Пусть на ваших фотографиях будут люди

How to get more comments on Instagram: 12 ways

How to get more comments on Instagram is an urgent problem of modern SMM specialists. They are important, like likes, without them, the success of the promotion will not even loom on the horizon. More comments = high CTR. Fortunately, this is all real.

First, you need to open a comment account. Yes, it happens. Second, learn how to nudge your audience to leave messages under the post. And, third, use clever tricks that will make comments pour out of a cornucopia. Intrigued? Let’s go, then!

Let’s start with elementary, but for many not at all obvious things.

  • Open your account

    You expect users to be active under your posts, but this is not happening. And no matter how strange it may seem, the problem may be in a closed account. To solve it, you need to go to your profile settings (the gear icon in the upper right corner) and see if the “Closed account” button is active. If so, you need to disable this feature.

  • Allow push notifications

    Push notifications allow you to quickly like and respond to subscriber comments left under posts. In turn, followers can enter into dialogue with you. What is important in this situation: the more they are active in the account, the more often they see posts from it. Then the cycle starts again: like – comment – post appears in the feed – coverage becomes higher.

    Разрешите push-уведомления

    Allow push notifications

    To set up notifications, you need to log into your account, select the “Notifications” section, then “Posts, stories and comments”. Here you need to mark the types of notifications about activity in your Instagram account that you want to receive.

  • Generate content that can motivate users to be active

    Everything ingenious is simple: people are active when they are really interested. Accordingly, the main task of an account owner who is wondering how to get more comments on Instagram is to create engaging content.

    The posted material should induce a desire to express yourself, to indicate your opinion on a specific issue. And it doesn’t even matter if the subscriber agrees with you, the main thing is to provoke a discussion.

    In order for the account to arouse the interest of users, they need to be constantly engaged: generate ideas, edit material, come up with ways of interesting presentation, etc.

  • Develop a content plan

    Regularity of posting is of great importance for Instagram algorithms. Therefore, it is very important to plan your publications in advance.

    For example, you can create a content plan for a month in advance and strictly follow it. At the same time, it is undesirable to post too often, more than one per day is too much.

    There is one more thing to consider here: publications should be done at a certain time of the day, when your users are most active. A large number of them can simply get lost in the feed and go unnoticed (without comments and likes), which will reduce coverage, and labor costs will be in vain.

    In addition, it is important to have a publication calendar for all social networks if you have active accounts in several. Self-repetition should be avoided, but at the same time strive to ensure that the entire audience is covered.

  • Comments for an Instagram account are like gasoline for a car, without them it simply will not perform its function properly. Ideally, comments should be generated by people loyal to the brand or character. They are the core of the community, create a certain atmosphere that helps maintain the reputation of a person / company.

    Comments affect the ranking of posts in the subscribers’ feed. The more often a user likes and comments on your posts, the more often Instagram shows them to him. The algorithm is simple: if a person is interested in something, the system will show him exactly this (and also something relevant). Comments in this scheme have more weight than likes, which means that you need to place bets on them.

    I must say that comments are often much more interesting than the post itself, people begin to actively discuss, the rest are happy to read it and also get involved in the discussion. The behavioral factor plays an important role here. The account owner needs to maintain this lively atmosphere, the longer the discussion lasts, the better.

    Interestingly, the first thing to think about is not how to get more comments on Instagram, but how to provoke people to start write them. This requires :

    You need to write a post in such a way as to leave a field for subscribers to think about. If the entire topic is disclosed in the publication, users will have nothing to add and they will not write something.

    At the start of your activity, you should not count on voluminous comments, here it is important at least to establish a connection, to interest people to answer at least something to build communication. You can use two tricks :

    A good type of publication in this sense is a poll or a vote. The subscriber chooses the answer that suits him out of your suggestions.

    A slightly more complex option includes not just choosing an answer, but also writing a detailed comment in which a person justifies his choice. That is, the post asks a question in the style of “what will you choose and why?”, And users answer in detail. By doing this, you involve them in a more active communication process. Of course, you need to respond to subscribers’ comments, initiating a continuation of the dialogue and increasing their loyalty.

    Today, thanks to Stories, Instagram business account owners have more opportunities to increase the engagement of followers and increase their reach. For example, you can arrange game polls like “what do you like more – summer or winter, chocolate or ice cream, skirts or pants?” and so on. At the same time, you can immediately answer your questions yourself, stirring up interest in your person. The topic of polls and games should be chosen based on the specifics of the account.

