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How to increase engagement on Instagram

Almost every company has an Instagram profile. It doesn’t matter – an individual entrepreneur or a company with a multimillion-dollar staff. Everyone creates commercial accounts. But the added logo, contact details and a couple of photos are not enough. An Instagram profile is created not because “everything is on Instagram, we also need it”, but for people to find out about you, show interest, become imbued with the brand and it was interesting for them to interact with you. It takes effort. First of all, the audience needs to be involved. How? Let’s figure it out.

We involve # times. Geotags.

Place geotags. You can come up with your own geotag or use the ones that are. It is clickable. The user will click on it if they want to know where you are. One click – a point on the map will be highlighted on the screen. When you create your own geotag, users will be able to see all the posts that you geotagged.

The publication will be displayed along with other posts that have the same geotags as yours. Posts with the most likes are highlighted first on the page of that place (section “popular posts”). This is a great opportunity for people who don’t follow your account to see your post.

Involving # two. The text is important.

Yes, Instagram is a social network with an emphasis on photography. But now people not only like to look at beautiful photos. They enjoy reading useful texts. Therefore: write thoughtfully! It is important to know what will be interesting to users, what information will hook them. Think over everything in your texts: structure, storytelling logic, ton-of-voice, simplicity (we’re in social networks, don’t forget!). And the main thing is the idea. Do not write about what you do not understand and what is not interesting to your subscribers.

We involve # three. The main thing is forward.

You have 2-3 seconds for the person who is rapidly scrolling through the feed to catch his eye and stop at the post. So don’t put helpful information at the end. Start with the most important things. You can use catchy titles. But remember: the heading should reflect the essence of the text.

Involving # four. The goal is comments.

Want more engagement for your posts? Get people to comment! An easy way is to ask your subscribers a question. If there is no question, then people will not find a reason to write something. But don’t forget to reply to comments. Participate in discussions. If you have a promotion, recommend subscribers to tag their friends so that they are up to date.

Involving # five. If your goal is traffic to the site.

Add a direct link to the profile header for the product that you have on your site. You can direct people to your site through a post. For example, upload a photo of the product with the caption: “You can order the product on our website – link in the profile header”. The main thing is a unique URL with tracking code (utm tags). You need to know if the strategy works and where are the buyers coming from? This is a convenient way not to scare off a potential buyer. A couple of clicks – the order is completed.

Involving # six. Competition! Competition! Competition!

Everyone is attracted to the chance to win something for free. This is a great way to grab the attention of your audience.

There are several types of such events:

Contest – participants need to fulfill certain conditions: subscribe to an account, put likes, mark friends, etc. The winner is selected by a jury or by vote. The good thing about the competition is that it encourages users to create content.

The draw – the winner is selected at random.

Try to conduct such activities regularly to attract more attention to your account.

Involving # seven. Hashtags? Let’s put it!

Put hashtags at the end of the signature or indicate them in the comments. Not sure which ones to bet? Start typing a thematic word, and Instagram will tell you which hashtags are the most popular. But don’t overdo it: 5-6 hashtags will be enough. The main thing is to use only thematic hashtags. And it’s better not to repeat yourself in hashtags. Insatgram can delete a post.


Spend as much time captions as you spend with photos. The result depends on both.

Let’s summarize:

  • use geotags
  • work on the text
  • main idea forward
  • encourage comment
  • drive traffic to your site through your link in your profile
  • run contests
  • add hashtags

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