How to improve the customer experience of the Z generation

Over the past decade, we’ve all heard about the importance of mastering marketing tactics toward millennials. While this remains important, it’s time to start focusing our energy on the new target market: Generation Z. Generation Z consists of people born between 1995 and 2004. This group of consumers is fast becoming one of the broadest demographic targets. p>

It’s a very good reason why those trying to build strong customer experiences want to target Generation Z. In 2018, Generation Z had $ 143 billion available to spend. Due to their impact on the market, business owners are trying to build a shopping experience based on the trends of personality aspects observed in Generation Z.

Here are some marketing techniques and strategies you can adopt to make your business more attractive to the next generation of consumers:

Listen to their feedback

Before, the consumer’s first concern was whether the product they bought was working efficiently. While this remains one of the concerns of Generation Z, they also have the desire to provide feedback and want to see their opinions implemented with the product or service they purchase.

IBM launched a study in 2018 that revealed some shocking statistics about Generation Z and how they interact with the brands they use. The study found that 76% of Generation Z want brands to respond to their concerns and feedback.

There are many ways you can ask your audience for feedback on a product or service. One way is to create a customer satisfaction form on your business website, asking for things like: What would you change about this product or service? This question will make your audience want to express their opinion. You can use their feedback to implement changes, having enough information to make such a change.

Use a mobile friendly design

At this point, we all know that it’s crucial for our business to have a clean, easy-to-navigate mobile format. This factor is extremely important to build an excellent experience for Generation Z customers, given that 97% of those in this generation in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand own a smartphone. >

You can also take this opportunity to target Generation Z by offering discounts and promotions exclusively through the app, writes

Find out where I spend time online

Believe it or not, a small percentage of Generation Z use Facebook. Of all the other social networks, you need to determine where your ideal Z generation spends the most time online. A large percentage of them stay on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest or other smaller and lesser known networks.

There are many things to consider when marketing for Generation Z. The most important thing to keep in mind is that they want to connect with brands and develop loyalty to the brand they they hurt you, they are constantly connected through their phones and you can get engagement with them by improving their experience (and perception) of your brand on social media.

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