Content plan for social networks with meaning:

Here’s how to promote your group for free :

  1. Invite people from the target audience yourself.

    After the interesting content is formed and published, through the search engines you find people who may be interested in all this, identify the target audience, call them as friends and invite those who have agreed to be friends to the group.

    It should be admitted that it will not work to quickly increase the number of subscribers to a VKontakte account in this way. This is a slow path. The system does not allow inviting more than 40 people a day to friends. At the same time, not everyone will respond.

  2. Give your audience useful content.

    Of course, content should be selected in accordance with the group’s theme, but always try to make it useful and preferably even exclusive. If your topic is humor, for example, post cool funny jokes, gifs, photos.

    This approach will work only under certain conditions :

    • if the group already has 100 or more people;

    • if all of these are active users who like, repost, write comments;

    • the content is really interesting for the target audience.

    The method is simple, but ineffective. For example, even if 5-10 people share a post, and then more than 100 users will view it, it is not a fact that at least someone will join the group or want to join it.

  3. Ask subscribers to invite their friends to you.

    Why not? Quite an effective way to increase the number of subscribers to your VKontakte account. If you already have 50 people in your group and everyone invites friends (this is 40 people), more than half (50-75%) will most likely respond.

    Here is an important point – with what message you ask your subscribers to invite friends to you. It (this message) should be catchy. You can focus on the design (color, smiles). Or offer benefits to the group members themselves, for example, discounts, participation in moderation, some interesting news.

    If we talk about the effectiveness of this method, then it works best for groups operating within a particular city. Indeed, it is easier to invite friends to a group that is right here, “nearby” than to some large community on the topic of travel or esotericism.

  4. Get involved in mutual PR with other groups.

    This way you can increase the number of subscribers to your account at the expense of members of other groups. You host an interesting, catchy post and link to another group in it. And they also make a post with a link to you. The method is good, but not suitable for everyone.

    Mutual PR will give tangible results if both your public and that other group have at least 500 members.

    To find groups suitable for mutual PR, take the functionality of a social network into service, use hashtags, key words. Offer collaboration to groups with roughly the same number of members as you.

  5. Start a repost contest.

    This is a well-known feature. Although the method is not entirely free, you will need to give prizes to the winners.

    In general, you can not spend money on gifts, but it will not be so effective, although not completely useless. And of course, remember that contests only make sense if there are a large number of participants in the group (from 500 and more).

    Practice shows that members of VKontakte groups are still interested in prizes. So that people do not doubt the honesty of the competition and do not think that your friend will get the super prize in any case, announce several prizes (let it be five, the optimal number). In addition, the chances of winning increase when there are more prizes.

    Запустите конкурс репостов

    Launch a repost contest

    Prizes should be relevant to the group’s theme, because the target audience will be involved. For example, if your public is for young mothers, then it makes sense to offer soft toys, an electric car and other “things” for babies as prizes.

    If you don’t want to spend money, you can think of other prizes. For example:

    • gift certificate;

    • opportunity to purchase a product at a discount;

    • placing the winner’s photo on the dynamic community cover, that is, the person becomes the face of the group;

    • a gift in the form of a collage of photographs of the winning participant;

    • individual free consultation, conversation on a topic of interest.

    It is clear that everything should be tied to the topic of the community. If, for example, this is a public psychologist, he can offer an online consultation via Skype (duration – one hour). And if you have a store, the best gift is a discount or a certificate.

    To participate, as a rule, you need to join the group and repost the record of the competition. Nobody forbids coming up with something different, special. But it is safer to act according to an already debugged scheme.

It’s hard enough to promote a group for free and increase the number of subscribers to your VKontakte account. Finding and adding an active audience is a long process. Still, the results will be if you manage to form a truly interesting public.

Pros and cons of boosting subscribers

Cheating is carried out using special bots, that is, empty accounts without content, subscribers, and sometimes without an avatar. Bots “themselves” click on a subscription to other accounts, like posts, or even leave comments on tags.

Perhaps, when you are just starting to promote a group, it makes sense to wind up subscribers, although there are many negative points in this. However, the promotion services themselves assure that there are no downsides, only pluses.

So, the positives :

  1. The large number of subscribers is impressive

    Other users are more willing to subscribe when they see that there are already one hundred thousand members in the group. But keep in mind that this is only a first impression. In addition to filling, there should also be fascinating content, but this is just not the case.

The promotion does not give any other advantages, except to show off.

Now about the cons :

  1. You won’t get more likes

    Cheating pulls up “dead” accounts or pages with offers. It doesn’t give you anything at all: no views, no likes.

  2. No comments added

    Who will comment if the majority of the audience are bots? So your engagement efforts are wasted.

  3. Cheating does not give sales

    After all, the goal, in fact, is always the same – to sell. But to whom? The bot will definitely not buy anything from you.

  4. Cheating is a risky business

    Social networks do not like cheaters, they constantly purge, and it is not a fact that your one hundred thousand subscribers will not suddenly turn into twenty thousand one fine day.

    Plus, you can also be sanctioned (by social networks) for using markups.

  5. There are frequent cases of cheating right in the process of advertising campaigns. That is, you come to an agreement with a blogger (or some kind of public), pay him for advertising, and he immediately begins to “drive” the markup. It seems to you that this ad gives such a gorgeous result, but instead of normal live subscribers, you get an army of bots on your page.

  6. An account filled through a cheat is just dust in the eyes of a normal audience.

  7. Don’t lie to your users. An account filled to the brim with bots is of no interest to anyone, and you really need live active subscribers.

Don’t try to increase your account’s subscribers by buying them. Of course, different methods come into play when it comes to promoting a group, but still be decorous.

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