How to get Instagram followers for free. 23 essential tips

This article will not provide tips for “gray promotion” on Instagram. Cheating subscribers, likes, comments – we do not welcome this. We are also against mass following and mass liking. Such methods do not bring good results. Due to their use, you can get banned from Instagram itself.

The article will contain only legal, effective methods of getting subscribers. Without the cost of attracting them.

Think over an Instagram promotion strategy

Before creating a business account on Instagram, you need to make a plan and stick to it.

Why do you need an account? Increase customer loyalty, sell products and services, communicate with customers.

If this is a personal blog, then through it you can show your expertise, sell goods and services, and receive money from advertising integrations.

The plan is necessary in order to move in the right direction and not be sprayed on everything at once. Each goal needs its own achievement strategy.

Describe your target audience

Strategy is good, but it’s also important to know who you are doing this for.

Who would be interested in following your profile? Who are these people, what do they do, what kind of “pain” they have, what goods or services they will be interested in and why.

Is there a difference if you write for a businessman with a personal driver or for a student who doesn’t really know what he wants to become in life?

Create a recognizable profile design

Designed to make you stand out from other profiles and posts. People will recognize your brand at a glance. This will win their attention and stay in your memory.

Work on the profile description

Profile Description – Free advertising. You only have a few lines to grab attention and make you want to “subscribe” to your profile. Make the most of them.

Name is a keyword by which your profile can be found. Write a generic name: “Clothing store”, for example.

Username – use a short name. Name yourself the same as on other social networks so that users can easily find you.

Site – provide a link to it. It will be clickable and users will be able to navigate to it. You can also post links to articles and useful materials there.

Profile Description – Tell us about your profile succinctly and in an interesting way. The user should understand why he / she needs to subscribe to the profile.

Create fun posts

Trivial, but not obvious to everyone. The competition is growing, more and more profiles are constantly appearing. It takes a lot of effort to stand out and grab the attention of users.

Don’t go after quantity, but focus on quality. Sometimes just one post can attract a thousand new subscribers who will remember you for a long time and be interested in what you are doing.

Improve your visual skills, but don’t forget about writing.

Use your other platforms

Sometimes people follow you on other social networks and do not know about your existence on other platforms. Tell them about it. Entice them with something. After all, if you publish the same information on all social networks, then why would people subscribe just like that?

Link to Instagram in other media channels

Add your account link to your email signature, website, or mailing lists.

If you run a YouTube channel, encourage people to subscribe to your social networks.

Use not only online, but also offline opportunities: include links to social networks on business cards, branded materials, brochures.

Use Instagram Business Cards

Use Instagram business cards so people can subscribe in one click: post them in a prominent place in stores, at conferences, events that you organize.

An Instagram Business Card makes it easy to find your profile if you are sharing information with someone: just open it so the other person can scan it.

Don’t forget the hashtags

Use popular hashtags: Spend time looking for popular thematic hashtags. But do not use those that are not relevant to the topic of the publication.

Create your own hashtags: Tag posts with a unique hashtag so that users can find them among everyone else. You can come up with separate categories and for each of them come up with your own unique hashtag.

Don’t add too many hashtags to post – no more than 7.

Don’t forget to add hashtags to your stories.

Do not use hashtags for reciprocal likes and #mutual subscriptions.

Mentions in other profiles

Themed profiles are common on Instagram. They do not create their own unique content, but repost the posts of other users.

Basically, they search for content themselves using thematic hashtags.

Once in their profile, you can get new subscribers.

Enter location

In addition to hashtags, you can use a location, as users are also looking for posts there.

If you have a physical business, provide a location and encourage users to do the same.

Strive to get to the “Interesting” section

This section is located in a separate tab on Instagram. It includes posts with a lot of involvement and those topics that each individual user prefers.

About 200 million people visit this section every day. Once there, you can attract many new users to your profile.

Engage with communities

Look for communities similar to your topic. Be active in them: put likes, participate in discussions, subscribe to other people with similar interests, mention other users in your profile, share their publications.

Tag other users

Mark the accounts of other people in your stories: they will be able to use these stories in themselves, with your account specified. The audience of these people may be interested in your account and subscribe to you.

Ask subscribers to tag their friends

Share a phrase or an interesting video, and at the end, invite subscribers to tag their friends. For example, post a product for a couple and offer to mark your soul mate in the comments.

Regularity is the key to success

People are following you for a reason. They want news and new information from you. If you post posts once a month or a week, then this will not be enough for people and they can unsubscribe. Try to delight users with your posts every day or every few days. Also, don’t forget to make stories.

Work on the texts

Beautiful photos on Instagram are half of success. Now the signature under the post also plays an important role, so there are a few rules to be aware of:

Bring the most important things to the beginning. Instagram photos are cut off after a couple of lines. Consider this feature and write the most important thing at the beginning of the text. You can intrigue users to read the entire text – for this, come up with a catchy headline.

Ask questions. Ask your followers for their opinion at the end of the post. Thus, you will make the person feel more significant and create a field for discussion in the comments.

Add emoticons to text. Take this advice with caution: you should not add 10 emoticons in several lines of text. And definitely don’t insert multiple emojis in a row. Add them to structure the text: use symbols for lists, for example.

Experiment with the amount of text. Do not create a canvas of text under each post or a few words for the sake of “so it was. Balance – remember this word. Alternate between different volumes so that your audience doesn’t get bored.

Don’t underestimate Instagram Stories

Some users do not upload stories at all or do it very rarely. This is due to the fact that they underestimate their importance. This is a good tool for attracting an audience

In stories, you can arrange polls, run mini-games, ask people for their opinion, and much more. A limitless field of activity. The only limitation is your imagination. Go for it!

Share live

A function that allows you to communicate with your audience in real time. In the case of live collaborative streaming, you can get new subscribers who know about you for the first time.

Users can answer your questions online or ask their own. This will help them find out better what they are interested in and hear their opinions.

Use eternal stories or highlights

These are the same pinned stories that are visible on Instagram profiles.

Add there the most important information about the goods and services that you provide: price, current promotions, reviews, contacts.

Run contests

Who doesn’t like contests? Offer an interesting prize and specify the conditions for participation in the competition: tag a friend, share in your stories or leave a comment under the post.

For more effect, attract a few more accounts: this will increase the reach, therefore, the users who will know about you.

Run Instagram Ads

This is a paid method of acquiring new subscribers, but effective. You can advertise published posts, or you can create new ones. It is also possible to show ads in stories.

The audience for displaying ads is also configurable: by age, gender, geo, interests.

Analyze information from Instagram itself

When you go to a company profile or business account, profile analytics are available to you.

With it, you can find out the data for each publication: impressions, reach, reposts, save. Find out who your audience is: their age, gender, geo. Track this information regularly and think about a further strategy to attract new users.

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