  • Run a giveaway or contests

    Giving gifts for likes and comments can help increase user engagement. Giveaways can be carried out for a week or even several, during which time the reach will increase significantly. In addition, a large number of new followers may come to you if the giveaway is advertised.

    It’s a good move – please repost your story or post with information about the event with an account tag, this will be a free advertisement for a contest or giveaway.

  • Post questions to subscribers

    If you are sincerely interested in the opinion of your audience on any issue, they will definitely answer you, especially if the topic is relevant to many. So, in the “moms” blog, the question of choosing diapers will not go unnoticed. Subscribers will definitely want to share their own experiences.

  • How to increase the impact of any post:

  • Create fun, unusual, provocative, amazing content

    It is a great success for a blogger to launch something viral that will spread itself on the Internet, serve as additional advertising for an account, and attract new subscribers.

    It is necessary to strive to create content that you want to share, which will evoke emotions, especially if they are positive (although, as practice shows, negativity attracts people even more, but we are talking about developing an account in which people will feel comfortable ). The point here is not to slay everyone on the spot. It is important to find a style of storytelling and find topics that people like.

  • Publish your video

    Today audiences enjoy watching videos. Considering that Instagram makes it possible to post them directly in the feed, one cannot help but use it. Create something of your own or share someone else’s creation that you personally liked – the main thing is for people to appreciate it.

  • Use meaningful hashtags

    If a post contains popular and relevant hashtags, it will appear in the search results for those hashtags and on the discovery tab. According to statistics, posts that have even one tag engage users 12% more than posts without them.

    Remember how recently people posted pictures of their aging faces, taken in a special application? The hashtag #faceapp under such a post provided it with more views, as people were interested in this “game”.

  • Post at the right time of day

    If you are concerned about how to get more comments on Instagram, plan your posts in advance and post them at a strictly defined time. It is impossible to say specifically what time it is, it needs to be determined empirically.

    Each area has its own rules in this regard, it all depends on the specifics of the account. You need to compare different days of the week and time periods, see when audience engagement is highest, and ultimately focus on this time period. For some it will be morning from 8.00 to 10.00, while for others, on the contrary, it will be evening time.

  • Have people in your photos

    These can be selfies or images of other people relevant to the account. The audience loves it. According to the Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs, posts with human faces receive 32% more comments and 38% more likes.

    Пусть на ваших фотографиях будут люди

    Have people in your photos

    Post different photos and rate which ones your followers like best. In the future, rely on images of this kind.

  • Post animal photos

    It’s no secret that animal photos leave few people indifferent. Why not use this knowledge to increase your own reach? Experiment and post animal content in your account. If people respond to cute animals, you can use this technique in the future, when the need arises to increase the reach.

  • Respond to user comments

    Nobody likes to be ignored, this also applies to comments on social networks. If a person has spent their time and wrote something under your post, answer him, you can even enter into a conversation, if appropriate. This approach will benefit both your image and your account.

    If the owner of the page is active and constantly interacts with their subscribers, it creates a sense of community for them, and people like to feel part of something interesting, to be a direct participant in the process.

  • Use appropriate emoji

    If the specifics of the account allows, you can use emoji in your posts. They contribute to the emotional coloring of the material, because not everyone is able to convey the palette of their feelings in words. In addition, emojis grab attention, which means they can increase audience engagement.

    However, emoticons are not always appropriate in posts, especially if the account belongs to a large company with a serious product. That is, any advice on the competent management of Instagram should be passed through the prism of your own business.

  • Post more often

    We have already mentioned that regular posting is the key to a successful account. The secret is to publish moderately often – so that there is constant activity, and at the same time, subscribers do not lose posts in their feed. Posting a couple of posts and stories a month is definitely not a working option on modern social networks, especially if you are worried about how to get more comments on Instagram.

    Constant activity on your page will attract new subscribers, your account will grow, which, of course, will benefit your business.

  • Announce some events in advance

    If you plan to interview, notify subscribers and invite them to ask questions. If you are going on a trip, conduct a survey about hotels in a certain city, etc. This will provoke activity and stir up interest in the upcoming event. Thanks to this, people will visit your page more often and watch stories, expecting interesting content to be posted.

  • Of course, in order for all of the above tips to work, you need to deal with the content, making it truly interesting and useful, study and analyze the behavior of people on social networks, check everything empirically. And, of course, respect your subscribers, be on the same wavelength with them.

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